Prevention and treatment of dental caries

We all know the terrible word "caries" - itcauses fear in children and in adults shudder. Once shodiv to the dentist, the person for life is stored negative memories. Today, our site will try to tell readers that tooth decay is not so bad that it can be treated even without a drill, and proper preventive maintenance can save you from the "painful torture."

Each of us at least once in my life heard a terriblethe word "caries" - it causes fear in children and in adults shudder. Terrible drill, unkind, to say the doctors, acute pain at night doing their thing: once by calling on the dentist, the person for life is stored negative memories. Today, our site will try to tell readers that tooth decay is not so bad that it can be treated even without a drill, and proper preventive maintenance can save you from the "painful torture."

What is tooth decay

A tooth affected by caries
So, caries - a pathological process,which leads to a demineralization of tooth enamel, and after that - to the formation of cavities. Speaking simple, not medical terms, caries - tooth disease is often accompanied by sensitivity and even pain.

Caries - certainly, the most commondisease in the world, they suffer 97% of the people of our planet. And so you have to constantly take preventive measures. Ironically, men suffer from caries less frequently than women. This is due to the fact that men are less common desperate sweet tooth, and the women to the same "losing teeth" during pregnancy.

What is the scheme of caries ?! Did you notice plaque on the teeth? He felt, if we draw on the dentition language. Exactly this raid - an enabling environment for the breeding and active "living" organisms. The latter, in turn, is firmly glued to the tooth (forming "plaque") and slowly but surely produce a particular acid, which destroys tooth hard tissue.

Causes of caries

Prevention and treatment of dental caries
Poor oral hygiene. This is the main cause of tooth decay. If you do not take care of your teeth every day, creating a favorable environment (plaque on the teeth, gums and tongue) for the emergence and worsening of caries.

Weakened immunity, and vitamin deficiency. Yes, they weaken the body's resistance to the disease.

Deficiency of fluorine, calcium, miniralnoy salts, proteins, and at the same time an excess of carbohydrate foods and sweets reminiralizatsii lead to tooth enamel.

The composition of saliva. This saliva is responsible for the saturation of the teeth in minerals and protect them from "sticking" the bacteria. After illness or stress composition of saliva changes, hence the teeth become vulnerable.

Be aware that the production of saliva in the night skraschaetsyarepeatedly. And if you do not brush your teeth at night, then only 6 hours of sleep microorganisms do their "dirty work" - form the tooth "plaque" that is the first sign of tooth decay.

Heredity and environment. Many people think that if the father and mother have bad teeth, then a child, it does not say, will be the same. I even heard this opinion from one dentist. Yes, you can not argue with heredity, and some factors (a bite, a structure of the teeth-jaw system) play a role. But to give up not worth it! Proper dental care has not been canceled - it is thanks to him that you will save your teeth from decay.

Stages of tooth decay

Like any utility, tooth decay occurs at a certain scheme, alternating some stage.

In the initial stages the teeth are formed whitespots - centers of demineralization of the tooth. The spots eventually turn yellow, then darken and pererostaet in surface caries. tooth enamel becomes rough, there is a painful tooth sensitivity. If you do not take action, then sooner or later begin to break down soft tissue of the tooth is formed and carious cavity - all this is characteristic for the middle caries. Well, when it begins to break down the pulp (the sensitive tissue of the tooth), it will be evidence of deep caries.

Stages of tooth decay

Carious tooth negatively affectsgastrointestinal tract, heart, immune system decreases. At the stage of deep caries is often inflamed pulp - pulpitis, and sometimes possible, and septicemia (blood poisoning). Therefore, at this stage, to delay the treatment is dangerous not only for health but for life.

In the initial stage, and deep caries canpass from one year to several years. If the process is rapid (children and adolescents), it is called acute caries. In adults, the most common chronic sluggish caries.

Treatment of caries

dental problem is that many people think,that caries - when it formed a "hole" in the tooth. This "hole" needs to be treated, and good in the process a little. Therefore prefer to endure to the last - to the pain, fluxes, and sleepless nights. Much to the credit of the Soviet dentists, outdated technology treatment, obscene attitude towards patients. In the past few years, the situation has changed radically - dentists welcoming, modern drills, anesthesia is done at the slightest manipulation. However, all this applies mostly to private clinics.

Treatment of caries
Although, recently, I had to treat a tooth in a normal dental clinic, and I was pleasantly surprised. Modern technology, Dr. polite and reasonable prices - that's what I expected.

But, back to the modern methods of treatmentcaries. I was very surprised that the initial stage of caries (white spot described above) is treated without the help of a drill. Time to see a dentist, you will save your teeth from decay. By applying a special gel on reminiraliziruyuschego cleaned and dried tooth recovered mineral content of tooth enamel. All this happens smoothly !!!

Carious spots often are formed between the teeth on the chewing surfaces of the molars. They are difficult to notice, so I encourage readers to our site not to neglect dental checkups.

If you missed the initial stage of caries,and formed in the tooth carious cavity, do not pull on time, make an appointment to the dentist. It hurts you is not, as dental treatment is performed under local anesthesia. Are you afraid of injection? Your gums smazhut analgesic gel - and you will not feel very prick! Again, the modern high-speed drill runs almost silently, and the impression that the tooth is about to collapse (as it was with the old drill), completely absent.

If you are a terrible boyaguz, look for a clinic, where sealing is carried out using a laser. Even without anesthesia (which is important for pregnant women and children), no pain, and the buzz will not be!

Now fillings. Who uses such a strong, bystrozastyvayuschie materials that easily matched the color of the tooth. Even if damaged front incisors - their perfectly restored. Outlived its previously popular cement, plastic and metal seals. First, though strong, but over time, due to a difference hardness capable of destroying tooth, the second - short-lived, in the third - it contains mercury. Their only advantage - low price (about 20-30 hryvnia). Most modern fillings, in addition to its primary purpose, also contain fluoride, thus quietly spend prevention of caries (glass ionomer fillings). These seals, as well as ceramic and svetopolimernye durable, durable, easily matched the color of the tooth. But the price of these seals "bite." Last week, I will fly in front incisor state of dentistry, I have put svetopolimernuyu seal. I pay 60 hryvnia (hole was very small, because it took only polportsii). The same seal with the work of the dentist in a private clinic will cost you 200-250 hryvnia. Similarly, we can not say, because it all depends on the amount of material wasted to treat. Often, the cost of treatment includes an amount for the removal of the nerve canals and cleaning (70-100 hryvnia), the cost of anesthetic (if you do cauterized) and some other services. My friend the dentist who has a private practice, said that the price of treatment is formed on the 1/3 of the cost of materials and at 2/3 of the cost of the doctor work. The price is considered different clinics in different ways, depending on many factors, including the dentist training.

By the way, save on dental care - our own peril. Do not regret paying for anesthesia and good seal, otherwise it is possible that soon you will have to again pay a visit to the dentist.

And yet, there is such a service as capacityteeth. Even if the tooth crown is destroyed, but the roots are intact (the doctor will see it on the x-ray), the tooth can be extended. To do this, use pins that allow firmly fix the accrued tooth and wears a crown on top of the cermet. And a tooth in appearance as the feelings of the mother is no different.

Modern dentists can work wonders, so do not be afraid and do not start the decay!

caries prevention

caries prevention
To this list I would like to give fullattention. After all, prevention of dental caries and regular dental check-ups can do wonders - you, dear reader, our site will never get to know the drill.

Thus, 8 basic rules of prevention of dental caries.

  1. Brush your teeth 2 times a day, very carefully and correctly, for 2-3 minutes. Particular attention in the morning cleaning the gums and tongue, pay - per night they accumulate a lot of bacteria.
  2. After the meal, everyone, whether it be a solid meal or snack, rinse your mouth with water or 10 minutes (no more) chew gum.
  3. Mistakenly believed that dental caries appears if you eat a lot of sweets. Caries develops when the remnants of these sweets here long linger on the teeth. Incidentally, chocolate sugar and washed away pretty quickly and salivawashed out of the mouth. A much greater danger is posed by the remnants of bread, meat and vegetables. They contain complex carbohydrates, which are very difficult to break down the saliva. Therefore, use the dental thread and rinse your mouth water!

  4. Choose the right toothbrush and toothpaste. Wrong choice only harm teeth.
  5. Make sure that in your mouth you never dried up. Remember the magic properties of saliva. Carry a bottle of drinking water.
  6. Learn the fluorine content in your area, and if it is not enough, compensate for the lack of water fluoridation (domestic "F +" filters) and eat a lot of seafood.
  7. Avoid taking contrasting food temperature - it leads to the formation of cracks on the teeth.
  8. For prevention, use a decoction of the bark of the Chinese magnolia vine (1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water).
  9. Every 6 months (children and adolescents - every 3 months) for the prevention, visit the dentist.

Take care of your teeth from an early age!

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