Scab: diagnosis and treatment


  • What is scabies
  • Diagnosis and treatment of scabies

  • What is scabies

    Scabies is a contagious disease that occurs when
    enhancing in the skin of the garlic tick (it's) and flowing with strong
    Itching (especially at night) and lesions of the skin caused by education
    The moves of the pathogen.

    Man who never faced scabies,
    may first, when the first symptoms appear, do not realize, rather even
    not to recognize the fact of the fact that. In many
    scabies associated with people leading unclean and asocial
    Lifestyle. However, the danger to pick up scabies can tides us
    in the most unexpected places. For example, your favorite child can bring
    scabes from kindergarten. Or you yourself, spending on a visit, can
    Pick up a parasite with someone else's bed or from someone else's towel. Close
    Communication with an unfamiliar sex partner may also cause
    Infection of scabies.

    Scab: diagnosis and treatment
    Happens so that a person sick
    scabies, leads extremely clean life - while pronounced
    His symptoms do not appear, but develops erased form
    Diseases. He writes a slight skin irritation on the consequences
    nervous exhaustion or allergies, and in fact it is a carrier
    Chesocci tick. In this case, all people closely with him communicate -
    For example, his family is usually also infected with tick.

    The tick has an oval shape, and the female is 2 times larger than the male.
    Its length is about 0.5 mm, and «growth» male - just 0.2 mm.
    Disease causes precisely females. After the ticks fall on the skin,
    they are adapted within 10-20 days and actively cross. Then
    The males die, and the female lashes the so-called scales -
    Serious lines with small bubbles at the end or small reddish
    Elevations with bubbles. These moves are designed to lay eggs
    and breeding in them offspring. 4-5 days from eggs hatch
    larvae who immediately begin to do new moves.

    Plots of body with fine and delicate skin - interpallated
    gaps on hand brushes, area of ​​ray-tie joints, elbow,
    The inner surface of the hips, the skin around the nipples of the mammary glands,
    On the head of Penis. Some less often amazed leather belly and buttocks.
    Little children have a scaffold tick can be chosen by any part of the body,
    Even soles.

    Scab itself is not dangerous
    For human life. However, famous «Night Chest» - Itching, especially
    man's sonication at night that does not have the opportunity to fall asleep
    bring someone to the nervous breakdown. Also on the background of combs
    Purulent skin inflammation can begin - impetigo, ectima, follicles,
    Furunkula, and the waste of ticks can cause
    Allergic reaction.

    For persons S immunodeficiency (AIDS,
    people who have passed chemotherapy) scabies can be fatal
    Danger. They have it goes into a form called Norwegian, with a sharp
    increasing the number of parasites and heavy complications.

    Diagnosis and treatment of scabies

    The tick is easily determined. This is a fairly common disease,
    Therefore, in the presence of breaks and regular night tooth Dermatologist
    Immediately gives the direction of analysis on scabies. For this is the scraping
    from affected areas and is checked under the usual microscope.

    the scabies never passes, and therefore requires treatment
    Special Caucasics. Man recovers for 4-5
    Days. There are now a lot of highly effective funds that
    Used only 1-2 times depending on the degree of infection
    and actually brand means.

    If scabies revealed from one of the family members, the rest is also desirable to undergo a survey from Dermatologist,
    better - just undergo a course of treatment. The most important thing in the treatment
    scabies - it is to carry out the most complete disinfection of your housing
    special means and warn all their friends who
    Could get infected.

    All linen is boiling, children's
    toys and things that are not to be washed are packaged in dense
    Polyethylene bags without air access and, if possible,
    are taken out for a few days on the frost.

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