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  • How to beat stomach cancerAmong the cancer of stomach cancer is, unfortunately, often. In the world it occupies the fourth place in frequency and mortality - second only to lung cancer.

    In Korea, stomach cancer - the most commononcological disease. In our country, it is stable in second place. Treat it mainly surgically. The success of treatment, unfortunately, is not as great as we would like. But it is greatly increased if it is accompanied by the latest generation of Cytokine therapy.

    Take care of yourself in advance

    Lung cancer - all clear to him: do not smoke, and cancer you will likely pass, in the case of stomach cancer factors which affect the onset of the disease, much more. It is proved that it often occurs when a lack of dietary vitamin C and excess salt, pickles, smoked, spicy foods, animal fat fried. Among the causes of stomach cancer reliably proven abuse of alcohol, especially vodka. Scientists have found that there is a connection between the disease and an increased amount in the soil of copper, molybdenum and cobalt.

    At risk are those who have been called duodenal reflux - that is, throwing the contents of 12 duodenal ulcer in the stomach and as a consequence - gastritis.

    But the role of the microbe Helicobacyer pylori Scientists have different points of view.
    Considered statistically proven thatinfected with this bacterium increased risk of developing gastric cancer. International Agency for Research on Cancer, this bacterium is classified as a carcinogen group 1. But there is evidence that contradict the infectious theory of cancer, for example, the difference in the incidence of this disease in men and women with equal Helicobacter infection among both sexes.

    The stomach as the light is "at the forefront"all kinds of carcinogens. We are constantly to arouse positive emotions themselves, drag in the mouth a huge number of very dangerous substances, which are entering the stomach, come to grips with immunity. The defense did not stand up and coming disease.

    From all this we can conclude: to stomach cancer is over you, it is very important to eat right. This is important in itself, and as prevention of gastritis and gastric ulcers, which are considered a precancerous condition.

    He crept unnoticed

    How to beat stomach cancerIn one case out of 50 patients with circulatingcomplaining of indigestion: belching, epigastric pain, gastric cancer is detected. In its early stages it is erased symptoms. A distaste for meat diet, weakness, weight loss, "stomach discomfort" more frequently observed in common forms of the disease. Therefore, everyone who is at risk - people older than 40 years with peptic ulcer disease, atrophic gastritis, smoking, - should not neglect preventive check-ups, with the obligatory endoscopy and tests for occult blood. Then the doctor will not have to deal with advanced cancer and do extensive surgery.

    Generally, gastric cancer is removed all the affected organ, and if necessary - and around - the gland, part of the intestine, lymph nodes.

    On average, the highest survival rate for gastric cancer is celebrated in Japan - 53%, in other countries it does not exceed 15-20%.

    Come across many cases where surgeryor the patient can not be categorically refused from it. Chemotherapy and target-therapy is recognized as ineffective. But recently, there was a serious chance to effectively confront this illness - the latest generation of Cytokine therapy.

    Cytokine therapy - a way to healing

    How to beat stomach cancerRussian scientists have created a drug based onproteins - cytokines, which control the reactions of anti-tumor immunity. This gamma-interferon (Ingaron) and tumor necrosis factor - thymosin alpha 1 (Refnot). In 2009 Refnot was officially registered and approved for use in the practice as an antitumor agent.

    In Moscow, it operates only in Russia "Clinictumor immunology and Cytokine therapy ", which specializes in cancer treatment, using the latest generation of cytokines. In it experts who created Refnot work successfully. It consulted experts who have created Refnot and develop a treatment regimen that is constantly being improved, and not only in the clinic, but also in leading public research institutions - RCRC. Blokhin RAMS (Moscow) and Institute of Oncology. NN Petrov MH of the Russian Federation (St. Petersburg).

    Medications by Russian scientists,proved very effective - 60% of patients 1-2-3 step process stops. In 20% of patients with stage 1-2 tumors decreases or disappears completely. The greatest effect is achieved by a combination of interferon and Refnota. But especially pleased that cytokines enhance the effect of conventional anticancer drugs: effect of treatment can be increased to 70-80% for different types of tumors. Among the well-responsive Cytokine therapy - gastric cancer. The cell adenocarcinoma (stomach cancer) are twice as sensitive to the main anti-cancer drugs cisplatin and in the presence of Ingarona Refnota.

    Immediate use of cytokines lastgeneration after diagnosis increases the chance of the stabilization process and stop metastasis. With the inevitability of surgery, Cytokine therapy course in some cases, to reduce the volume of surgery and continued after - to reduce the risk of metastasis and recurrence of cancer.

    Perspective also notes the use of Refnotaand Ingarona for preventive (preventive) treatment of high cancer risk in patients with chronic precancerous diseases. Research and surveillance are continuing.
    Home victory over cancer in its prevention. And if it was not possible to avoid the disease, information on new developments in the world of medical science will greatly increase your chances of recovery.

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