How to choose a water filter?


  • How to choose a water purifier

  • Of course, we respect the opinion of your neighbor, but you choose the filter itself. Let's try to understand.

    It is necessary to determine the type of water purifier, which is necessary for you.

    Household water purifiers are different anddevice, and technical specifications. Therefore, choosing one or another water purifier, the buyer will have to start to define their needs and align them with their capabilities.

    How to choose a water purifier

    Consider the basic classes of household water purifiers:

    Water purifier jug

    Principle: water is poured by gravity from one container to another, while passing through the sorbent bed.

    How to choose a water filter?Pros. Water purifier does not require connection to the water supply, easy to use, does not require the control of the person. Good for office, communal apartments, cottages without plumbing.

    Minuses. The degree of purification, generally, slightly lower thanwater purifiers that are connected to the water supply. The volume of purified water equal to the volume of the jug (typically from 1 to 1.7 liters). That is, if you need to for soup, for example, 3 liters of water to fill the pitcher will have to double.

    Water purifier - nozzle on the faucet

    Principle of operation: water purifier is put on and the tap water passes through it under pressure.

    Pros. Low price. Small size (it is convenient for use on trips).

    Minuses. The small volume of sorbent, thus: low productivity (0.3 - 0.5 l / min) (if you promise that you can filter water faster - do not believe, there are no miracles). The necessity of using pure water storage tank. You have to connect and disconnect the filter, if it is not equipped with a switch. However, in the second case, the filter is constantly on the mixer, "decorating" the life of both you and the crane.

    Stationary water purifier with a separate tap for pure water

    How it works: Water Purifier permanently embedded in the water. Purifier itself is under the sink, and sink a separate tap - only pure water.

    Pros. Typically, the degree of water purification is higher than thatother types of water purifiers. Higher productivity. Great resource. A separate tap for fresh water. Water purifier is located under the sink and does not clutter your workspace. Ease of use and comfort. You have at any time, as much pure water as you need.

    Minuses. The high initial price.

    So, what kind of water purifier to choose?

    If you live alone and have got used to the spartanconditions, then you may well arrange and pitcher, and nozzle on the faucet. But if you are accustomed to comfort, or have simply a large family and have a lot of cooking, you will appreciate the convenience of a stationary filter.

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