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  • Such a fragile spine
  • Jets on backmassage pain: risk factors
  • How to avoid overloading the back?
  • Active rest for your back

  • Such a fragile spine

    Since man got to his feet and began to"Bipedal" have been for millions of years. However the process of rectification has not passed unnoticed. Despite the fact that the entire musculoskeletal system was transformed to reflect the increase of the vertical load, spine still remains the most "painful" part of the whole skeleton.

    In women, these pains occur more frequently, andthe reason for this "gift" is hidden in the anatomical features of the structure of the spine. In the beautiful half of humanity is more expressed lumbar support, which, coupled with underdeveloped muscle corset and that is the main prerequisite for the pain.

    Back pain: risk factors

    The probability of occurrence of discomfort in the back increases if:

  • you have a sedentary job, and you all day merge with their workplace (ie chair)
  • you often go to the shops and markets and then, of course, carry heavy bags, the result of which subsequently becomes sharp or aching pain in the back.
  • How to avoid overloading the back?

    Unfortunately, not all women can avoid food weights: without food - anywhere. But try:

  • Firstly, most go to stores accompanied by someone (preferably male, they are still more).
  • Secondly, try to distribute the load evenly on the hands.
  • Third, make sure your lower back, namely the retractable strain your abdominal muscles - this will cause a decrease in depression and stabilize the spine.
  • Fourth, while at work, let's back from time to time rest - walk, stretch, do some simple exercises.
  • Active rest for your back

    Active rest for your backStarting position - standing. The legs are in a straight line so that the heel and toe of opposite legs touching; hands crossed on his chest; back straight (try to bring the shoulder blades together), stomach tense, eyes straight ahead.

    Exercise is to rotate the body towards the leading leg (if you have a front left leg, and the rotation is to the left).

    Rotations are performed in turn: to the left, then the right leg with the corresponding change, ie, you move forward in a straight line. During the exercise, try to avoid the following errors:

  • Active rest for your backexcessive bending at the waist
  • relaxation of the abdominal muscles
  • information, shoulders forward, lowering his chin
  • and remember: the head, neck and torso - is a unified whole - our body, so it is not necessary to carry out only the trunk rotation.
  • This exercise can be complicated, stretching his arms forward at shoulder level, but then do not forget to make sure that during the exercise they did not fall. Good luck!

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