Typical symptoms of uterine fibroids


Typical symptoms of uterine fibroidsIf you suspect uterine fibroids, and the appearance of some characteristic features, you must immediately consult a doctor. Symptoms of the disease are:

  • aching abdominal pain, cramping in nature, gives to the waist, showing intercourse, at sharp movements, with great exertion.
  • long and heavy menstrual flow, not specific to your body.
  • sudden uterine bleeding in mid-cycle.
  • at the location near the bladder fibroids pressured him appear frequent urination, and when tumors located close to the intestine, the woman suffers from frequent constipation.
  • fibroids is having a negative effect on the heart, the patient often experiences dizziness, feeling faint or suffer from hot flashes.
  • frequent bleeding, lowering hemoglobin.

Gynecologist determine the cause of the datasigns, prescribe treatment of uterine fibroids. Also, the appointment of effective treatment helps the determination of the patient belongs to a risk group. There are 4 main risk groups.

The first risk group and the most numerous - not giving birth women after 30 years. At this age, hormonal surge occurs, which can lead to tumor.

The second risk group - women who have sufferedsurgery to remove an ovarian cyst. After much research, it was found that the removal of the cyst may become an impetus for the active growth of the tumor in the uterus. Therefore, do not neglect the treatment of ovarian cysts.

The third risk group are women,suffering from infertility. Doctors believe that in many cases the appearance of fibroids affect the violation of women's reproductive functions. Remember, it is not necessary to tighten in the absence of pregnancy and seek medical advice. After all, in the early stages, female infertility, is treated quite successfully.

The fourth risk include pregnantwomen. The appearance of uterine fibroids during pregnancy leads to serious complications for the baby and for the mother. Remember, at the time prescribed treatment often proves effective and eliminates the effects of this disease.

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