Rezew conflict during pregnancy

When a woman is in an interesting position, she does not even suspect how many different factors can affect the course of pregnancy. Among one question to which you want to pay attention is to reverse conflict.

Most women perhaps and heard of this problem, but did not give her values ​​or did not fully understand her danger. As you know, if a person is in ignorant, he is even more starting to panic. So that this does not happen, and the woman met her long-awaited pregnancy, as they say «In fully vessel», Our site will talk about the Rh conflict during the baby tooling.

About meaning

Pregnancy, hemolysis, blood, abortion, rezes conflict, Rus factor, threat when pregnancy

To begin with, it should be understood what this phenomenon means. The Rh factor is a protein that is located on top of red blood cells. It is contained in the blood of almost every person, the exception is 15 percent of the population. Therefore, 85 percent reverse will be positive, and the rest of the minority is naturally negative.

This phenomenon is only one of the manifestations of the immunological picture of human blood properties. On health absolutely does not affect, so absolutely safe. But nevertheless doctors argue that the blood of a man with rezes «a plus» much stronger than with a sign «minus».

This phenomenon was discovered in 1940 by scientists Wiener and Landshtainer, when they studied the blood of animal macaques. That is why this phenomenon was given such name.

It is indicated by two Latin letters RP, with a sign «a plus» or «minus».

During the period of wear

Pregnancy, hemolysis, blood, abortion, rezes conflict, Rus factor, threat when pregnancy

In the great regret, this phenomenon has no pronounced symptoms. For the health of a woman who puts out a child, there is absolutely no threat, but she is huge for the baby. Ultrasound to understand the problem will help ultrasound surveys of the fetus - if the doctor saw fluid in the body's body, swelling, the child is in an unnatural position for the fetus - this diagnosis is made. Also changed and the size of the placenta itself, and the diameter of the vein passing through the umbilical.

For the future child, such a manifestation may have several diseases of the disease:

  • in the form of jaundice;
  • in the form of edema;
  • development anemia.

The most severe and dangerous form of the disease is salted. After birth, kids fall into intensive care.

The second in difficulty is the jagglless form when the toddler is detected high content of bilirubin.

Anemia, no matter how paradoxically is considered from the light form of the disease, then its severity can be insidious and lead to unforeseen consequences.

Method of detection

Pregnancy, hemolysis, blood, abortion, rezes conflict, Rus factor, threat when pregnancy

One of the only ways to identify «enemy» is an blood analysis on antibodies. It is carried out by all pregnant women who have suspicion of rhesus conflict. On the initial period of pregnancy, the analysis should pass and the father of the child. If the combination of factors is conflict, the woman must be given such an analysis every month to reveal the amount of antibodies.

When pregnancy reaches 20 weeks, and the situation will not improve, the woman passes under the supervision of specialists and will more often donate blood for analysis.

It matters on what time the threat was detected. If on early - this does not speak about the positive course of pregnancy. And from 28 weeks when the exchange of blood will start intensifying, the woman goes under the closer observation of specialists.

How to learn about the health of the fetus

Pregnancy, hemolysis, blood, abortion, rezes conflict, Rus factor, threat when pregnancy

Throughout pregnancy, a woman in a planned manner passes ultrasound procedure. There is another method of testing for the health of the baby - an assessment of the heart of the heart and the rate of blood flow in the vessels of the fetus and the placenta.

Invasive fruit survey methods:

  1. Amniocethez.
  2. Cordocentsis.

At the first method, the octolafing bubble is punctured and come to the analysis of oily water, if the percentage ratio of bilirubin is very high - there is a risk of a threat to the life of the fetus. This procedure is considered very dangerous due to the risk of infection inward, placenta detachment. The method is carried out in the case when the number of antibodies is expressed as 1:16, or when a woman has already gave birth to a child with GBN.

The second method is the same risky - the cord is made puncture and the blood test is taken to bilirubin. The indication is the ratio of antibodies 1:32 or children born or dead due to rhow conflict.


Pregnancy, hemolysis, blood, abortion, rezes conflict, Rus factor, threat when pregnancy

No treatment option - only one method - blood transfusion to the fetus. It is very risky, but the baby really will feel better. This method is also salvation from Premature birth.


That's quite possible. A woman is introduced a special substance - immunoglobulin, which is riveted 72 hours after the first (and subsequent) birth, as well as Aborto, miscarriage, bleeding and blood transfusion to the fetus.

In some cases, it is introduced on the period of 28 weeks of pregnancy, but only with the consent of the woman.

Possibility of breastfeeding

This question is constantly on rumor in women who only gave birth. There are many disagreements about this, but always doctors assess the child's condition and just in case they advise not to feed the baby's infant milk about two to three days until all the antibodies come out of the mother's body.

Other doctors argue that it is not worth limiting feeding with breast milk. But while the study of this problem is not fully studied, it is better to listen to the advice of doctors.

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