How to recover quickly after the holidays?


  • Early to bed and early to rise ...
  • Seven times think and then eat!
  • How to help the liver after the holidays?
  • About bathing, water and cosmetic procedures
  • ..... If you live yet - gymnastics!
  • At work, on holiday!

  • How to recover quickly after the holidays?In Russia it is accepted
    relax on a large scale. Catholic Christmas is replaced by the New Year, Merry Christmas
    according to the Orthodox calendar and, finally, a series of festivals concludes Old New
    year - though not official, but still a reason to once more walk-fun.
    If somehow help
    the body quickly recover
    health after eating regular and frequent libations, then a sensation
    severity, headache and fatigue will take place not only morning and all the first day after the holidays, but also
    all subsequent work week. How to recover quickly after the holidays and return to
    normal life and working life? This will help you our advice.

    Early to bed and early to rise ...

    By the end of the holiday weekend to comply with the usual start
    everyday mode of the day. Get up to the wake-up call and go to bed no later than
    23 hours. Start planning your days. Even if there are no urgent matters,
    Secure in his diary that tomorrow, on the first morning after the holiday, you go for a walk in
    park, go into the store, arrange cleaning of the apartment. Ordinary everyday
    classes you back to everyday life.

    Seven times think and then eat!

    It is time to stop
    overeating and little unload. But how to recover quickly after the holidays, when the fridge is full of remnants
    culinary luxury?

    All edible
    perishable stocks remaining after the holidays, you need to destroy, but
    not only "way of eating." Treat neighbors, acquaintances, friends, and finally,
    Feed the homeless animals. The refrigerator is not the place bold hearty holiday
    dishes, there must prevail "hungry" humdrum atmosphere.

    Nothing helps the digestive
    system to recover quickly
    after the holidays, as the fasting day. Recommended for a
    time to eliminate from the diet fatty animal products, sweets, pastry and
    lean on fruits, vegetables, low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese. Be sure to enter
    fat diet food, such as bran 30 g per day.

    For those who are concerned not only with how to restore health after the holidays, but
    and I decided to lose to gain weight should take note of the following fact. Lose weight in
    the company is much more effective than alone. Find like-minded people
    among friends, at last, get online blog, where write your notes,
    report the results - it disciplines. The support and advice of others
    Social network gives forces on the way to harmony.

    help the liver after the holidays?

    The abundance of fatty, spicy
    food and alcohol cause liver work wear. To help her cope
    detoxification of the body, in addition to the doctors recommended a diet unloading
    take light choleretic fees.

    the remains of poisons accumulated as a result of digestive disorders and alcohol intake,
    help activated charcoal, blue clay and other chelators. cleaning
    such properties are vegetables rich in crude fiber, like cabbage, raw carrots,
    beet; recover quickly
    after the holidays will help to plain water, green tea, sour fruit drinks - not
    less than 2 liters per day. Additionally, it is recommended to take
    vitamin-mineral complex preparations.

    About bathing, water and cosmetic procedures

    Dull, dry loose
    skin covered with small wrinkles, circles and bags under the eyes, decreased
    the immune system and, as a consequence, the common cold - very often the result of rapid
    endless fun. how
    quickly restore the health of the skin after the holidays, and strengthen the immune system? In that
    help Russian bath or sauna. Healing steam and scented broom truly capable
    perform miracles and "rise from the ashes."

    Of course, winter
    It has to, to soak in a warm bath, but to recover physically, and after the holidays go back to
    work in a cheerful frame of mind, it is better to start the day with a cool shower. is he
    It raises the tone of the body, improve blood circulation and beneficial for
    skin condition, dehydrated dry hot air heated space.

    For those who prefer
    hardware cosmetology techniques and professional skin care, it's time to
    go to the spa. Complex procedures such as peeling, balneotherapy and thalassotherapy,
    massage, myostimulation wraps will help to quickly restore the skin's health and appearance will return
    appearance of the former luster. Caring for a possible and at home, cleaning
    the skin over the steam, facials and hair simple and inexpensive products
    Power, which after the holidays full of refrigerated, no one
    I canceled.

    ..... If you live yet - gymnastics!

    Quickly recover from the holidays to help training. But if you do not engage in sports before, not
    is too load itself. Go to the pool, go walking,
    Finally, just play a game of tag or snowballs, skiing and sledding.

    New Year - is
    a kind of reference point, it's time to finally buy a subscription to the
    fitness club. Wake up the body after hibernation and self-help
    classes, especially video tutorial training and fitness facilities can be found online
    freely available - it would wish to do. Physical activity not only
    increase the consumption of calories, but also contribute to the development of hormones of happiness, and
    It means a
    a natural stimulant to help recover from the holidays.

    At work, on holiday!

    To the first working
    day of intense communion with the whole weight is not always pleasant people, from whom,
    , Did not cause a nervous breakdown, psychologists tend to wean holidays
    recommended in the past holidays to expand the circle of communication and start attending
    crowded places.

    The working atmosphere is better
    dive smoothly. First day,
    when the body has not had time to fully recover from the holidays, it is better to do small things, not
    requiring nervous tension and extreme concentration.

    It is believed to
    fully "come to his senses," the body needs for three days on the buildup. Not
    Keep this in mind when the first work days for you to become stress.

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