First aid for burns

There are several views of burns: thermal, electro-thermal, solar and chemical burns. The rules for first aid in one form or another are also different. Today, in an article for our site, we log in detail the consideration of the rules of first aid for burns.

Treatment of burns, aid for burns
Hello, dear readers. You probably do not just have to be in extreme situations when every second counts when you want to collect as much as possible and make the right decision. The author believes that people are daily in extreme situations. One of those situations where you, your family or just a stranger in need of first aid for burns, injuries, fractures, etc. Today, in an article for our site, we log in detail the consideration of the rules of first aid for burns.

You probably know the situation when you are cuteWomen, for example, iron for his beloved family clothes and casually leaned against the red-hot iron, or prepare milk porridge in the morning and knocked over the pot with boiling milk. And you, man - when engaged with his beloved car in the garage, I wanted to smoke, strike sharply match, a spark falls on the gasoline-soaked shirt, shirt and all breaks. Or your little child in, once again, inventing gunpowder, mixes various chemicals, over the top, and the results of the reaction are on the child's skin. In all these cases, you and your children get varying degrees of burns. You need to provide first aid. But the burns are different, and the rules for first aid in a particular burn form also different.

There are several views of burns: thermal, electro-thermal, solar and chemical burns. The most common thermal burns. Let us consider each of these in more detail.

thermal burn

Thermal burns - a burn that appears later exposure to the flame body, direct skin contact with objects or liquids heated to high temperatures
Thermal burns - a burn that appearsthen the impact on the body of flame, direct skin contact with objects or liquids heated to high temperatures. For example, you in the morning in a beautiful nightgown with long sleeves come into the kitchen to make coffee, you are burning multiple burners, you pull through the burner to the Turkish coffee, your sleeves trailing behind you. As a result, long sleeves light up, and the flames quickly turns the entire gown. Or do you see as the bus caught fire, he ran out of people, burning his clothes. What are your actions?

In whatever situation you were not, the main thingrule: no panic, pull yourself together! As they say in the proverb "the rescue of drowning - the handiwork of drowning", so that in this situation everything depends on you.

First aid for thermal burns

It is necessary to apply a sterile gauze bandage or from any well sterile tissue
Firstly, if you are at home, do not run in a bath orneighbors, do not waste precious moments, because you burn clothes! The longer burning clothes, the greater the degree of the burn will be then, the more interest the skin surface will be damaged. And if clothes caught fire, in any case, do not run - so she flare up even more. Well, if the hand is a bowl of cold water, then put out the flames, you can simply by pouring it on. If not, then first of all we must try to throw off burning clothes or lie down on the floor, and rolled on the floor until the flames on the clothing finally extinguished. If you want to help the burning man, stop, throw in it a coat, jacket, blanket (you must block access to air flame). Either obleyte burning clothes with water, pour the sand or have the person just as well to put out the flames with his body, rolling on the ground.

When the flame is shot down, the victim need to provide first aid.

It is necessary to remove burnt clothing, as clothing may adhere to the body, it is not necessary to tear and break off, should be carefully cut with scissors.

Then you need to apply a sterile gauzebandage or sterile as any tissue, which happened at hand (scarf, cloth napkin, etc.). If the burn is extensive, it is necessary to wrap the victim in a clean ironed sheet.

After first aid man received burns mandatory call an ambulance.

If bubbles appear, in any case can not pierce them as a result of burns
Attention! If bubbles appear in a burn northey should never be pierced. It is also strictly forbidden to grease burns egg yolk, sunflower oil, ointments, sprinkle powder, etc., as they contribute to the contamination of the surface of the baked and further development of pus.

The victim needs to drink more fluid. Before the ambulance arrives, the victim may have chills, then he needs to be warmed up: cover him with a warm blanket, and let him drink 100 grams of wine to relieve painful shock. The doctor will come and prescribe treatment.

If you burned with a hot iron, touchedpan, touched a hand to the red-hot engine or oblilis boiling water, oil, in general, strongly heated fluid, the first aid following the rules. Firstly, the burned skin surface should be dipped in cold or cool water, hold 10-15 minutes under water. Second, apply a clean gauze bandage. And, thirdly, to call an ambulance.

Attention! It is impossible to apply to baked ice natural skin, as it may lead to necrosis of skin cells and subsequently restored.

Folk remedies in the provision of first aid

As a rule, we are always in a hurry and we have no timewait until help arrives, especially if it burns a small surface of the skin and we have decided to treat it yourself. Then you can use the old tools used French, and Russian, too - it's urine, or, to put it simply, your own urine. It is an excellent remedy for burns. The composition included urea, urine and bile acid. Bile acid absorbs and destroys damaged cells at a burn, that is, removes dead skin cells damaged area. Urea has antiseptic properties. Thus, the urine is the best means of healing of damaged skin.

How to apply urine on a damaged surface? Immediately after receiving a burn, a gauze dressing moistened with urine must be applied to the burned surface. Or you can bandage the burned surface and dip it in urine. It is necessary to moisten the bandage with urine all the time, not allowing it to dry. Such a bandage relieves pain (not immediately, but for some time) and has a healing and regenerating property. Even with severe burns, the use of urine prevents the formation of scars on the surface of the skin.

Electrothermal burns and first aid rules

In this century, we simply can not live withoutelectricity! Electricity is everywhere: in homes and businesses, and hydroelectric power plants ... - everywhere, mankind can not do without it. For example, your small child at home who knows the world, stretched out his hand to the bare (a bare - inadvertently Adults) TV wire touched, and knocked his current clothes caught fire. He is alive, but the hand is damaged. The child received an electrothermal burn. Electrothermal burn - as the name implies, it burns resulting from exposure to an electric current.

CPR and first aid: most importantly, move the patient from the current zone of influence - to disconnect the source of injury or try to pull a person with any object, not electrically conductive. Next, you must follow the same rules of first aid, as in thermal burns.


After prolonged exposure to the sun skin not protected by clothing or sunscreen strongly reddens, and eventually gets sunburn
In summer, the holiday season begins. We are all human beings and we love the sun, but often we forget about precautions in the sun and ... we burn. After prolonged exposure to the sun, skin that is not protected by clothing, or sunscreen, turns red, and ultimately receives a sunburn. Often a sunburn is supplemented by general overheating of the body. What are the rules of first aid in this situation?

First aid for sunburn

Sunburn, first, it is necessarytake a cool shower or cold. If the victim is not able to take a shower, it should wash with cold water. Secondly, you need to drink plenty of fluids (tea, milk, juice) to restore water balance in the body. Third, in the number of first-aid techniques in the strong sun burns, lubricate the skin with Vaseline boron or make a compress of calendula solution. Calendula - this herb, calendula tincture sold in any drugstore. To compress dilute tincture of marigold in cold water in a ratio of 1:10. Fourth, if you got up to drink any antipyretic temperature, for example, aspirin.

If the victim with extensive burns, you should call a doctor. The doctor will prescribe pain medication and treatment.

Chemical burns

Currently, we often use variousdetergents, cleaning products containing chemicals. Chemicals are used at school in chemistry classes, in industry, in agriculture, etc. For example, you bought a new product for “your beloved” Colorado potato beetles, went too far with the dosage, started spraying potatoes, the wind was in your direction, and, with a solution spray, it hit you on your shirt, soaked and hit your skin. So you earned a chemical burn. And you women decided to save money, bought an inexpensive bath cleaner on the market or in the supermarket, but it was done without observing the chemical standards, and, of course, you started cleaning the bath without gloves, the product got on your skin, the skin turned red and became sick. There is a chemical burn. Chemical burns also occur when concentrated acids, alkali, phosphorus get on the skin, this happens both in industry and in everyday life. We list the basic rules for first aid for chemical burns.

First aid for chemical burns

In chemical burns, rinse thoroughly deified body parts under running water
Firstly, before rendering first aid, you need to remove the chemicals soaked clothing. Secondly, rinse thoroughly deified body parts under running water.

Attention! It is necessary to wash it under running water, and nottry to wipe chemicals napkins, tampons soaked with water from the affected area of ​​the skin - so you even more rub the chemical into the skin.

Thirdly, you must know that in the provision offirst aid for chemical burns include the neutralization of the action of chemical substances. If you burned an acid - wash the affected skin area with soap and water or 2-percent solution of baking soda (it is 1 teaspoon baking soda 2.5 cups of water) to neutralize the acid. If you burned an alkali, then wash the affected skin area with a solution of citric acid or vinegar.

Fourth, apply a dry gauze bandage and seek medical advice.

It is necessary to impose a dry gauze bandage
But if suddenly you conducted experiments with phosphorus and inAs a result of skin contact, a burn was obtained, then it can be neutralized with a 5% solution of copper sulfate (copper sulfate). But copper sulfate is not sold in pharmacies; it can only be found in specialty stores. Therefore, if you didn’t have one at hand, then with such a chemical burn, you should immediately consult a doctor. Usually, hospitals contain all the necessary essential medicines.

Dear readers, all burns are dueour inattention to themselves and their loved ones, and serious consequences in the form of scars, etc. are due to a loss in difficult times and sometimes ignorance of the basic rules of first aid. Today our site you acquainted with how to provide first aid for burns. Now, you remember all those minimally necessary rules, it will be able to assist in such situations.

And pay attention to yourself and your loved ones! Do not get lost! Be confident in their abilities!

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