First aid for mushroom poisoning

Did you know that of the 3,000 species of fungi pileateonly 400 can be eaten without fear to please in a hospital bed? Unfortunately, these figures are very few people are afraid, and every year new "tier" mushroom pickers scour the woods in search of untold treasures mushroom. And every year brings disappointing outcome statistics, reporting on the number of victims by mistake tasted the "wrong" mushroom ...

But we have something you are stubborn: for marinated mushrooms in the fire and into the water, and the nearest fit! And if there's nothing to our instinct "mushroom picker" to be done, our site now describes in detail how to quickly and accurately provide first aid to the person who poisoned mushrooms.

The overall picture of poisoning

mushroom poisoning, mushroom poisoning, first aid

At a time when the human body from outsidegets poison, start working mechanisms of the pathological condition, which is called the poisoning. Poisoning is a separate violation and internal intoxication, caused by, for example, pathogenic bacteria, has nothing to do. When toxic doses of various toxic substances enter the body, vital functions fail, and human life is in danger.

The main feature of this state -suddenness, rapid progress and severe course. In addition, poisoning most often occur in "the wrong place at an inconvenient time," which significantly complicates their diagnosis and care.

Mushroom Poisoning: Symptoms and Treatment in hospital

mushroom poisoning, mushroom poisoning, first aid

Poison mushroom during this heat treatment is destroyed, but not completely. Toxins affect mainly the liver, kidneys, heart and brain.

Hidden poisoning step takes from 30 minutes to6 hours. Not later than 2 hours after the start of poisoning the digestive tract defeat: it is expressed nausea, vomiting debilitating, pain in the abdomen, a strong disorder. Also, fly agaric poisoning manifests itself excessive sweating, profuse salivation, increased secretion of bronchial constriction of the pupil. Moreover, there is blueness of the skin, the patient is delirious, lose consciousness, he can be cramping.

The hospital was washed stomach through a tube, thenIt refers to infusion therapy by intravenous injection of 10% glucose solution to 2 liters per day, prescribed B vitamins, ascorbic acid and glutamic, cardiovascular drugs.

Morels and lines

mushroom poisoning, mushroom poisoning, first aid

To poison can badly cooked mushrooms ormushroom broth. Toxins of this type of fungus affects the red blood cells, causing their haemolysis; also affects the liver and kidneys. The first poisoning "reacts" the gastrointestinal tract - vomiting, diarrhea, severe abdominal pain. In kidney failure is indicated by red color of urine. Liver damage is expressed jaundice.

At the hospital, after gastric lavage, intravenous infusion solution of sodium carbonate 4%, conduct prevention of kidney and liver failure.

What you need to do before the arrival of ambulance

At the first suspicious changes being call an ambulance. If possible, check up safety of mushroom dishes, which ate the victim - a chemical analysis will determine the toxins to which it will be possible to pick up an antidote.

Open the windows wide to ensureaffected the maximum fresh air. In some cases, heart failure syndrome muskorinovom it helps the sick person survive.

mushroom poisoning, mushroom poisoning, first aid

The algorithm of your actions the next (do not panic, act clearly and quickly):

  1. Waiting for the ambulance the patient rinse the stomach. The patient should drink at least 6-7 glasses of pure water, and then call him vomit.
  2. Gastric lavage is continued until the appearance of a pure liquid without any admixture of food debris.
  3. When the victim's stomach is cleaned, diluteburnt magnesium (magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide - a substance variants of the name) and allow the patient to stimulate the bowel cleansing. Magnesia - one of the most effective laxatives.
  4. Grind 8-10 tablets activated carbon, Dilute with water and give drink to the victim. The child coal can be replaced by two portions (packets) Smecta.
  5. Arrange the victim so that he half sitting, resting his head on something. When the pain in the heart, the patient can take 1 pill Nitroglycerin sublingual (under the tongue).

No action on their ownundertake, wait for the arrival of the brigade ambulance. Specialist may only assume the effects of therapeutic agents interact with toxins that have been eaten in fungi.

Try to give your doctor the most detailedinformation: where you take mushrooms, or in what place have collected what they looked like, how you want them prepared. This will help your doctor quickly determine the overall picture of the treatment.

Prevention of mushroom poisoning

mushroom poisoning, mushroom poisoning, first aid

Not to burn with passion "quiet hunting" - you need toconfidently distinguish edible from poisonous mushrooms, correct instances of false. Never eat mushrooms that have never seen or appearance that makes you even the slightest doubt. During the collection of mushrooms, you take care that small children do not attempt to eat your own mushrooms found.

After collecting mushrooms treated immediately on arrivalhome and strictly adhere to all the rules of cooking mushroom dishes. Beware of buying canned mushrooms from the lovely old ladies on natural markets, as well as the preservation of the factory dubious manufacturers.

Do not store for long periods canned mushroomshomemade, even if confident in their non-toxic. This product is on the expiration of 6-8-month period is not suitable for food, because even edible mushrooms begin to concentrate toxic substances.

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