How to extend the sexual act

Sex in the relationships of two loving people occupies one of the key positions. This is a foundation for strong and long-term communication. And if a man for a state «combat» readiness you need a little time, then the woman is more difficult - it is necessary for the excitement time, attention, caress. And in a man you will need an excerpt and composure to delight your beloved woman.

How to extend the sexual act
Sex in the relationships of two loving people occupies one of the key positions. This is a foundation for strong and long-term communication. If everything is in order in bed, there is a trust and mutual understanding between you, and it is not difficult to assume that you can easily find a common language.

When a person sincerely loves, the partner's happiness is more important to him than his own. Sex is apotheosis of love, and no wonder that everyone seeks to deliver a partner.

Men and women are biologically arranged in different ways. And if a man for excitement and state «combat» Readiness you need a little time, then the woman is more difficult - it needs time, attention, caress, tenderness from the partner, it moves slowly to orgasm. And in this case, a man will need an excerpt and composure to delight the pleasure of his beloved woman.

How to extend the time of pleasure to each other and increase the duration of sexual intercourse? Our site will tell about this delicate part of human relations.

General recommendations

How to extend the sexual act
A healthy lifestyle is the pledge of longevity in intimate life. Its foundation is a balanced nutrition, no bad habits, physical activity, personal hygiene, hardening, ecological factor. Consider some of the components.

Health - Basis Basis. It is difficult to talk about high-quality sex if both partners are unhealthy. Therefore, if the sexual act is brief and it happens constantly, then, first of all, you need to see a doctor, both a man and a woman. The presence of various chronic diseases or infections, often underlying asymptomatic, can be caused by premature ejaculation in men and having a sense of discomfort in women. It is important to be healthy - this is one of the main components to obtain maximum satisfaction from sex.

Meals - Pledge of Health and Source. Note that you eat. Many functions depend on the human body in the human body. How can you be tireless in bed if your diet is incorrectly drawn up.

Include more fish and seafood in your menu than meat, further - dairy products, cheeses, dried fruits, nuts. And, of course, fruits and vegetables, they must occupy about the third part of your diet.

The smaller the products are subject to culinary processing, the more useful substances they retain. Try to eliminate fried and smoked food, semi-finished products. Cookies, cakes, sweets contribute only to a set of excess weight, no useful components there are not, give the use of sweets to a minimum, and if possible, replace them with berries, fruits, dried fruits.

Alcohol, definitely, contributes to the liberation and rapprochement of partners, but it is in moderate doses and in rare cases. If you take alcohol constantly, then problems with potency will not wait to wait, so we exclude liquor-vodka drinks from their diet.

Smoking causes no less serious harm to the body than alcohol. The stability of the erection of a member directly depends on the flow of blood into it, and, as is known, Nicotine is the main enemy of vessels and capillaries. As a result - the duration of sexual act is gradually decreasing and in the future smoking can lead to impotence.

Physical Load - Free Doctor. Another component for the possibility of obtaining the maximum pleasure of sex is the physical form of a person.

Hiking, jogging, swimming, cycling, ordinary charging, composed of exercises for different muscle groups - find a sport in my soul and do, the result will not wait long. And you will be surprised at how much you still!

In addition, there are special exercises aimed at the tide of blood to the field of pelvis and the genital organs. Their regular execution can extend the sexual intercourse and is the effective prevention of diseases of the small pelvis organs. Here are some of them:

  • an exercise «Jagged bridge», Lie on the back, bend legs in your knees, feet on the floor, lift and lower the pelvis;
  • an exercise «Rider», Hands bend in the elbows and keep in front of yourself parallel to the floor, palm pressed together, put your feet on two widths of the shoulders, slowly quit down until the hips are parallel to the floor, the back straight, keep the head smoothly. Hold and hold this position for so long as you can. Well, if you bring the time to minutes in this posture;
  • an exercise «Superman», Lie on the stomach, hands forward, on the breath lift your hands and legs at the same time (your knees are not bent). Hold this position up to ten seconds, slowly go down and repeat again. As an option you can raise both opposite hand and leg.

In addition, ordinary squats give the same positive effect.

All exercises are better to carry out approaches, so you can make more repetitions. For example: 3 approaches 10 times or 4 to 8 - focus on well-being. Note, only regular physical exertion helps to improve health and solve problems with potency.

Special method

How to extend the sexual act
From exercise, we turn to the exercise with a sexual member, do not be surprised, it happens. This technique is called «Stop Start», it is aimed at teaching a man to restrain the excitement to the moment when the ejaculation is inevitable. Perform this exercise must first be yourself, and then with a partner.

Still stimulate member with hands. At the same time, focus on your senses in the penis, and not on erotic fantasies, concomitant masturbation. Continue until you feel, ejaculation approximation. Stop relax and repeat again. The purpose of the exercise is to delay the ejaculation for 15 minutes. To begin with, exercise with dry hands when you can delay orgasm up to 15 minutes, start using lubrication. As soon as you learn to control yourself, make an attempt to restrain the excitement, without stopping the stimulation of a member, try changing the stimulation to reduce the excitation. After the development of self-control, connect the partner. Explain to her the meaning of the exercise and start again with hand stimulation, but only now performed by the partner. Lie on your back, focus on your feelings, while the partner will stimulate you. Feel the approach of orgasm, ask her to stop, relax, waiting for the excitation and continue.

Go from stage to step, in the case of three stable fifteen-minute sessions without premature orgasm. When you can fully control yourself, proceed to sex with the indispensable use of technology «Stop Start» in different poses. After about five weeks of stimulation of a member for this technique, you will significantly increase the duration of sexual intercourse.

Our site wishes you harmony in intimate relationships, give joy and enjoy each other.

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