First aid for electric shock

Human life is associated with a specificRisk: it is possible to fall and break an arm, inadvertently burned or fell through the ice. If someone close to you is in trouble, be prepared immediately to help the unfortunate.

One of the most dangerous and at the same timecommon injuries that threaten our health, consider an electric shock. Electrocution can get everyone - you do not need to be an electrician, builder and repairman. Electricity for so long and firmly established in our lives, that the dangers are subject to even children. How to provide first aid to a person who was a victim of electric shock?

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first aid, first aid, traumatology, electric current

The danger lies in wait for us wherever thereElectricity: indoors, outdoors, in the bus or the train. On the street you need to avoid breakdown of the electric cable is in close proximity to you, and the house is very dangerous to coexist with the old, poorly insulated wiring. You also need to remember the safety rules when handling electrical appliances, and enter into the affairs of their children's course. The electric transport cause electric shock may be defective insulation or interruption of electricity.

Features of influence of electric current on the body

Not only that, after hitting the current site of the lesionburnt skin appears that in some cases requires extensive treatment, suffers from another electric shock and cardiovascular system of the body. How to explain this?

Contractile activity of the heart musclebased on the active work of nerve cells, so-called dipoles, which pass each other electric shocks, forcing the heart to contract rhythmically. When the human body pierces the electric discharge, a slender chain of transmission of nerve impulses is collapsing, that is a direct threat to the normal heart rhythm. Electric shock - a cause for immediate hospitalization of the victim.

first aid, first aid, traumatology, electric current

  • If the victim of electric shock is unconscious, while there is a wound on the body or portions of charring, without delay, call "ambulance". At this time, you can not change the position of the victim - he must lie.
  • If a person has violated or is not breathing, until the arrival of the brigade "first aid" to try to help him artificial respiration and chest compressions.
  • How to revive the victim cardiopulmonary method.

    Possession of equipment and artificial respirationcardiac chest compressions rescue you at a crucial moment: With this skill, you do not let the brain of the victim suffered oxygen deprivation. Take actions necessary to decisively: It is important not to miss a single minute!

    According to the movement of the chest, try to determine breathingWhether people. However, at very low breathing chest hardly moves, how to be then? Hold a mirror to the lips of the victim: the breath is, if misted glass. In the absence of a mirror, you can use a piece of ordinary glass or bring it to a person's lips with the back of his hand.

    Heart work is determined by the pulse. In such an emergency, like an electric shock, do not waste valuable time searching for pulsating wreaths on the wrist: sometimes it is not detectable, but this is not to say that the heart is not beating! Attach your fingers to the right carotid artery. If you do not feel the pulsation immediately proceed to chest compressions.

    Artificial respiration usually do "in the mouthmouth". Put your hand palm down on the human forehead, while holding his nose with your fingers, place your other hand under the neck. Now type in a lungful of air and tightly pressed his mouth to the mouth of the victim, make a strong exhale. Be sure to pay attention to the chest and abdomen of man: if the chest rises, it means you did everything correctly. However, if moving, lifting, stomach, air jet hit in the stomach and not into light. Stop for a while to perform artificial respiration to air freely left the victim's stomach. Keep in mind that if you come together with air and gastric contents, a person's mouth should be immediately clear that he choked this mass. Now try all over again, making sure that the air-filled lungs. To make breathing movements, try to at least 15 - 20 times per minute.

    first aid, first aid, traumatology, electric current

    If a person is not breathing, it is likelyall heart does not work. In this situation, you need to immediately produce chest compressions. Prerequisite for the implementation of the procedure - a smooth and firm surface under lying injured. Undo hampering his chest clothes and put both hands on his chest, so that they were in the 2 - 3 fingers above the region where the joins between a pair of lower ribs. Location of one hand - the vertical, and the second - horizontal. Make a sharp movement presses on human sternum, thus it should press into bottom of 4 - 5 cm. Your elbows during manipulation must be straight. Do not be afraid, it will break the affected rib - a question often hinders do chest compressions as needed. Press on the sternum should be 1 time in 1 second, that is, all must be made 60 strokes in 1 minute.

    If the victim electric shock, came to give a person to drink copiously. Beverage (no coffee and alcohol) should be at room temperature.

  • If the person is conscious, but his injury is not serious, provide him first aid on the spot. So, what you are required to:
    • away; / carry away people from the affected area -We need to interrupt the circuit. If he is still under the influence of an electric current, in any case, do not touch it "bare" hands, otherwise themselves become a victim of shock. It is necessary, first of all, disconnect the network (for example, switch off the appliance or machine, unscrew the cork) or drop by the affected bare wiring. For this fit a dry branch, a tube made of thick paper or plastic. These devices will not be necessary, if the hand is rubber gloves: Wear them and drag the victim from the voltage source;
    • first aid, first aid, traumatology, electric current

    • provide complete rest to the victim. Place it on a flat hard surface, check that around was not crowded, which could cause a person to excitement. Open all the windows in the room - fresh air is needed today more than ever the victim;
    • Take care of wounds. Treat the affected area on the body of the victim. For this, use cotton soaked in alcohol or a solution of potassium permanganate ( "manganese"). After that protect the wound bandage soaked in a solution of 0.01% furatsilina;
    • Provide psychological support. Talk to the man in a low voice, reassuring, give him drink warm sweet tea, give a slight analgesic (eg, a pill analgin), if the person says that he is sick.

    How many lives of different contingencies,which can happen to anyone of us. Remember that on your ability to provide first aid to those who need it can save a person from death. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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