Signs and symptoms of cancer


  • What are the signs and symptoms of cancer?
  • The role of signs and symptoms in cancer diagnosis
  • General features and symptoms of cancer
  • Specific features and symptoms of cancer

  • In case of distribution (metastasis), symptoms may occur in different parts of the body.

    What are the signs and symptoms of cancer?

    EXibility of tumor growth, she begins to squeeze nearby organs,
    Blood vessels and nerves. Such compression leads to the appearance
    Some signs and symptoms of cancer. If the tumor is located in
    Particularly important area, for example, in some parts of the brainSigns and symptoms of cancerA, T
    Even small cancer can give early symptoms.

    Sometimes the tumor occurs in places when symptoms may not
    appear as long as it does not reach big sizes. Crayfish
    Pancreas is difficult to determine using an outdoor inspection.
    Some tumors of this localization do not give symptoms until
    They do not involve into the nerves process, leading to the pains in the back.

    Tumors grow near the bile duct, leading to a change in skin color
    (jaundice). Unfortunately, when the prostate cancer appears
    signs and symptoms, it is already common.

    can also lead to the emergence of common symptoms in the form of temperature,
    Increased fatigue, weight loss. This may be caused by tumor
    cells that distinguish substances changing metabolic processes in
    organism. Such symptoms may occur as a result of exposure
    Tumors on the immune system.

    Sometimes tumor
    cells secrete substances in the bloodstream that cause symptoms, usually
    tumor. For example, some pancreatic tumors
    glands produce substances leading to the formation of thromboms in
    Vessels of the lower extremities. Some types of lung cancer produce
    Hormone-like substances that affect blood calcium levels that
    It affects the nerves and muscles, leading to weakness and dizziness.

    The role of signs and symptoms in cancer diagnosis

    the more effective than the previously detected tumor. Early detection of tumor
    usually means that the treatment will be started with small cancer,
    When he has not yet spread to other parts of the body. Usually this
    means a greater probability of cure, especially if primary
    treatment is an operation.

    Good example
    The importance of the early detection of the tumor is the melanoma of the skin. She is easy
    Remove, if he has not yet sprout deep into the skin. At the same time, 5-year-old
    Survival in this case reaches 100%. However, in the case
    The distribution of melanoma into other parts of the body survival is reduced

    Sometimes the symptoms are ignored in
    connection with the fact that the person is frightened by possible consequences and
    refuses to appeal to the doctor, or considers the appeared symptom
    Not significant. General symptoms of the type of high fatigue more often
    associated with cancer and therefore often not commemorated, especially when
    there is an explicit reason or when they are temporary.

    Similar to this,
    the patient may think that a more specific symptom like tumor
    Education in the breast is a simple cyst, which will pass
    on one's own. However, such symptoms cannot be ignored, especially
    If they exist over a long period of time, for example,
    weeks or negative dynamics.

    Some cases are possible to identify cancer before the appearance of symptoms. This is
    can be carried out with a special examination of people who do not have
    No symptoms of cancer. However, this does not mean that you have to hide
    The symptoms from the doctor.

    General features and symptoms of cancer

    Know about some common (nonspecific) signs and symptoms of cancer.
    They include inexplicable weight loss, elevated temperature,
    fatigue, pain and skin changes. Of course, it must be remembered that
    The presence of some of them does not necessarily mean the presence of a tumor.
    There are many other states that may also be accompanied by
    similar signs and symptoms.

    one. Inexplicable weight loss

    most people with cancer, weight loss in a certain
    Disease period. Inexplicable weight loss on 4–5 kg may be first
    Sign of cancer, especially pancreatic cancer, stomach, esophagus
    or light.

    2. Increase temperature (fever)

    Temperatures are often observed with cancer and most often when
    Common process. Almost all patients with cancer arises
    fever at any stage of the disease, especially if the treatment has
    Impact on the immune system and increases susceptibility to infections.
    Less often an increase in temperature can be an early sign of cancer, for example,
    With Hodgkin's disease (lymphogranulomatosis).

    3. Increased fatigue

    fatigue can be an important symptom as progression
    Diseases. However, fatigue, weakness may occur on early
    stage, especially if cancer causes chronic blood loss that
    occurs when cancer TolstoySigns and symptoms of cancer intestine or stomach.

    4. Pain

    It may be an early sign of several tumors, for example, bones
    or eggs. Most often, however, pain — This is a common symptom

    five. Skin changes

    skin tumors, some types of indoor cancer can cause
    Visible skin signs in the form of darkening of the skin (hyperpigmentation),
    Yellowing (jaundice), redness (erythema), itching or excessive growth

    Specific features and symptoms of cancer

    Above these general symptoms, you need to know other general symptoms,
    which can be observed during cancer. Need to point out that
    These features and symptoms — do not necessarily speak in favor of cancer because
    meet with other diseases. However, about the appeared
    signs and symptoms you must tell a doctor for the purpose of accepting
    Solutions on the examination.

    one. Violation of the chair or bladder function

    constipation, diarrhea or change in the number of feces may indicate
    Colon cancer. Pain when urination, blood presence in the urine or
    Changing the bladder function (more frequent or more rare
    urination) can be associated with bladder cancer or
    prostatic gland. These changes must urgently report

    2. Non-wound or ulcer

    Leather tumors can bleed and resemble a wound or ulcer. Long
    The existing ulcer in the mouth may be a cavity cancer, especially
    those who smoke, chewing tobacco or often drinks alcohol. Ulcers by
    penis or vagina can be as signs of infection, so
    and early cancer and therefore should be examined.

    3. Unusual bleeding or selection

    Bleeding may appear on the background of early or running cancer.
    Blood in sputum can be a sign of lung cancer. Blood in Kale (or
    The presence of a dark or black feces) can be a sign of cancer thick or
    Stamp Kishok. Cervical cancer or the uterus itself can lead to
    bleeding from vagina. Blood in the urine — Sign of possible cancer
    bladder or kidney. Blood isolation from a nipple may be
    Symptom of breast cancer.

    4. Seal or tumor formation in breast or other parts of the body

    Tumors can be patched through the skin, especially in the breast, testicles,
    lymphatic nodes and soft body tissues. Seal or tumor
    Education can be the first signs of early or launched cancer.
    About any such find need to tell a doctor, especially if you
    found just or tumor (seal) began to increase in

    five. Digestive violation or difficult swallowing

    These symptoms may occur at different states, they are at the same
    It's time may indicate the presence of esophageal cancer, stomach or

    6. Change wart or mole

    Any changes regarding the color, shape, borders or sizes of these
    Educations need to immediately inform the doctor. Skin focus can
    to be melanoma, which, with early diagnostics, well gives

    7. Irritating cough or fucking voice

    Incessant cough can be a sign of lung cancer. Hoarseness
    vote — Possible sign of larynx cancer or thyroid gland.

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