Natural antibiotics

In nature, there are many products and plants with which you can treat various diseases. Prereparation to replace harmful human pharmacy drugs will help natural antibiotics.

Among the set of plants there are a lot of such, which are able to save a person from various diseases. Many plants are successfully struggling with microbes. Remember, in childhood our grandmothers were often treated cold Lipov tea and raspberry jam? And this is not the only natural antibiotic. Our site will tell you what plants will help to cope with colds and other diseases and will help strengthen the immune system.

Pharmacy drugs were never helpful. In particular, Antibiotics Kill useful bacteria in the intestine of a person. After the suffering disease, a person is restored for a very long time. It is successfully treated with many diseases, colds and viral diseases can be natural products and herbs.

Most Popular Natural Medicines

Antibiotics, Medicinal Products, Folk Medicine, Useful Products, Natural Antibiotics

They are practically in every home, and many we use almost every day.

Onion. It is considered the most useful and helps the body get rid of bacteria. Natural antiseptic. Strengthens immunity. In antiquity people just suck raw bow. Thus, they got rid of diseases, believing that the bow is capable «suck» Bad from the body.

To disinfect the room, get rid of harmful bacteria and microbes, sufficiently cut the bow into several parts and put it on the table on the scenery.

Another unique recipe for the bacteria of the intestinal stick. You need to take onion juice and Lyme juice in equal proportions. Mix. Take half a teaspoon.

Cabbage. She kills microbes. It is believed that cabbage becomes especially useful when her quagitizes. Summer cabbage (with carrots) It is necessary to eat every day, especially in the autumn-winter period.

Honey. «Natural antibiotic», - So our grandmothers spoke and treated sweet delicacy. Scientists, conducting experiments, found that in honey contains a special substance of protein origin.

Consuming honey, You can cure Jelly stomach. Also, beekeeping products are successfully treated wounds and burns. This once again proves that honey is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic.

Honey can cure colds, sore throat. But it is necessary to take into account that beekeeping products may not all be suitable and in some cases cause allergic reactions.

Cinnamon. Her, like onions, used as a natural antibiotic in ancient times. Cinnamon, in addition to its healing properties, is considered a natural antioxidant and an excellent stimulator of the human immune system. Clean cinnamon grown in Ceylon can stop the reproduction of the most stubborn bacterium E.Soli causing many severe diseases.

Astragalus. Has a tonic effect on the human body. It has already been successfully used in Chinese medicine for many decades to strengthen immunity, to remove stress, improve performance and mental activity. Astragal is successfully treated with a cold, protects the liver.

In addition to the above natural medicinal herbs and products there are many natural antibiotics.

Antibiotics, Medicinal Products, Folk Medicine, Useful Products, Natural Antibiotics

If every day consume products that the conversation will go further, the body will acquire defensive immunity, and you will avoid colds and other diseases.

  1. Horseradish. At the root of shit, which has a number of antimicrobial properties, contains enzymes and mustard oil. When the root of the horse is crushed or rubbed, these two substances are activated and form a strong natural antibiotic (allyl oil), which treats nasophacks.

    Recipe to get rid of cough, tracheitis and Bronchitis. Grind the root of the shoe and take one tablespoon, mix with three spoons of honey and leave for a day. Every day you eat a cure for a teaspoon to five times a day. It is necessary to do it like this: take the medicine and hold it in the mouth until complete dissolution. At Cystitis and other diseases of the urinary system a tablespoon of crushed on the grater of Khrena pour 250 ml of hot water. Insist five minutes and every day drink warm infusion in the morning, at lunch and evening.

  2. Cranberry. Very powerful antibiotic and powerful virus shredder. Cleans from bacteria urinary pathways and the urinary system as a whole. Natural antioxidant cranberry, as well as lingonberries treat colds, have a light diuretic effect and have anti-inflammatory effect. We should not forget that excessive use of cranberries can lead to a decrease in blood pressure.

    To prepare a cranberry morse, you need to take a cranberry and rub it with sugar, in proportions 3: 1. Take two tablespoons of the finished mixture and pour their half liter boiling water. Healthy drink drink you can drink.

  3. Antibiotics, Medicinal Products, Folk Medicine, Useful Products, Natural Antibiotics

  4. Garlic. It removes harmful bacteria from the body, as well as intestinal parasites, and viruses from the body, in particular the respiratory system, blood. Garlic is also a means of protecting the body from developing cancer cells. Cleans blood. Esieving just one clove of garlic, the human body immediately receives about 400 beneficial substances, which purify the walls of the vessels from «Not good» Cholesterol, help to get rid even from tuberculosis, diphtheria sticks, and also kills helminths.

    To prepare garlic elixir, you need to take 12 teeth, and each cut into four parts. Covers pour red wine (three glasses). Leave on the windowsill, in a well-lit place so that the sunlight falls on the tincture. The mixture should have a mixture. Periodically, preferably every two or three days the mixture gently shake and stir. After the elixir is ready, it is filtered and overflow into the tank of dark glass. Take such a medicine from a hundred illnesses on one teaspoon three times a day for a month. Elixir displays salts, increases activity, strengthens immunity, heart muscle. Treats diseases of female genital organs, and also cleans the human body from slags.

  5. Basil has an antibacterial property and is treated with success Angina. To prepare a medicine, you need to grind the leaves of the basil (4 tablespoons) and pour them with a glass of boiling water, for 15-20 minutes on slow fire heated the mixture, then becomes cold and filtered. This solution needs to rinse the throat several times a day.

    In conjunctivitis, two spoons of crushed leaves are poured 500 ml of hot water and insist until the moment until the water becomes cool, filter. It is washed with this solution and are used inwards 125 ml several times a day before meals.

    Antibiotics, Medicinal Products, Folk Medicine, Useful Products, Natural Antibiotics

    From headache Prepare tea from grass Melissa, Basilica and Sage. All herbs are crushed and mix, take a teaspoon and poured a glass of boiling water. They insist about 20 minutes, after being filled and leisurely drink with honey. For half an hour, the headache passes. Also such tea can be drunk to get rid of anxiety and overexcitation.

  6. Blueberry It is considered natural aspirin. Berry removes headache, pain in muscles and helps restore the body after transferred chronic disease. Blueberries are used in order to clean the urinary system from bacteria and prevent the development of infection.

All natural antibiotics in one degree or another helps a person feel better. Do not forget that before applying any natural antibiotic, it is advisable to consult with your attending physician.

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