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  • LCA principle
  • Benefits of VMI
  • When making insurance is important to remember!

  • If we speak in plain language, then,
    probably not no secret that free medical care in our country
    It leaves much to be desired. And count on high-quality free
    treatment, defending the queue for hours in their district hospital, in
    most cases and do not necessary. That's it then comes to
    assistance to our fellow citizens the companies giving voluntary
    medical insurance (VMI).

    LCA principle

    The sum insured for insurance against accident or illness you define in agreement with your insurance company.
    Available on LCA
    Price of the policy will consist of:
    • per cent of the insurance conditions;
    • option, ie the insurance program;
    • the term of the contract;
    • risk factors for the health of the insured (hazardous working conditions, etc.);
    • your health;
    • insured status (individual, corporate insurance, the foreigner);
    • the number of insured persons under one contract;
    • level you selected medical institutions;
    • brand and the prestige of the insurance company;
    • loss of the insurance company for some contracts.
    You can insure themselves as fully, that is,
    7 days a week, 24 hours a day, or in part, for example only
    working time or only on rest time, or only at the time of the move,
    flight and so on.

    Benefits of VMI

    • Cost.
      By purchasing the policy LCA, you are protected from dishonesty professionals, they
      It becomes not profitable "breed" you assigning unnecessary treatment. After
      payment policy on its validity - the rise in prices of medical
      services does not affect you in any way.
    • Quality.
      The quality control of medical services, doctors, experts insurance
      company. In case of any problems and disputes
      medical institution, your insurance company to protect your wake
    • Save time. You
      You do not have to stand in long queues at the district multimeter
      polyclinic. Eliminate wasted time searching for a decent health
      center to pay for treatment, and possibly find extra cash
    • The ability to receive medical care at leading health care facilities throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Polis LCA gives you the right to receive medical care in several medical institutions, included in the program.
    • Freedom of choice. You
      You form your own insurance program and health care institutions.
      Together with the insurance company you pick up the optimum solution
      objectives "Objectives - Price - Quality".
    If you do decide on the registration of DMS
    policy, the most important step for you is to choose not so much
    the insurance company as insurance programs offered
    this company. A great variety of programs!
    In all these cases the company must
    pay for treatment of the insured, including his stay in the hospital,
    surgery, medication, rehabilitation and so on, depending on the
    conditions described in the contract according to the chosen program

    When making insurance is important to remember!

    • You have every right to
      familiarization with the list of medical institutions, in which you have to
      contact in case of an accident.
    • Over time, you can change the conditions of insurance by agreement with the company-insurer, changing at the same rates.
    • AT
      Every company should have a full-time specialist who at any
      hours a day to advise you on any emerging issues and
      will tell you where you should refer.
    • The larger the company is engaged in personal insurance, so as a rule, higher quality she LCA.

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