How to whiten your teeth at home

Dentists argue that healthy, strong and saturated with calcium dental enamel is not white, but yellowish. So intended nature. But give us a Hollywood smile. And quickly. White teeth have long been a prerequisite for attractiveness. I want to talk about the most effective ways of teeth whitening at home.

White teeth have long been a prerequisite for attractiveness. But, unfortunately, the dental cult in our country began not so long ago, so most people have dental enamel from the ideal. Our site will tell about the most effective ways of teeth whitening at home.

Dentists argue that healthy, strong and saturated with calcium dental enamel is not white, but yellowish. So intended nature. But give us a Hollywood smile. And quickly. In one day it is noticeable to whiten the teeth only in the dental clinic. There is a mass of techniques that bleach enamel for several tones. But they have shortcomings - the high cost of the procedure and the appearance of the painful sensitivity of the teeth. Select several hundred dollars from the budget for teeth whitening is not easy, and the effect after the procedure «Strengthen» Maximum year. So let's learn how to care for your teeth so that they do not dry.

Causes and consequences

It has long been proven by the fact that it is hereditary factors that the shade of dental enamel is explained. That is, if you have grown constant teeth with a yellowish tint, then make them whiter at home is unlikely to succeed. However, tea, coffee, coca-cola, juices, fruits, tobacco and some foods can paint teeth in unpleasant yellow. Yes, and insufficient cleaning of teeth leads to the formation of a yellow flush on the teeth, and as a result, to the appearance of caries and gum diseases. What you need to do to protect the dental enamel from the devastating factors?

Clean your teeth

How to whiten your teeth at home
Twice a day - in the morning and in the evening - it is necessary brush your teeth. In this case, the duration of the procedure is important - at least three minutes, as well as its care. Toothbrush helps you clean your teeth from a daily fly and do not let them get yellow. But brush brush mint, smoothly, like pasta paste. Clinically proven that the most effective in the case of mechanical cleansing of teeth - electric brushes. Skid once and repeatedly save on the treatment and bleaching of the teeth. If there is no possibility to purchase this miracle of technology - do not be lazy to brush your teeth correctly, clean the interdental space. After any eating - rinse your teeth with water. This is especially important to do after you have eaten food rich with acids - berries, fruits, salads with acetic gas stations and t.NS. Remember - Complex daily manipulations will protect your teeth from darkening.

Teeth whitening methods at home

How to whiten your teeth at home
What can we use house whitening at home:

Grass. Powder of ground dry sage or basilica you can brush your teeth once a week.

Soda. In no case do not try teeth with dry soda. Once a week you can swap into the soda toothpaste, applied to the brush and clean your teeth. Perfectly whitens and cleans, not by 2-3 tones, but noticeably. Often you can not do, you can damage enamel. Plus to everything - soda perfectly disinfects the oral cavity. Many instead of soda use salt «Extra» Small grinding. Salt abrasive soda, so it's better to do so.

Sour berries. Whiten teeth can berries strawberries or raspberries, lemon slicing. Thanks to fruit acids contained in them, they bleach the top layer of enamel well. However, with frequent use they can destroy it. Therefore, after such a cleaning (let the teeth of strawberry or strawberry pitch on the brush), be sure to rinse your mouth and clean the teeth of ordinary paste.

Toothpaste. Many ordinary toothpastes contain abrasive bleaching components, so after their long-term use, the teeth become sensitive. We recommend purchasing pharmaceutical series (Splat, Rocks) - these pastes really clean your teeth - they are smooth and clean all day. In addition, these series have carefully bleaching pastes for sensitive teeth. Only to use such pasta longer than 2-3 weeks. Make break.

Wood ash. In the people, this method of bleaching is considered the most effective. You can get wood ash in a gardener store. And you can grab a little from a picnic. Next, the ash must be chopped and mixed with toothpaste. Dry ash is not worth it, as it can damage the gums.

Dentifrice. Old good dental powder perfectly removes stones and whitens teeth even in smokers with experience. Tested on loved ones. Sold in pharmacies at a ridiculous price.

Hydrogen peroxide. It is part of many pencils for teeth whitening. Yes, hydrogen peroxide can whiten the upper layer of enamel, but at the same time it is capable and destroying it, unsafe when swallowing. Therefore, do not get involved in such bleaching, because many people have already managed to harm their teeth.

Butter stretching

How to whiten your teeth at home
In this way I would like to stop more. Oil stretching is used for a long time - it is a wonderful detox for the whole body. However, ordinary sunflower oil can work wonders in our oral cavity.

The meaning of the method is the following. Every morning we wrinkle the mouth with a tablespoon of vegetable oil (any) for 10 minutes. Rinse should not be too active. After this time, the oil is definitely spoiled! It becomes white and muddy, as all toxins absorbs from the body. Gradually, you can increase the rinsing time up to 20 minutes. After three days, you will notice the results: the state of the gum will improve, the teeth will be less sensitive, transparent and white spots on the teeth will disappear.

People practicing this technique claim that the effect is awesome, all the dark stains on the teeth disappear, the gums are cured, the teeth become clean and whites. Why not try? After all, you can even rinse your mouth even in the process of cooking breakfast, makeup or morning viewing.

Our site has listed the most effective home methods for teeth whitening. No need to abuse such procedures, but in the complex with the right departure of the teeth they will give a noticeable result.

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