Influence of terrain on human health


  • Landscape and Health
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  • Landscape and Health

    Man always tends to the forest, the mountains, the sea, rivers or lakes.
    Here he feels a surge of strength, vigor. Indeed, some say that it is better
    just relax in natural surroundings. Sanatoriums, rest houses are built in the most
    beautiful places. It is not an accident. It turns out that around
    landscape can have different effects on the psycho-emotional

    Influence of terrain on human health
    the beauties of nature stimulates vitality and calms the nervous
    system. Vegetable biocenoses, especially the forest, have a strong
    health benefits. Link to the natural landscape is particularly strong in
    residents of the city. In the Middle Ages, it was observed that the duration of
    residents living less than that of rural residents. The lack of greenery, narrow
    streets, small courtyards where the sun barely penetrates
    light, creating unfavorable conditions for human life. With development
    industrial production in and around the city appeared
    a huge amount of waste that pollute the environment.

    factors associated with the growth of cities, in one way or another affect the
    the formation of man, on his health. It makes all the scientists
    seriously study the impact of the environment on the inhabitants of the cities.
    It turns out, from a man living in what conditions, what height
    ceiling in his apartment and sound transmission as its walls as
    man gets to the place of work, with whom he routinely calls,
    the surrounding people relate to each other, it depends on the mood
    man, his ability to work, activity - all his life.

    cities, people come up with thousands of tweaks for the convenience of his life -
    hot water, telephone, various modes of transport, roads, scope
    service and entertainment. However, especially in large cities strongly
    manifest and disadvantages of living - housing and transport problems,
    increasing morbidity. For example, the saturation of the medium, and
    production of high-speed and high-speed machines increases
    voltage requires additional effort from the person, which results in

    Urban air pollution, poisoning blood
    carbon monoxide, Smoking causes the same damage as
    smoker smoking of cigarettes packs a day. A serious negative
    factor in modern cities is so-called noise

    Do not harm health

    Given the ability of green spaces
    favorable impact on the environment, they should be
    closest to the place of life, work, study and recreation.
    It is important that the city was biogeocenoces though not absolutely
    favorable, but at least do not harm human health. Let there be
    living area. To do this you must solve a lot of urban problems. All
    enterprise sanitary unfavorable relation must be
    displayed outside the cities.

    Green areas are
    an integral part of a package of measures for the protection and transformation
    environment. They not only create favorable
    microclimate and sanirno-gigenicheskie conditions, but also increase
    artistic expressiveness of architectural ensembles.

    place around industrial enterprises and highways should take
    protective green zone, where it is recommended to plant trees
    shrubs that are resistant to contamination. The placement of green spaces
    you must observe the principle of uniformity and continuity for
    provision of fresh country air supply to all residential areas
    cities. The major components of the system are the city landscaping
    planting in residential areas, in the areas of children's institutions, schools,
    sports complexes and so on.

    Urban landscape should not be
    monotonous stone desert. The architecture of the city should seek
    a harmonious combination of social aspects (buildings, roads,
    transport, communications) and biological (green areas, parks,
    squares). The modern city should be regarded as an ecosystem in
    which created the most favorable conditions for human life.
    Therefore, it is not only comfortable housing, transportation, diverse
    services sector. This is favorable for life and habitat zdorovyasreda;
    clean air and green the urban landscape. Not coincidentally, the environmentalists
    They believe that in the modern city people should not be divorced from
    nature, as it were dissolved therein. Therefore, the total area of ​​green
    plantings in cities should occupy more than half of its territory.

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