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There is not one person who would not know whatbirthmarks. Some have them strewn the whole body, and they do not know how to get rid of such a gift of nature, and who, on the contrary, they would like to acquire. With age moles can move through the body - they disappear in some places, and in others - appear. What is this mysterious point: an ornament or a flaw?

The girl with a mole on his face
There is not one person who would not know whatbirthmarks. Some have them strewn the whole body, and they do not know how to get rid of such a gift of nature, and who, on the contrary, they would like to acquire. Some give the moles and birthmarks great importance, mystifying their causes and to determine the future, depending on the shape, color and location of their body. What is this mysterious point: an ornament or a flaw?

With age, moles and birthmarks canto move through the body - in some places they disappear (which happens very rarely), and in others - appear. They can change their shape, color, texture, height and other typical signs of them. In any case, regardless of their size, number and location, should occasionally pay attention to them, and possibly, if necessary, to show their doctor.

Causes of moles

Moles tend to catch the eye,attracting the attention of a different color other than the color, but sometimes you can meet and moles, the color of which is very close to the skin color. While these birthmarks occur very rarely, because They represent an accumulation of pigment cells, and even if you find yourself "colorless birthmark", watch it for a while and you will notice that it is gradually gaining a darker color.

Where did come from a mole? To answer this question first of all pay attention to the number of moles from your parents, because one of the reasons for the appearance of moles is a genetic inheritance.

In large quantities and in a short time moles can appear during puberty and pregnancy, which are accompanied by a change hormonal human.

In addition moles can be infectiousthe nature of origin. Therefore, you should be extremely careful with any formations on the skin (pimples, acne and allergic rash, irritation, etc..), Which can become a hotbed of inflammatory or infectious process.

However, the most potent stimulator of growth andreproduction of moles is the excessive solar radiation (natural or artificial). Therefore, if you are already enough of moles on the body, it is necessary to abandon the sunbeds and to limit the duration of stay in the open sun.

In large quantities and in a short time moles can appear during puberty and pregnancy, which are accompanied by changes in human hormone background
By origin moles are congenital and acquired, and structure - pigmented and vascular.

Pigmented birthmarks characterized by a slight dimming of individualskin (moles are examples of such moles and freckles, as well as flat moles) and generally have the same structure as the main surface of the skin. The dangers they pose absolutely no do not, and many do not even know that this is also a mole.

The opposite situation is in terms of the danger is with vascular birthmarks (Angioma and papillomatous nevi), which havetexture different from the body skin and can be embossed (so-called hanging moles). By themselves, these birthmarks are harmless, regardless of shape and size, and should not cause concern. But in the presence of negative factors, they can develop into a malignant tumor, and subsequently cause skin cancer. Signs of such a violation can be seen with the naked eye: the mole can dramatically change color (darken or brighten, and uneven) and texture, can increase both in width and in height, may lose its clear boundaries and become blurred, can be covered with a crust and to allocate lymphatic fluid, itching, flaking, napuhnut, bleed, cause discomfort, it may appear around the redness and others.
Types of moles
There is also the external signs degeneration birthmarkis the appearance on the surface of a mole growths and nodules, and around her children education very similar to an allergic rash, and in addition to all the above can be felt lymphadenopathy (cervical, axillary, inguinal). In no case should not ignore these symptoms and think that will pass by itself. Also, do not self-medicate and to apply any ointments, creams, lotions and other facilities, as they may prove to be an irritant and the causative agent of adverse processes and result in not only the development of tumors and cause blood poisoning. To decide what to do in this situation and how to eliminate the discomfort and prevent undesirable consequences is an urgent need to see a specialist. Moreover, under the "expert" means our website dermatologist, not a cosmetologist in the beauty salon.

Diagnosis of skin lesions

Diagnosis of skin lesions
Turning to the doctor with a complaint to anydeviation from normal moles, usually you get a recommendation for its early removal. Status moles experienced doctor can determine visually without additional research. If this is a benign cluster of cells, removal appoint immediately. If the doctor finds a suspicion of malignancy (skin melanoma), the next step will be his diagnosis to determine the stage of tumor development and the most appropriate method of removal.

In the early stages of degeneration of moles useddiagnostic technique called dermatoscopy. This method does not require a visual and surgical intervention. Held dermatoscopy using a special device dermatoscope that allows you to enlarge the image 10 times.

With dermoscopy is determined by compliance of the following parameters (the so-called ACORD melanoma):

  • Asymmetry (usually a mole can be made axis, which is divided into two equal parts, plus or minus the tolerance);
  • Edge (mole should have clearly defined edges and borders);
  • color tone (alarm become any color irregularities in the body of the mole - the veins, granules, blotches - especially black, gray, pink, or red);
  • The size (the larger the mole, the greater the likelihood of its transformation into a malignant tumor if non-compliance with other parameters);
  • Dynamics and for changes (color, size, bleeding, crust - this option is usually important when re dermoscopy).

Differences between benign and malignant tumors that are detected at dermoscopy:

Characteristic Benign education malignancies
Growth Slow Fast
Surface Smooth knobby
Border clear Fuzzy, ragged, notched
Consistency Myagkoelastichnaya or plotnoelastichnaya Rocky or woody density
Mobility retained You may not
Contact with skin No It may be determined
Violation of the integrity of the skin No There are different character flaws (cracks, craters, etc.).
Regional lymph nodes Without changes They can be enlarged, inflamed or sealed

The effectiveness of this method is 80%. However, it does not apply in the late stages of melanoma and colorless, and nodular birthmarks, since there are no major signs, on the basis of which the analysis.

To determine the nature of the degeneration of a mole,when dermatoscopy is not applicable, widely used method of ultrasonic diagnosis. Modern ultrasound technology can determine the status and stage of development of skin lesions up to 100%. This method is one of the most well-known, simple and easily accessible.

How to get rid of moles

If you have a mole began to disturb and cause discomfort, and the doctor said he should be removed, so it is necessary to remove as quickly as possible
If you began to disturb a mole and deliverdiscomfort, and the doctor said he should be removed, so it is necessary to remove as quickly as possible. The most important thing to do is not necessary, it is to try to get rid of moles, and especially from the hectic moles on their own in the "primitive" conditions. Independent "operation" is strictly prohibited, as they can cause complications: infection of the blood or a great loss, because it is likely that you simply will not be able to stop the flow of blood, if you break or damage the birthmark.

Also not recommended for the procedure Mole removal in beauty parlors and beauty salons, if there is no certified and qualified dermatologists and oncologists.

Methods of removing moles few(Surgery, electrocautery, cryotherapy, laser vaporization), and only an experienced physician can recommend the most appropriate solution in each case. The choice of method the removal of moles, usually based on the characteristics and condition of a mole, as well as on the extent of the possible threat to the body.

If you take the general case is not troublesome moles, according to many experts, the most effective in all respects laser method removing moles.

Laser removal procedure is as follows: It is a local anesthetic treatment area, and then with the help of modern laser surface treatment is carried out gradually moles, vaporizing its layers one by one. High accuracy of such operations is provided by the latest laser technology - you can control the depth of the impact and set the desired beam diameter.

Why this method uses masscommitment of doctors? The first and main advantage - it is a complete absence of any, even the slightest bleeding, the complete exclusion of the possibility of infection of the treated surface of a variety of microbes and infections, as laser treatment - is a non-contact procedure. Well, the important factor is the aesthetic aspect and the time required to carry out the removal process itself, as well as the period of recovery of the treated skin area.

Sheer Laser "operation" lasts less than 5 minutes,skin repair period in the processing section does not exceed 2 weeks. And after complete healing and regeneration of the skin at the site of the former mole practically leave no trace.

In addition to the laser is still one of the most recommended methods is electrocautery.

The most effective is in all respects the laser removal of birthmarks
In this method, the impact on the moleby using a high frequency electric current. In the process of healing the place of the former mole covered by a crust, as well as for removal of moles the laser, and after its complete regeneration of scars is either not, or they are very small and shallow and may eventually disappear. Independently crust removed, our site is not recommended, because then not avoid a scar, but in addition, you can easily carry infection and cause blood poisoning. In the case of electrocoagulation (and laser evaporation) occurs high thermal effects on the skin, due to which the removal process is very fast and "bloodless".

The disadvantage of this method is the possible emergence of strong thermal burns if carelessly exposed to the treatedzone. And in place of burns can form blisters, which complicate and slow down the healing process itself, which can affect the size and depth of the residual scar.

There is another way to remove neoplasms of the skinVery similar to the laser and electrocoagulation - radionozh (Impact on the birthmark carriedhigh frequency radio waves). In scientific terminology radionozh called Surgitron - a special device designed for non-contact method of cosmetic surgery. Depending on the type of formation (benign or malignant) radionozh for its treatment is adjusted to the desired wave shape and frequency, after which it is carried out coagulation, incision or excision. Operations using radionozha sufficiently accurate and effective. The surface treatment process radionozh carries just three steps: cuts, stops the blood and disinfect the place of processing.

Since the high-frequency current is applied atremoving moles radionozhom is a local anesthetic. Temporary cosmetic effects and costs about the same as in the two previous cases. The only significant difference is the absence of thermal damage of tissues around the treated area, which avoids residual pain and swelling after the termination of anesthesia.

In contrast to thermal effects on the mole there is a method of its "frostbite" - cryolysis. On the mole of the low temperatureliquid nitrogen to -180 ?. As for the quality of the result, it is close to the result of laser exposure. However, the healing period in 2 or even 3 times longer. Therefore, usually, Facial moles are not removed by this method.

Lack cryoablation appears that,processing mole with liquid nitrogen, it is impossible to precisely control the depth and area of ​​treatment. Often have to carry out the procedure again if not sufficiently complete destruction of moles, or, if overdone, it is possible the emergence of severe burns to the surrounding healthy tissue, and, respectively, and a large, deep scars.

Mole removal by surgery
And the final method of removing moles, and thus not preferable, and it can be said yesterday, is surgical excision. This method is old and has been used before, whenthe development of technology does not allow procedures remove moles at such a high level as it is now. However, it still takes place in medical practice and some of the old prefer it. Doctors recommend this method and in the case where the mole reached a very large size, both in width and in depth. After the operation is applied cosmetic seams are removed in about a week. The result of this procedure, in terms of a cosmetic scar 2-3 mm thick.

Whichever you choose a method for removing moles,you need to clearly follow the doctor's instructions and do not show initiative. Proper care of the newly formed skin in the place where used to be a mole, would achieve maximum efficiency and any method to avoid unwanted residual symptoms.

Some tips for moles

The birthmark on his cheek
After removing moles must be properlyto care for skin. The regeneration of the skin at the site of a remote period birthmarks usually formed by a black crust. Desirably 4-5 days to avoid contact with the surface of the water and cosmetics (creams (except sunscreens), lotions, makeup and so on.), As it can raskisnut that lead to infection from entering the wound. Crust ahead of time you can not rip off, or will be a scar. After the rejection of the black crust on its place remains young skin pink color - it should be hidden from ultraviolet radiation, as little as possible in the sun and do not use the solarium. If the birthmark was on the face or in a place that you can not cover up the clothes, you should use sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 60, because young skin is reduced in these areas are more sensitive to UV light, and it can happen resistant pigmentation.

It is not uncommon when a mole volumeappear in areas of maximum friction with clothing or where they are easy to catch (neck, legs, arms). If you tear off a mole may begin heavy bleeding that is difficult and sometimes impossible to stop. If it has happened, and you see that the blood has a fountain, do not waste time trying to stop her from using alcohol, iodine or green fodder. Immediately call an ambulance in order to avoid a large loss of blood.

Sometimes that is torn off a small mole, andblood from it does not swing, however, the bleeding does not stop within a few hours. In this case, our site is recommended to treat the damaged birthmark 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and a bandage. The treatment may be repeated every 30-40 minutes, until the bleeding stops completely.

In pharmacies sold drugs on the basis ofcelandine, intended for removing warts. Some believe that they can safely withdraw and birthmarks. However, this is very misleading. Firstly, these potions can be pretty to burn the skin around the mole, leaving extensive scarring, and secondly, and disrupt the very fabric of moles, which can lead to the rapid development of skin cancer.

If the removal of moles you have stayedscar, it can be made less noticeable, and reduced in size by means of natural cocoa butter. Cocoa butter can be purchased at the pharmacy, and you must use it according to instructions.

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