Mieloma: When to defend


Mechanism for the development of myeloma

Multiple myeloma is a kind of malignant tumors that develop from blood plasma.

In normal condition, plasma cells occupy an important place in maintaining the immune system. The protective system of the body to combat infections contains several types of cells, the main of which are lymphocytes.

They, in turn, are divided into cells t and in. T-cell function - combating viruses; B cells - protection against malicious bacteria. If the infectious infection of the organism is very strong, the cells turn into a plasma and begin to produce special antibodies that help anti-bacteria.

In cases of failure, when the number of plasma cells begins to increase chaotically, the formation of myeloma tumors is possible.

The neoplasms may occur in a variety of places and accompanied by the bone marrow lesion. It is in these cases the disease is called multiple myeloma.

Gradually myeloma cells replace bone marrow cells. This leads to a decrease in the level of red blood cells, anemia and a reduction in platelets, which makes the body weakened and unable to combat infections.

The aggravation of chronic diseases is also occurring, reducing the effectiveness of the impact of medical drugs (in particular for treatment of toxicosis under a number of violations), turning the processes of recovery and other consequences of the damage of the immune system.

Despite the fact that myeloma cells produce the same antibodies as healthy plasma, the protective function of the body does not carry out.

Possible causes of myeloma disease

The reason for the appearance of myeloma is definitely not established, so there are no opportunities for its prevention.

Based on statistical medical studies, a number of factors were revealed, which, presumably affect the development of multiple myeloma:
  • Mieloma: When to defendAge. Risk group make up people aged 40-70 years. An earlier age of the disease was observed only in 1% of cases.
  • Racial affiliation. Multiple myeloma most often arises from representatives of the African American nation.
  • Radiation exposure also refers to the factors of myeloma danger, but only for some people.
  • Heredity. Several families with multiple myeloma recurrences are noted in different generations.
  • Community activity. The Group of Increased Risk includes employees of the oil and mining industry.
  • Pathological changes in DNA.

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