How to brush your teeth

Any disease is easier to prevent than to treat. From this perspective, dental services occupy almost the leading position. It is much easier to prevent the development of dental caries or periodontal disease, rather than later to become a permanent dentist client. We'll tell you about the most simple (but no less important!) How to maintain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

Any disease is easier to prevent than to treat. Moreover, under treatment today, we understand not only the direct disposal of pathology, but also such important issues as the purchase of medicines, pay some manipulations, and so on. D. Yes, all of this is aimed at the return of health and normal condition of the body, but the cost of these activities can be nice to encourage better prevention. Not to repeat ...

From this perspective, dental servicesIt occupies almost the leading position (Implantology services we not take into account, because it is not about aesthetics, but of health). It is much easier to prevent the development of dental caries or periodontal disease, rather than later to become a permanent dentist client. Our website tells you about the most simple (but no less important!) how to maintain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile and good mood ....

How many times a day you need to brush your teeth?

How to brush your teeth
To argue on this issue can be to infinity. Some believe that it is enough in the morning to make all the necessary hygiene procedures and forget about caries. Others say that for the whole day accumulates in the mouth as a huge number of "fertilizer" for micro-organisms, it is better to sleep longer in the morning and evening to brush your teeth properly. Third, after hearing the views of opponents, declared all-out war tartar and plaque, and brushing their teeth in the morning and evening. But the fourth (which, by the way, all the others feel terribly neat) prefer to brush their teeth after every meal.

We are acting as a third-party observers of the debate, by adopting all the "pros" and "cons" to determine the following:

  1. During the day, really accumulate plaque and formed a very favorable environment for the growth, reproduction and parasitism of pathogens.
  2. In the morning, we need some time towake up. We will wash ourselves or take a shower. So why should not ignore oral hygiene ?! In the end, the time it takes is not so much.
  3. Acid-base balance is still here. He can only move, creating, again, good or bad conditions. In the mouth, the largest number of micro-organisms which, unlike us, sleeping, lead an active lifestyle. So, come and their metabolic products. Which ones? It all depends on the general condition of the oral cavity. Of course, the presence of chronic diseases is not conducive to the nasopharynx caries prevention and other diseases is even less pleasant.

Summarize. The quality is not always dependent on the quantity. Therefore, it is enough to brush your teeth twice a day. After the meal, you can simply rinse the mouth with water, use dental floss, special sprays or chewing gum. But everything in moderation, so chew only 5 minutes, but not until the next snack.

Preparations for cleaning is no less important

About how to choose a toothbrush, our site have already told. As well as giving advice on the selection of toothpaste. At the last "attribute" we still dwell time and recall the key points:

  1. For daily use can not buy pastawith bleaching ingredients. To tell us all kinds of bleaching agents manufacturers, enamel damage, albeit minimal, it is still going on. Therefore, we use it no more than twice a week.
  2. If you know of increased tooth sensitivity to cold and sour, the shelf with whitening toothpastes generally get round.
  3. If you notice a small white teeth stains, use toothpaste with fluoride is undesirable.
  4. With taste the same with the color you are, perhaps, decide for yourself.

The most important stages of tooth brushing

How to brush your teeth
I'm sure each of you have seen in the posterclinic or school about how to properly brush their teeth. In which way to rotate the brush, how to keep it, how hard to press, and so on. D. Someone even tried to reproduce these complex manipulations. We have provided some relief for oral care and to highlight the most important points to pass that after all it is impossible.

  1. Cleaning is carried out in a circular motion, gradually moving from one section to another. Start brushing your teeth should be at the front surface - jaws tightly closed.
  2. From the front surface moving to side, letting the brush between the teeth and cheek. And do not forget about the circular motions.
  3. Opening his mouth, clean the inner bottom surface of the teeth. Then go on chewing.
  4. Turning brush, proceed to clean the inner surface of the upper teeth.
  5. Pure language lightly brush from the root to the tip.

How to brush your teeth

Rinse your mouth should be at least 5 times with water at room temperature.

The total time is best to take immediate cleaning of the teeth - 3 minutes.

As you can see, nothing complicated or frustrating isin time to prevent oral disease, no. Choosing and buying a toothbrush and toothpaste is much more pleasant choice material for filling or method of recovery of the lost tooth.

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