Diagnosis and treatment of flatfoot


  • Flat feet, causes
  • Diagnosis of flatfoot
  • Treatment of flatfoot
  • Prevention of flatfoot

  • Flat feet, causes

    To understand what a flat look to
    his foot. Please note - the inner edge is concave. This
    a concave portion is like a shock absorber. After all, you know that
    when walking or running body weight is just on foot. When,
    When this is the amortization function is no longer cope with the load,
    flattened arches of the foot, called flat-footed. Speaking at the medical
    language: flat - a flattening of the arches of the foot.

    Diagnosis and treatment of flatfoot
    the disease can develop at any age, as there is a
    congenital or acquired. Acquired flatfoot as
    you know, can be prevented. At the beginning of the disease, you can
    notice at some of its signs (symptoms).

    • In the evening, tired feet, there are run-off if there was a strong physical exertion - foot aches.
    • The pain is getting stronger, it comes to the knee.
    • Attach back pain, headache. It appears great
      the desire to throw shoes and walk barefoot. You could hardly buy yourself
      shoes as the foot became more deformed fingers.

    If you see at such changes - so you just flat.

    Flatfoot arises from improper loading. Not necessarily too strong, it can develop and load shortage.

    Improper footwear. It often refers to
    women. Here and high heels, and a long walk. Incidentally,
    women 4 times more likely to develop this disease than men. It's connected
    the fact that the reasons for flatfoot more women - pregnancy,
    overweight. In 3% of the flat is inherited.

    Diagnosis of flatfoot

    First we have a mini-diagnosis at
    at home. Spread foot vegetable oil and place on a large footprint
    sheet of paper. Now look at the trail that you left. Fine
    the inner edge of the foot is not in contact with a support that forms
    recess. And at this point there should be no trace. If it is, without a lot
    less than half the footprint of your foot, you have flat feet.

    Now an accurate diagnosis - turn to
    orthopedist. You need to x-ray that would understand
    as the case with flat running. Make sure you visit
    doctor think about all of the symptoms that you are at in recent years
    observed even headache.

    Treatment of flatfoot

    Unfortunately, running flat
    therapeutic methods do not cure. will need surgery
    intervention. But at a very early stage it is possible to get rid of
    from this disease. For starters need to find the right shoes
    your feet. Individual advice you depending on the strain
    foot you'll get the doctor. And in general - heel shoe should not be
    more than 4 centimeters, not pointy toe shoes, and a free round
    form. The heel should be firmly fixed in the shoe. To help his
    stop - need orthotics. They will equally
    to distribute the load. Insoles must be ordered individually in each

    Buy massage pad feet. spend
    foot massage in the evening after work. In the summer can be a massage mat with
    successfully replace walking barefoot on pebbles or sand.
    Regardless of whether you work hard or not, let's legs
    respite. As they say experienced people: if you have the opportunity to sit down - not
    Stand fast, and if you have the opportunity to lie down, do not sit.

    Do not neglect medical complex
    physical culture and massage, your doctor orders. This is, perhaps,
    the main way to cure flat feet. Incidentally, these methods are applicable
    for the prevention of flatfoot.

    Prevention of flatfoot

    Attention should be paid to the feet since birth.
    You can not embarrass the kids tight socks, tight sliders, not
    it is desirable for children to wear shoes a year. These measures will allow the feet
    develop properly.
    And another important stage more careful attention to your feet - after
    40 years. In this age it is better to abandon the long-term loads,
    high heels. If you feel tired in the legs - do not be lazy and
    make the tub with warm water and sea salt.

    Your feet will thank you if you take good care of him.

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