10 questions for Pediatric Oncology


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  • Question №1. Do children get cancer? Perhaps only those who irradiating or who lead very unhealthy lifestyle?

    Children, unfortunately, get cancer. Frequency - order
    10-15 cases per 100 000 children. But in general, it is up to Russia
    5000 new cases per year. Basically, it is a cancer of the blood and
    lymphatic system (this is different leukemias, lymphomas,
    Hodgkin's disease) to a lesser extent - tumors of the central nervous
    system, bones, organs (kidney, liver etc).

    Sick children are very different. Boys and girls,
    infants and adolescents in towns and villages, strong and fragile, of
    rich and poor families. Ways to protect yourself with a guarantee of childhood cancer
    does not exist.

    Question №2. Why do you think that is the problem of children with cancer, especially relevant?

    In our country, cancer is the second place in the structure
    cmertnosti children from 1 to 14 years. The first - accidents (injuries and
    poisoning), but there is little we can do, and cancer patients can be
    really help.

    At the same time the efforts of relatives and doctors is
    oncological diseases is often not enough. Modern treatment
    leukemia or lymphoma, a very long and difficult, involves numerous
    blood transfusion, and often purchase expensive drugs (one vial
    such drugs as Neupogen, pentaglobin, Ambisome, Cancidas, Vfend
    worth thousands or even tens of thousands of rubles). After many months of treatment,
    As a rule, family resources have been exhausted, and need help and volunteers

    Of course, we need the help and the other children. For example,
    very difficult situation of children awaiting kidney transplantation and long
    They are on dialysis. There are children with diseased liver, heart disease, with
    cystic fibrosis and other serious hereditary diseases. AND
    Now gradually formed voluntary society for assistance in Russia
    and such children.

    Question №3. Is pediatric oncology treated?

    10 questions for Pediatric Oncology
    Children's cancer is now in many cases successfully
    treated. In our country, it has become the truth from the beginning of the 1990s,
    thanks to the introduction of more effective chemotherapy protocols.
    Perfection and surgical technique. In developed countries, the statistics
    at the present level of medicine can cure up to 80% of cases
    cancer. In Russia, about 50% cured. In the "Third World" countries
    - Up to 20%.

    If we assume that the total number of cases equal 5`000 and
    existing survival rate of 50% (2`500), then helping in the acquisition
    applied in developed countries, expensive drugs and equipment,
    mobilizing children to fight the disease, there is a chance every year to give life
    even 1`500 Russian children reaching joint efforts have a real 80%.

    Now the "fundamental incurability" of childhood cancer
    - Obsolete idea. But it is enduring, because society
    not well informed. The media rarely want
    talk about such painful issue as cancer. If the medical
    book for children called incurable cancer, it is likely you are experiencing
    simply reissue of an old book, which does not take into account the new data.

    Question №4. Why do children need a blood donor?

    If a child diagnosed with "leukemia" or "aplastic
    anemia ", which means that it not only need money for medicine, but also
    blood. No matter how much funds or managed to gather, the child will die if
    leave it without a blood transfusion. From this rule there are no exceptions.
    Transfusion of blood - is one of the specific types of therapy in
    hematological diseases, without which the patient dies within
    2 or 3 months.

    In aplastic anemia hematopoietic organ -
    bone marrow stops producing all blood cells. This erythrocytes
    raznosyaschie oxygen to tissues; platelets, warning
    hemorrhage and bleeding, and white blood cells that fight
    infectious processes, viruses and fungi. In the absence of these
    cells of people die from bleeding and infection, harmless for
    healthy people. Treatment of aplastic anemia purports to
    cause the bone marrow to start producing new blood cells. But while
    this does not happen, the child needs regular blood transfusions.

    In leukemia, the period of acute illness
    bone marrow produces only diseased cells, and after each course,
    chemotherapy, bone marrow is about 3 weeks and no
    produces blood cells, and the patient needs blood transfusions.
    Some patients blood transfusions once a week, some - every

    Question №5. Unless we are talking about full recovery from cancer? It seemed to me that the cancer may only time to retreat, and then come back again.

    It is necessary to distinguish between full recovery and remission
    (Temporary disappearance or reduction of clinical signs of the disease).
    In this case we are talking about a cancer cure. In most
    oncological diseases, if the child lived after 5 years without treatment
    relapse, it is considered healthy - the likelihood of the cancer returning already

    Question №6. And that, children may have recovered a full life? Or they remain profound disabilities?

    Almost all the children have recovered mentally
    usefulness, and in many cases, and physically. They can learn,
    interact with other children, play sports, and on reaching
    adult age - to work, start a family, have children. Of course,
    and frequent cases of serious complications after severe treatment -
    such as vision problems, kidney, bone and muscular
    system to reproductive health. But in general we can not say that
    all children who have had cancer, and will remain critically ill for a lifetime.
    Moreover, if properly and timely treatment with considerable
    part of the complications can be dealt with.

    Question №7. But why, then, leukemias and lymphomas in adults are treated much worse?

    Modern cancer treatment protocols are very
    hard to bear. If in childhood and adolescence the body can survive
    such treatment and recover, then in middle and old age, the chances
    reduced. And when using other protocols worse results.

    Question №8. Why do parents of sick children do not try to pay for the treatment themselves, selling their apartment or exchange it for the worse?

    10 questions for Pediatric Oncology
    so often it happens - people sell everything
    It can be sold, including housing. But the output is not available to all.
    Firstly, if the family came to the treatment of impoverished small
    town or village (quite common situation), then the value
    an apartment or a private home is not nearly enough for the treatment. And there are
    family of hostels, of communal, from damaged houses.

    Secondly, if you sell an apartment, then after the end of
    the treatment is necessary to think about paying apartment rent. A family at this time
    often in such a financial situation that barely
    Scrape food. If we are talking about a single mother or
    lone father with a child (not a secret that sick children are often family
    fall), they may be without any means of
    the existence, in addition to meager pensions, as adult because of the need
    permanent care of a child loses his job.

    Thirdly, at a very dilapidated housing can not be changed,
    Stay as it is extremely dangerous for a baby with low
    immunity. Because colds and, worst of all, due to the fungus. There
    other difficulties. In other words, sell or exchange an apartment - it
    only possible way out for the relatively well-off families living in
    major cities. And the others are looking for help from philanthropists.

    Question №9. I heard that in Russia the state pays for children to chemotherapy. Why, then, need sponsorship money for treatment?

    Not always and not all the necessary preparations have
    in hospitals. Specifically, for example, often require high costs
    modern antibiotics and antifungals, allowing
    coping with serious infectious complications (as at
    chemotherapy, immune defense of the body weakens sharply, the problem of infections
    It is one of the key). They usually have to buy on their own
    money - or sponsorship if their funds there. Not
    Payable budget a number of analyzes and studies (eg,
    CT scan). Not paid significant part of the cost of
    bone marrow transplantation. During treatment and ongoing care
    the child's family are often poorer so that there is no money
    only medicines, but even everyday household needs.

    Question number 10. How to distinguish between genuine charity websites and pages from "

    scams "?

    This is a big problem, because fraudulent websites appear regularly. But we can give some advice.

    First, the site is well-formed ad
    the charity by searching must contain
    Only account numbers and e-mail address and other coordinates, for
    communication and information verification. For example, in the case of the search for money
    individual patient, - the name of the hospital, as well as the name and title
    the attending physician; in case the fund - its details, telephone, copy
    registration documents, etc. In addition, if the specified bank
    details of a legal entity, it is useful to note that it is
    benefactor asked to write in the field "purpose of payment". it
    should not "transfer of funds under the contract of such a man," and "charitable help for the treatment of so-and-so." If the ad
    compiled correctly, it does not necessarily mean that its author -
    fraudster. Maybe he just can not imagine how should
    Page look for help. But in any case, such
    the ad should inspire suspicion and rechecked.

    Secondly, on the contrary, there are respected and
    trusted sites known organizations that have collected for many years
    money for treatment of children. References to some of the sites are given at the end of
    this list of questions.

    Third, often taken from known fraudsters
    charity sites real stories of children, but their point
    Bank details. In order to eliminate this type of fraud, it is useful,
    for example, to see a search program on the Internet, is there anywhere else
    More sites for assistance that is written for children or just
    these words, and then compare the bank details.

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