The right choice of doctor and our reality


  • Choosing a doctor - patient's right
  • The reality of the Russian health care
  • How to help the patient to make an objective choice

  • Choosing a doctor - patient's right

    The right choice of doctor and our reality Although the right physician and patient choice is fixedin the law on health insurance, in fact, this right is associated with enormous difficulties. Both objective and subjective.

    The patient should choose himself, who and where is ittreat - say Russian lawmakers. According to the chief curator of the national projects, namely competition between clinics that provide free circulation of insurance policies, will raise the quality of our health.
    The principle of "money for the patient" must redistribute financial resources between more and less successful hospitals and more and less qualified doctors within the clinic has one.

    However, exactly how to run this newmechanism that requires a serious (if not a cardinal) restructuring of compulsory health insurance system, yet to consider in detail.

    The reality of the Russian health care

    In fact, a doctor and the right choice of the patient, andfree circulation of compulsory medical insurance policies in Russia formally exist - they are fixed by law. Another thing is that "life" to take advantage of these rights can be extremely rare.

    According to the president of the League advocates for patientsAlexander Saversky, only one year were more than 100,000 complaints about refusals of medical assistance to patients, even if the available policies of obligatory medical insurance, but "attributed" to other health facilities. About real cases, when the patient is dissatisfied, they came to the chief doctor and asked him to replace the doctor, do not have to hear. Although, I repeat, the law on health insurance this is available.

    The idea of ​​"force" to fight for the doctor of the patient,especially interest him financially, is not new. It is on this principle, the idea of ​​birth certificates based: Every mother, every new mother brings consultations in which they occur, and maternity hospitals, which give birth to specific cash. At the same time in relation to maternity indeed, as recognized in Roszdravnadzor, there is a tendency to increase in patients with reputable institutions.

    Obstacles, however, also abound. So, only in large cities, there are several maternity hospitals that can compete with each other. And if we talk about women's clinics, there is the option "rests" in the need for "walking" - can, of course, want to be seen in superspetsialista, but if he takes to the other side of town ...
    In general, the territorial principle of health care - it
    a serious barrier in the organization of the competitive environment. "Of course, from the point of
    the patient's view, very well, if he could choose, for example,
    a GP - commented Professor Department of Management
    Health Medical Academy. Sechenov Natalia Kravchenko. -
    But we must be aware of and what difficulties may at the same time
    occur. From the organizational - when one specialist can
    patients to be more than he is able to accept, and to financial
    - A large load must be appropriately paid. A
    the organization of care at home? After all, if you move away from the principle, when a
    physician assigned a certain area, it is necessary to look for options like
    work on call in this case. "

    How to help the patient to make an objective choice

    Do not ignore the factorsubjective assessments of patients. Patients often pay attention to the "service" of the work of the doctor - as he is polite, attentive. Rate is in fact the quality of medical care - all the necessary studies, properly chosen tactics of treatment there were held - can only people with professional knowledge, rather than ordinary patients.

    That is why, says Alexander Saversky,We need to develop clear guidelines and criteria for determining the quality of the work and each doctor individually, and medical facilities as a whole. If we introduce a mandatory evaluation and, moreover, to make these statistics public, people will be able to obtain objective information, which will enable an objective choice.

    Now the Health Ministry is working ondraft concept of development of Russian health care. The objectives are clear and articulated clearly enough: it is necessary to do so, and the doctor and the clinic as a whole focused on the end result, that is, the patient's recovery. And earn, respectively, on the basis of this outcome. How to achieve at the same time that the result was achieved at the lowest cost, yet to be invented.

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