Prevention of tennis elbow disease


  • prevention measures
  • warm-up
  • Shot Equipment
  • Massage
  • Sauna
  • Power training
  • Treatment of chronic infection foci
  • vitamins

  • prevention measures

    The most important points of prevention are:

    • a complete warm-up;
    • optimal technique strike;
    • daily massage and self-massage;
    • sauna and steam bath;
    • power training;
    • Treatment of chronic infection foci;
    • regular fortification.


    Prevention of tennis elbow diseaseThe most important element in the prevention and treatment of "tennis elbow" is a good warm-up.

    Preparation of the tendons to shock must become an integral part of training.

    Stretching the tendons of the forearm and shoulder, their pre-massage gives them vrabotatsya adapt to shock, vibration load.

    Neglecting the warm-up and pre-massage is a very serious lack of training as an amateur and professional. Remember that careful care of the elbow will be repaid a hundredfold.

    Shot Equipment

    The transition to a two-handed bekhend significantly reducesthe load on beating his hand - the hand extensor muscles are not overstrained. It also reduces vibration impact on the tendon. In most cases, the question among fans of the elbow of the patient is achieved. Professionals, due to the large number of impacts on training and competition, the recovery may be delayed. Massage the elbow - as a preliminary (before training and competitions) and preventive (medical) should certainly be an important part of the training process.


    Prevention of tennis elbow diseasePreview massage can be carried out as amasseur or by the player. Perform routine massage techniques - stroking, rubbing, kneading. By the time the procedure takes from one minute to four or five. Massage, usually accompanied by rubbing ointments warming-rastirok "Finalgon", "Dolpika", "Slontsa," "Kramer", "Alzhipana". When these ointments are not available, it makes sense to rub ointment containing bee venom - "Apizartron", or ointment with snake venom - "Viprosal".

    Rubbing ointments cause flushing - blood flow,optimize the functional state of the ligamentous attachments. Strong impacts will not cause pain in the elbow pounded. If pain occurs and increases with the increase of the number of strokes should begin treatment.

    Massage after the game is reductive. It restores the optimum condition of the elbow, remove products of metabolism, normalizes blood circulation in the muscle attachment. In this form of massage should be rubbed medicated ointment - "debt", "Chondroxide", "The purpose-T", "Traumeel-S".


    Sauna and steam bath are powerful healingprocedures with a variety of diseases of the tendons and their attachments (insertion). Exposure to high temperature helps the formation of new capillaries and new capillaries intensify metabolic processes in the affected elbow. It should be noted that this is by no means impossible to produce tempering procedures - cooled elbow cold water in the pool, under the shower or in the snow. Spasm of different vessels in such "hardening" can be stored for a long time and prevent recovery.

    Power training

    Any tennis player, especially a professional, shouldwork to improve the strength qualities of different muscle groups. They are no exception and muscle-flexors and extensors of the brush. Reasonable simulator training, exercise with dumbbells and barbell lead to the strengthening of tendons and prevent fatigue in tennis. Power Reserve enables not play all the time at the limit, and this is very important in the prevention of disease.

    Treatment of chronic infection foci

    An extremely important point is the treatmentfoci of chronic infection. Carious teeth, not cured palatine tonsils, sinusitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, prostatitis, urethritis, cholecystitis pathological effects on the immune system and cause it to produce specific immunoglobulins, damaging their own cartilage and tendons. Unfortunately, this way our body - the immune system blindly effort on your tissues. In order to eliminate these phenomena, and enjoy a game of tennis, you need to eliminate a chronic infection of the body.


    Vitamins are essential for the regulation of almostall life processes at the cellular and tissue levels. Optimal performance ligaments primarily provide vitamins C, B1, B6, B12. Saturation these vitamins it allows cells to function in a comfortable environment. The cells of the collagen fibers that make up the bunch, in need of vitamins - above all to resist wear during many thousands of hitting the ball, made by the hand of the tennis player. For a complete fortification better take multivitamin complexes, "Centrum", "Vitrum", "Yunikap".

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