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Viscous blood, increased density - this is a biga problem for human health. Often, it is the increased density of blood leads to unpleasant consequences - the formation of blood clots in the heart and in the walls of blood vessels, poor kidney function, heart attacks and worsening health.

Blood - it is the environment, from the rightwhich depends on the functioning of all active processes in the human body. When a fault occurs it thinning or thickening. In both cases, it leads to bad results.

The reason for the increased viscosity of the blood - muchload on vessels that "lay" on the walls of blood clots. Take care of your health you must constantly, so at the first sign of deterioration of state of health, you need to find out the reason. Read more about the causes thickening of the blood, as well as how to avoid it and what foods to eat, tell

Why is the blood thickens

thick blood, blood, blood thinning, blood vessels

One of the most common causes, according to experts, are:

  1. The formation of bad cholesterol, which damages the walls of blood vessels.
  2. Violation of the liver and as a result, change in the plasma, and that leads to its viscosity.
  3. Violation of human nutrition.
  4. Ingestion of large amounts of fatty foods, and foods having a high starch content.

Human blood is 90 percent ofwater. When a person is drinking poor quality water - dirty, chlorinated, high content of gas, the body spends a lot of effort and energy to transform, that is, clean the water. Naturally, the intensive work of the body lacks the enzymes that affect the complete breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Insufficient production of enzymes leads to the fact that the blood products are received, not "purified", i.e. oxidized. These products and causing disruption specific biochemical processes in the blood and as a consequence, red blood cells begin to "stick together", which leads to insufficient formation of oxygen in the blood. Simply put, the body's cells and tissues receive oxygen starvation.

A number of causes of sguschivaniyu blood:

  1. Improper operation of the spleen.
  2. When the body is fully "zakislevaet" (violation alkaline balance).
  3. When a person is constantly exhausts himself physical training and with little drinking liquid.
  4. Accommodation in a hot climate.
  5. When the water that people drink, it is very poorly absorbed.
  6. With long-term exposure.
  7. With constant and excessive eating sugar and other foods containing a lot of sugar and carbohydrates lungs.
  8. Insufficient intake of minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C, lecithin, zinc and selenium.
  9. With frequent use of smoked products, savory, meat, and canned foods.
  10. With the constant living in environmentally disadvantaged areas.
  11. In case of refusal from the use of salt or lack of its use.
  12. With obesity.

The signs thickening

thick blood, blood, blood thinning, blood vessels

First of all, as experts note, ina person at increased density of blood is broken it "flow" - the blood flow changes in the capillary bed. The result is that broken blood oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide does not appear or appears bad. This can lead to frequent dizziness, change in skin color, as well as the violation of many organs.

When thick blood clots formed in the blood vessels, which may lead to acute heart attacks and strokes.

When the blood clots in the vessels begins,located in the deep veins, swelling of the legs are formed (hand) it to the place where the blood clot. At this point the person feels an increase in temperature, there is a feeling that the skin is hot.

In the initial stages of the disease a person may feel severe pain in the muscles, there are swelling, arising from a long stay in an upright position.

When the blood clots in various parts of the veins, a person may feel a sharp pain in the liver area, in some cases, may open vomiting blood.

The most serious is considered thrombosis mesenteric vessels (in severe pathology), for which there are no symptoms, and the disease develops rapidly.

Products to help thin the blood

thick blood, blood, blood thinning, blood vessels

Before we announce the list of products,blood thinners, take a look at those products that use is strictly prohibited and predisposition to the disease, it is desirable to substantially eliminate from the diet. They all contain vitamin K.

thickening the bloodBananas, white sugar, freshly baked whitebread, any food that contains sugar (cookies, muffins, pies, cakes, candy, etc..). As well as potatoes, fatty foods, high-protein, any smoked products and canned vegetables, carbonated water and soft drinks, herbs: St. John's wort, nettles, basil and yarrow, and even freshly brewed soup!

To avoid thickening of the blood, it is necessary to conducthealthy lifestyle, eat right and keep drinking regime. On the day a person should drink six to eight liters of purified water without gas. Also, in addition to water you can drink green tea, herbal teas, fresh fruit and vegetable juices. By the way, experts advise, in the drinking water, you can add coral calcium, which will contribute to the dilution of the blood.

Very well helps thin the blood grape juice squeezed from red grapes. The juice should be freshly squeezed.

The food should be consumed sea fish asthe main source of protein, high-quality dairy products - yogurt, and yogurt, and quail eggs. Suffice it twice a week for consumption of dietary meat and little idea of ​​white chicken (without skin and fat) of meat.

thick blood, blood, blood thinning, blood vessels

Products that help to cope with the problem:

  1. Any berries, in particular, preference should be given to the fresh berries cherries, red currants and cherries.
  2. Fig.
  3. Garlic (one slice), and half of onion per day.
  4. Oranges and lemons.
  5. Buriak.
  6. Grenades.
  7. Small amounts of cocoa.
  8. Ginger root.
  9. Sunflower seeds.
  10. Good blood thinners olive and flaxseed oil.
  11. Mulberry.
  12. Walnuts and almonds. On the day to achieve the result you need to eat up to 30 pieces.
  13. Germinated wheat seeds, which are rich in vitamin E. On the day you need to eat about two tablespoons of seeds, they can be crushed and added to food not hot.
  14. Sweet, preferably red pepper (bell), one piece per day.
  15. Tomatoes and homemade tomato juice is very good thin the blood.
  16. Grapefruit juice or fresh grapefruit.

All of the above products, fruits and vegetableswill give all the nutrients at the correct storage and use. It is undesirable to eat vegetables and fruits, which are dents and other damage.

Be healthy!

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