How to protect yourself from radiation

In the light of the latest events at nuclear power plants in Japan, as well as when reading daily news on the Internet, many people encompass if not panic, then surely excite for health of loved ones. Let's not give advice in the spirit «What if you saw a nuclear mushroom nearby». Today it will be about the measures to protect against radiation, which any of us can provide himself.

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In the light of the latest events at nuclear power plants in Japan, as well as when reading daily news on the Internet, many people encompass if not panic, then surely excite for health of loved ones. How to protect yourself from radiation, how to save life and health know a few. Our site has collected for you the advice of specialists.

Knowledge is power!

If 25 years ago, the fact of the tragedy at the Chernobyl NPP was not hidden, and the necessary measures would be taken centrally, many lives would be able to save. This is spoken from TV screens annually on the day of the accident. Unfortunately, so far no one really mentioned how to protect itself from radiation irradiation. Let's try to figure it out.

I think unnecessarily talk about what radiation is, and about the irradiation itself. We were taught us in schools in civil defense lessons. Let's not give advice in the spirit «What if you saw a nuclear mushroom nearby». Today it will be about the measures to protect against radiation, which any of us can provide himself.

Radiation protection methods

Radiation protection methods
With word «radiation» The ordinary averages are associated with the word «iodine». It needs to be drunk when pollution, so we are assigned since the Chernobyl disaster since the Chernobyl. And people drink! And children are forced. And as a result - the strongest burn esophagus. On one site met the recipe «Therapeutic sandwich». The author advises the emery to graze lead crumbs, mix with oil, smear on bread ... and sleep well. But the total medieval wildness! There are more humane, and most importantly, effective methods.

So, if you ended up in the zone of radioactive contamination, the first thought that should visit you - how to go away from the radiation source. The smaller the time to contact your body with radioactive substances, the better for you and your health. If there is no such possibility yet, we take the following measures:

  • do not leave out of the premises, 2-3 times a day we do wet (it is wet!) cleaning;
  • As you often take a shower (especially after going out), we wash things. Regularly washing with saline of the mucous membrane, eye and pharynx is not so important, since with breathing there is a much larger amount of radionuclides;
  • To protect the body from radioactive iodine-131, it is enough to lubricate a small piece of skin with medical iodine. According to doctors, this simple way to protect the month is valid;
  • If you have to go out, it is better to wear light clothes, preferably cotton and wet. The head is recommended to wear a hood and baseball cap at the same time;
  • In the first few days you need to fear radioactive precipitation, that is «Loose and sit down».

There are several ways to clean radioactive water. The fact is that most often the water is polluted by radon - gas, very harmful to humans. Moreover, such water is dangerous not only for drinking, much harmful to her evaporation. Some specialists advise to use coal filters for cleaning (in principle, ordinary household jugs). Only the shelf life of the replacement cassette is sharply reduced, so it is necessary to change it as often as possible. In other sources, boiling is recommended - allegedly it completely cleans the water from radon. The effectiveness of these methods, unfortunately, is not one hundred percent.

Saving menu

Radiation protection methods
So, from your menu we remove - fish, mushrooms, bone broths and pork. These products quickly accumulate radionuclides. With fruits cut off the peel, we remove the cabbage to the cabbage, the vegetables are soaked in water, finely cut and welcome. Laying on selenium-containing products - liver, kidney, Heart, bird eggs, sunflower seeds (except liver, it also accumulates radionuclides in itself). It is selenium that protects against the formation of cancer. We buy and use in food seaside or iodized salt.

Some enterprising manufacturers use the moment, produced, for example, yogurts that protect against radiation. I think you understand that this is nothing more than a PR.

It is believed that red wine (and green tea!) remove radionuclides from the body. Not quite correct statement. Drinking 200 ml of wine per day, you only protect the organism from radiation. Such a peculiar prevention. By the way, ethyl alcohol has similar properties - this fact has proven research on mice.

Want to remove heavy metals from the body? Eat jam, jams, jelly and marmalade. The fact is that in the production of these sweets used pectin. According to Russian scientists, this substance quickly associates radionuclides and practically completely derives them from the body with feces and urine. By the way, you can buy pectin in any supermarket - pay attention to the packages in the rows with spices. Well, then, boil jelly with a miracle powder and enjoy. In my opinion, this method can be applied for prevention. Efficiently and, most importantly, harmlessly!

Drug protection against radiation

Activated carbon
Somewhat surprised the fact that Russian scientists have already created a vaccine against radiation. It is a pity that in the pharmacy she has not yet arrived, but they have ended the tests on animals. The results pleased many, just to make «Brewery from radiation» We can not soon.

Nevertheless, you can take some medicines. But here the readers our site should understand that a few times the number of radionuclides arrive through the digestive tract several times, incommensurately less than through the skin. And that those listed further drugs have already helped, take them very often. To start, Sorbents. So, 2-3 activated carbon tablets before eating from death will not be saved, but some share of radionuclides will be removed. Enterosgel, athoxyl and enterosgel. Reduces the influence of the radiation of Eleutherokokk (1/4 - 1/2 h.L. Add to tea 2 times a day). Only without fanatism - this means there are contraindications (read the instructions).

Take iodine-containing drugs do not recommend, especially people with impaired endocrine system function. It is better to give preference to any pharmacy complex of multivitamins. So you and do not harm, and hypervitaminosis will not earn (but in some cases it is still possible).

How to measure radiation?

Dosimeter household
If you do not trust information from official sources and media about the level of radiation in your area, buy a dosimeter. This device will quickly determine the level of radiation in your home / apartment / office. Pleasure, you need to say no cheap. Moreover, as I showed the search on online stores, even scarce. Nevertheless, if it is possible, buy a household dosimeter. The simplest with minimum functions will cost in the amount of 100 dollars and above. Buy «Fucking» With a mass of the function, it is not rational, for you are unlikely to use these functions.

I want to say about the standards of radiation background. They are different for all countries and even regions of one state. According to some sources, a typical or normal is considered a digit, not exceeding 15-20 microns / hour, permissible - 25-30 MKP.

We wish you that the testimony on the dosimeter would never exceed the norms. If you can share your radiation protection method, we will only be glad.

be healthy!

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