The use of glycerol

Examining the drug in their medicine cabinet, youWe found vial with glycerol. As he appeared in the medicine cabinet, and why you bought it, of course, no longer remember. Do not rush to dispose of it, read this article and you'll discover this medication.

Open the bottle and you will see a viscous, colorlessliquid without characteristic odor. The taste is slightly sweet glycerine. That is why the glycerol was given this name. In Latin the word "sweet" is pronounced as «glycos». Do not be afraid, glycerine is completely safe, non-toxic. It is impossible to mix with the alcohol, and even water with acetone. Also can not be dissolved in any glycerol or fats, or in the air, but he can dissolve the organic and inorganic materials: these alkalis, salts, etc.

A little history

glycerin, glycerin application, pharmacology

The first glycerol received another in 1779. The chemist Carl Scheele from Sweden, conducting experiments saponification of fats, found that when heated mixture of lead oxide with olive oil, it turns sweet solution. And at long evaporation Carl got a viscous consistency, similar to today glycerol.

But this liquid gave the name much later, chemist Chevreul gave the formula and gave it the name of the substance.

From century to century, scientists have devised a glycerindifferent ways. Today we use glycerol, which is obtained by heating the fat with the water under vigorous stirring fats begin to split into two components, acids and glycerol. The process for obtaining the glycerol is carried out for about ten hours at a high temperature. This method is now used in Russia to produce glycerol.

The physical properties of the drug:

  1. Glycerin transparent.
  2. It has a viscous consistency.
  3. Hygroscopic.
  4. Freezes at low temperature.
  5. Non-toxic.
  6. It does not smell.
  7. Do not spoil.

Applications of glycerol

Glycerin has a broad spectrum of activity and is used in almost every area. MirSovetov tell you more, where this drug is used.


glycerin, glycerin application, pharmacology

In medicine, glycerin is used in skindiseases, as a good antiseptic. It is part of the preparations that treat skin diseases. It also helps wounds heal faster, with antiseptic properties, is able to prevent infection of wounds.

Glycerin is widely used in pharmacologicalindustry. It dissolves the drug, used to make tablets moisture, helps to increase the density (viscosity) of rare drugs is part of ointments and prevents the evaporation of moisture, drying out. And therefore it is added to medical ointments, creams, pastes. Adding glycerol in the medicinal solution, a high concentration of the drug.

For cooking food.

Glycerol was added to the raw material for the preparation of sweets and other confectionery and baking, including baking.

When you add a product in baked goods and other flour products:

  1. It gives the stickiness of pasta.
  2. When baking products become more lush.
  3. Buns and Palyanitsa no longer stale.

Apart from pastries and sweets viscous substance used in the manufacture of liqueurs, vodka and other drinks that do not contain alcohol.

Sweet medication added toobtain extracts of various drinks (tea, coffee, ginger). Raw material pre-shredded, moistened and handled, then heated. Each such beverage, ready-to-eat? It contains 30 percent of the viscous substance.


Do not do without glycerine and agriculture. With the treated seeds and seedlings will germinate this viscous product.

In order to protect trees from insects and the weather, the bark is treated with a solution with the addition of glycerol.

Military industry.

In this type of industry it is used NitroglycerineWhich is derived from glycerol. It is used for breeding of gunpowder, explosives, dynamite. Pure preparation was added to the solutions, which is poured into the heavy equipment engines (military), cooled gun barrel after prolonged use.

Tobacco products and electronic cigarette.

Glycerol was added to the tobacco, thus, its humidity is regulated. It also absorbs malodor that is present in the tobacco when smoked.

Glycerol is used in electronic cigarettes. It keeps the water level in the cartridges, cleans hard, fighting throat taste, flavor softens. Cartridges with the addition of the drug stored longer, not wither. It is very convenient, you can buy cartridges with reserve. Also, the drug is a part of the liquid for smoke.

Widely used in the production of glycerolplastic products, plastic bags in leather, fabrics, all kinds of paper, paints, lubricants for cars, shoe polish, glue production.


glycerin, glycerin application, pharmacology

Glycerol is widely used in cosmetics,especially in the manufacture of hygiene products. Primarily it is added to the soap. The drug in the soap improves "mylnost" softens the skin, has a slight bleaching effect.

Included in the many cosmetic products: creams and facial masks. It moisturizes and retains moisture in the upper layers of the skin, which is very helpful for dehydrated, dry skin. Through the use of face cream, in which the composition has this drug, the skin becomes soft.

  1. For the beauty of hair. To be obedient, silky hair, add glycerol shampoo. It is also possible to make the hair mask with the addition of the drug. Take any ready-made mask, and add to it a few drops of glycerin, mix and apply on hair. It is advisable to do this before applying.
  2. For hands. In the store you can buy ready-made glycerin hand cream. Such a cream will be a reliable protection in bad weather, and in hot weather it will soothe the skin. You can also take glycerin and simply lubricate it with dry areas on the skin: elbows, knees, etc. You can make warm baths for hands with the addition of glycerin. Just add a few drops to warm water and immerse your hands in it for 5 minutes.
  3. For face. Before going to bed can be a bit of pampering your skin. Take equal proportions of vitamin E and glycerin mix. Before applying the mask, the skin must be well cleaned, make a gentle massage brush. The skin should be slightly reddened, then the cells are well absorb all the nutrients. After you are dealt a mixture, your skin will be a little sticky. To get rid of it, you can splash on your face a little tonic. If you do this procedure every day, the skin is supple, smooth acquire a beautiful color and fine wrinkles smoothed.

Glycerin in everyday life.

Indispensable glycerin and home, these simple tips will help you keep the house and the things in perfect order:

  1. Your laminate flooring will shine, if you wash the floor with water, with the addition of pharmaceutical agents.
  2. Stains from berries easy to wash, if the pre-rub them with glycerin and leave for one hour. Wash the thing in salt water.
  3. Mirror and furniture can be cleaned with water and glycerol and dust will not settle on them.
  4. Stains from tea and coffee is easy to wash, if the pre-process them with salt with glycerin.
  5. Scuffed and creases in the leather handbags, shoes and things will not be so noticeable if they rub glycerin.
  6. Would you like to save fresh flowers from a loved one? It's easy. Take water, add the glycerin, in a transparent container, pour the solution and put fresh flowers, close the lid. Everyone can enjoy its bouquet.

Glycerin - generic drug, more unique and irreplaceable. Try it and you apply this drug, and you will see its beneficial properties.

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