Fight fatigue driving


  • You stand in traffic
  • Remove the eye stress
  • Problems with the spine

  • If for a man his car is the second (or the only one!) woman, then for us it is most likely a good faithful girlfriend, which gives the sea of ​​emotions and sweet drops of adrenaline. Women love to sit behind the wheel no less than men, but sometimes our car is able to deliver to us not only joys, but also inconvenience, which are primarily associated with beauty and health.

    Stresses, endless tubes, exhaust gases and breakdowns can seriously undermine emotional and physical health. Take, for example, the situation when it is necessary to spend the wheel all day. And in the second half of half, the eye fatigue is already beginning to appear. You should not ignore it, otherwise, after a while, simple fatigue will turn into tension and redness of the eyeballs.

    We advise you to perform a couple of simple exercises that are recommended by doctors.

    You stand in traffic

    If you got up in a traffic jam, on the traffic light or just stopped relaxing, close my eyes with palms for 20-30 seconds, deeply sigh, relax, think about something good and pleasant. This will allow you to abstract from the road and take a little.

    Slightly praise the face of the fingertips and start rotating the eyes clockwise, then against. Maybe that handsome in the left row will decide that these all manipulations in honor of him? Learning to build eyes! It turns out that this is useful not only for your self-esteem.

    Remove the eye stress

    Fight fatigue drivingThere is another effective exercise that helps to remove the eye voltage: focus on any close-based subject and hold this focus about 3-4 seconds, after sharply transfer a look at a more distant object. Repeat 5-6 times. The main thing, do not scare your companion, which can decide that you fell asleep, staring at the steering wheel.

    You can deal with red eyes with drops «Visin» and «Pure tears», which also help relieve tension and refresh look. Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

    Well, here, we have already figured out with eyes, now we will make a couple of exercises, known to you and without doctors: Sressy lips and brand hair. This exercise contributes to raising the mood. And what? The more you move in the car, the better you will feel at the end «automotive» day. The main thing – Do not do all this on the go, otherwise no beautiful hairstyle will soften the harsh traffic police representative.

    Problems with the spine

    To avoid problems with the spine We advise you to choose the driver's seat. It must be a good side support and preferably a roller under the back, which should be at the loan level, thereby helping to avoid pain in the spine from a long vertical position. Sitting with automatic settings are also very useful: you can set and save the seating parameters, convenient for you using a small built-in computer. And if suddenly, after you someone, these settings will change, pressing one button you can return them from the computer's memory and enjoy a comfortable ride.

    Experienced travelers also recommend doing a small workout, every hour and a half leave the car. Of course, the gymnastics on the road to delight passing past the men is not worth it, but you can at least get around the car, straighten your back. All these tips will help you spend your «Autowran» without problems and disgusting fatigue in the evening. Successful expensive!

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