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  • Types of bone cysts
  • Manifestations of bone cysts
  • Causes of bone cysts
  • Complications of bone cysts

  • Bone cyst - a soft, fluid-filled cavity in the bone, which weakens the bones and increases the likelihood of fracture. It occurs in both children and adults.

    Types of bone cysts

    On the hand bonesThe most common type of bone cyst - a simple(Solitary) bone cyst. It usually occurs in the long bones (arms and legs), growing children, and are more common in boys than in girls. In older children and adults bone cysts usually occur usually in the flat bones such as the pelvis, jaw, chest or skull.

    Relatively rare type of bone cyst -aneurismal (aneurysmal) bone cyst. It occurs in one in a million. A large majority (75%) of aneurysmal bone cysts occur in 10-20 years, and they are more common in women than in men. Most often they occur in the spine and long bones and different from solitary that are filled with blood.

    Manifestations of bone cysts

    Bone cysts are not usually appear, and found only at the turn or during the x-ray for another reason. Rarely, bone cysts can cause visible swelling or pain.

    Causes of bone cysts

    Causes of bone cysts virtuallyunknown, although they can occur after trauma, such as a failed drop, and can affect people who have osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, the risk of bone cysts is high in people with chronic gout.

    Complications of bone cysts

    The most common complication caused by bone cyst - is broken. If the cyst is active, ie, gradually increased to sufficiently fracture the lightest and minor bumps.

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