Scratches can be dangerous


Why dangerous scratches?

Scratches can be dangerousScratches and bruises - a superficial damageskin, violation of its top layer. Score can get anywhere - while walking in the woods or in the yard, playing with another child or with a cat. A simple mosquito bite, if its comb - it's the same abrasion. But although the scratches and bruises - slight damage it, they, like any wound - open gates for infection.

Especially bad if applied to the animal's claws scratch, fingernail person or contaminated objects, and if the wound got dirt, earth, any chemicals.

In the claws of animals under human fingernails alwaysmany microbes, so long such a scratch heal if left untreated. In the case of cat scratch is necessary to remember also about the danger limforetikuleza - quite a serious illness, which is often called - cat scratch disease.

If you hurt yourself on some rustya nail or a wound got dirt, soil, organic fertilizers - there is a threat ingestion of pathogens such dangerous diseases such as tetanus, sepsis. But even if the worst effects will not, the wound may become inflamed and just leave behind a scar.

Treat scratches correctly

How to handle small wounds? What you have to remember themselves and to teach your child? The most important thing - the primary processing. Score should be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol tinctures. Contaminated wounds pre-rinse with clean water. Then, the wound should be dry - wet a clean bandage, and then apply an antiseptic.

Shallow scrapes and scratches heal better if they left open after the antiseptic treatment. But everything must be done to avoid re-infection.

Patching plaster scratch makes sense then,when you need to stop the bleeding, and if there is a risk of re-traumatization of the skin. The bandage makes sense to impose, if extensive abrasions, skin is damaged a considerable portion - it will help protect the wound surface from accidental damage repeated. But remember that it is necessary to apply a bandage to the wound dried up, cover the crust to the bandage from sticking to the wound. Otherwise, removing the bandage, you sderet skin, and the wound open again. Under the wound dressing can be applied to medical ointment.

If a child is going to play on the playground, standing close any open wound (even a scratch or abrasion) loosely bandage. When the child returns home, remove the bandage.

How to treat a scratch?

Scratches can be dangerousBefore and small scratches, abrasions and extensivetreated with green paint. But it is not always appropriate - this wound becomes very visible, attracts attention. Now there is a modern antiseptic ointments that allow fast and efficient enough to treat minor injuries. Many of these tools have a complex action - antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, swelling and itching.

One of these modern high performancedrugs is the balm "Guardian". The drug has a rapid antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, promotes skin regeneration, improves its elasticity, improves the skin's protective function. It prevents the formation of scars, has antipruritic effect.

An important advantage of Balsam Keeper is its composition - highly active natural components that have unique healing properties.

Naftalan - a major component of balm "Guardian". This natural healing balm has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and regenerating properties.

The complex of natural healing oils and activecomponents, part of the balm "Guardian" has epithelizing effect, promotes accelerated healing of skin injuries (cuts, abrasions, burns (including solar), insect bites, corns, skin bruising and bruising).

Vitamins A and E protect the skin from environmental factors, contribute to the elasticity of the skin, accelerates the healing process, prevent the formation of scars.

Balm "Guardian" does not contain hormones andantibiotic components, does not cause allergies and irritation. He has no age restrictions, and recommended for use by both adults and children.

Balm "Guardian" does not allow abrasions and cuts to leave a mark on your skin.

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Scratches can be dangerous

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