Drivers risking health


  • Skin cancer
  • Chronic diseases of the spine

  • Drivers who spend a long time fordriving while exposed to sunlight, they risk their health. Researchers found that ultraviolet rays greatly increase the risk of skin cancer from motorists. In addition, the health hazard is a completely new car - a person adversely affected by harmful substances released vinyl and plastic.

    Skin cancer

    Drivers risking healthDrivers who spend a long time behind the wheel,more than any other people are at risk of skin cancer. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers after a series of studies. The risk also increases if the driver while driving opens a window.

    According to scientists, all the fault of the ultraviolet rays. Ordinary automotive glass capable of absorbing the rays of type B, but can do nothing against the rays of type A.

    During the study, researchers observed the healthnearly a thousand people, vodivshih car. Analyzed the incidence of skin tumors among motorists and their localization, that is, on which side of the body the tumor arose.

    It turned out that the number and location of cancerthe skin is directly related to the fact, what area of ​​the body most often exposed to sun exposure. Moreover, the development of tumors not directly dependent on exposure to sunlight and burns, but from the cumulative effects of UV rays.

    Most neoplasms arise only on the left side of the face, neck and right hand.

    Thus, most risk theirhealth of those motorists who have to spend a long time behind the wheel, to travel long distances, they find themselves under the influence of strong sunlight for a long time. After a few years of this drive the risk of skin cancer in the drivers increases compared to the risk for the average person, the researchers say.

    The good news is that the firms - manufacturersautomobile glass mostly bilateral provide laminated glass that does not pass ultraviolet rays as the type A and type B. It is necessary to use such glass is - then the harmful effects of sunlight on human skin is reduced.

    In addition, investigators advise driverswatch out for your skin if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, it is important to care for the skin with the help of well-chosen protection against ultraviolet radiation and prevent sunburn - they themselves are double the risk of disease.

    Chronic diseases of the spine

    Drivers are subjected to the health of anotherdanger, warn experts of the British Royal Automobile Society (RAC). Forced to remain for a long time in one, often incorrect, attitude, motorists load their spine and risk purchase a number of chronic diseases.

    The most dangerous so-called banana posture -when the driver is sitting, leaning to the steering wheel and pulling the straightened legs to the pedals. In this position creates maximum pressure on the intervertebral discs, which also enhanced due to shaking while driving. In addition, it increases the risk of severe injury during accidents. A pain in the spine in this case manifested in a year and a half.

    To minimize damage doctorsIt recommends the use of hard seats, fitted to the figure of the driver. Also, do not move away far from the pedals, you need to adjust the position of the head restraint.

    If the car seat is upholstered in leather or vinyl, itbetter cover covers made of fur or fabric - it will help protect against hypothermia and not to chill back. In addition, it is necessary from time to time - and in a way, and at home - to make a series of physical exercises, in order to "unload" the spine.

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