A new kind of tumor marker in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer


A new kind of tumor marker in the diagnosis of ovarian cancerThe survival rate for women with ovarian tumors detected directly
depends on the early and accurate diagnosis, since the early stages of
the symptoms are vague and non-permanent in nature and similar to the symptoms

The standard method of detecting malignantformations in the ovaries is a blood test for CA125 tumor marker, CT and MRI. Determination of CA125 in diagnosing undoubtedly plays an important role, but it should be noted that the sensitivity of tumor marker for stage I and II ovarian cancer is fairly low and there is no more than 50% of women.

It should also be noted that the increased levelCA125 is no evidence about cancer of the ovaries, and may indicate benign disease, endometriosis and tumors of other localization.

Some in the field of cancer researchovarian tumors showed that tumor marker HE4 - is more sensitive and specific for detecting oncomarker risk of ovarian cancer. The tests have shown that elevated levels of HE4 half of the patients with ovarian cancer, while the level of CA125 in the same patients are normal.

Based on studies, we can concludethat the combination of tests for tumor markers HE4 and CA125 can diagnose yachinikov the development of cancer in the early stages, thereby reducing mortality and pick timely therapy.

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