anti-cholesterol diet

The phrase "bad cholesterol" has long beenhas become customary in everyday life, not only doctors, but also those people who are watching their health. Indeed, the advertising on television frightens us by these "horror".

Fortunately, there is now a considerable number ofdrugs which can reduce cholesterol levels. Unfortunately, their price is too high for many people, besides the quality of the drug is doubtful, because the news has not yet passed the test years. That is why at the moment there is only one cure for the number one in the world that is able to lower cholesterol - a special medical diet. That power can lower cholesterol by more than 10%.

Why anti-cholesterol diet?

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What is the "bad" cholesterol? A considerable amount of LDL (low density lipoproteins) leads to atherosclerotic disorders in the body. That is why the data lipoproteins carry the code name "bad". Moreover, low molecular weight lipoproteins practically insoluble, so prone to precipitation of cholesterol crystals number, which subsequently leads to the formation of so-called atherosclerotic plaques - in vessels that not only improves myocardial but strokeAnd various serious cardiovascular diseases.

Ideally cholesterol "bad" shallbe lower than 100 mg / dl. But the figure in the modern world is so rare that doctors often do not consider an increase of the rate of a few tens of units of a major. In the case where the level of low molecular weight lipoprotein reaches 160 mg / dl, the doctors strongly advised to take action and take the anti-cholesterol diet - to reduce the figure to at least 130 mg / dL. But if the level exceeds the limit - rises to 190 mg / dL, then doctors use emergency medication.

By the way, experts say that mostobese people suffer from this problem as the "bad" cholesterol. So a diet that is specifically designed to reduce the level of low molecular weight lipoproteins to normal, and copes with the problem of excess weight. There were times that even those people who could not lose weight for a long time, using a variety of diets, thanks to anti-cholesterol diet dropped from 5 to 12 extra kilos in just one month.

What raises "bad" cholesterol

anti-cholesterol diet, the bad cholesterol, healthy foods, nutrition, cholesterol

The basis of this diet is the main rule -necessary to reduce the consumption of animal fats. This is the main factor that is favorable to the reduction in the blood of "bad" cholesterol. But a comprehensive approach to the problem is needed. Among other things, "diet" also provides for the availability of sport in a person's life, abstinence from alcohol and, of course, smoking. Due to the fact that all of it will appear in life can reduce cholesterol by at least 10%!

The main principles of food for those who want to clean up the blood:

  1. Eat only lean and lean meat - all the fat that is present before cooking to remove.
  2. Abandon the use of meat products.
  3. Abandon sausages, sausages, and other Balykov boiled and smoked meat products.
  4. Abandon butter - replace it with a vegetable.
  5. Eat as much as possible products that are known for being "able" display cholesterol - it is legumes (beans and peas, and lentils).
  6. Choose berries and fruits, jelly forming during heat treatment.
  7. Lean more on cereals.
  8. If this milk products, only the fat free.
  9. Eat only low fat cheese (fat content of not more than 30%).
  10. Do not eat more than two or three boiled (!) Eggs per week. Unsubscribe from eggs.
  11. Eat only those products which are not composed of butter and coconut oil.
  12. Eat as many fish and fish dishes.

What should be included in the diet and what should not be there

Foods that are recommended for usewhen anti-cholesterol diet: ayran, wheat bread, broccoli, nonfat cheese, ostrich meat, carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, beans, green tea, potatoes, apples, strawberries, apricots, kiwi, brown rice, chicory, yogurt, olive oil, red wine, yogurt, beets, spinach, pumpkin, peas, lettuce, courgettes, currants, grapes, watermelon, peaches, oranges, butter (only olive oil), soups (like vegetables and fruit), juices (such as vegetables and fruit).

Foods that are allowed underanti-cholesterol diet: sunflower oil, low-fat meat, sugar, dark chocolate, flour products, soy desserts, seafood, nuts, jelly, low-fat dairy desserts, pasta (but without eggs).

Products that are strictly prohibited atanti-cholesterol diet: egg yolk, whole milk, bacon, semi-sweet, sweet soda, mayonnaise, alcohol, fat cheese, margarine, fatty meats, bacon, french fries, pasta with egg, freshwater fish, goose and duck's flesh.

Sample menu for the day when anti-cholesterol diet

anti-cholesterol diet, the bad cholesterol, healthy foods, nutrition, cholesterol


  • 140 g baked omelette stuffed with meat;
  • 90 g buckwheat;
  • 180 ml of tea (+ skim milk).


  • 250 g of sea kale (salad).


  • 500 g soup (barley + vegetables, all exclusively on vegetable oil);
  • 120 g - for a couple of burgers and vegetable garnish;
  • 100 g apples.


  • 200 ml rosehip (infused broth);
  • 50 g - soy muffin.


  • 85 grams of fish baked in foil;
  • 180 g pilaf (fruit);
  • 180 ml of tea (+ skim milk).

Before bedtime:

  • 200 ml yogurt (non-fat).

During the day you can eat 150 grams of bread (bran), 150 grams of bread (wheat), 35 grams of sugar.

Juice diet with "bad" cholesterol

Another method recommended by our site, whichIt allows to normalize lipid metabolism - a special juice diet. It is worth noting that the juice should be freshly squeezed - only in this way can be put in order and figure, and cholesterol.

Day number 1. Drink carrot juice (130 ml) and celery juice (from the root) (75 ml).

Day number 2. Drink carrot juice (100 ml), beet juice (70 ml) and cucumber juice (75 ml).

Day number 3. Drink carrot juice (130 ml), celery juice (from the root) (70 ml) and apple juice (70 ml).

Day number 4. Drink carrot juice (130 ml) and the cabbage juice (50 ml).

Day number 5. Drink carrot juice (130 ml) and grapefruit juice (130 ml).

All juices should only be freshly squeezed andkept no more than 30 minutes before use. It is advisable to drink between meals. The sequence of "juice menu" can be changed arbitrarily - day by day replace №1 №4 and vice versa.

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