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  • Companies in the health insurance system

    Rights insuredSpeaking of antiquity, then, for example,laws of the Babylonian king Hammurabi (XVIII century BC) says: "If the doctor makes an incision human heavy bronze knife, and cause the death of a person or a person removes a thorn bronze knife and hurt the human eye, it should be cut off his fingers." In the XV century in England, the surgeon who has caused harm to the patient, appeared before the court and its verdict shall be fined, imprisoned or deprived of the right to medical practice.

    The legal basis for the protection of health in our countryis, first of all, the Constitution of the Russian Federation, in accordance with Article 41 that every citizen has the right to health and medical care.

    In order to ensure the envisagedlegislation rights of citizens of the Federal Fund of Compulsory Medical Insurance (CMI) and the regional funds to create a department to protect the rights of citizens in the mandatory health insurance system. The Federal and other leading medical institutions of Moscow created the Federal information service.

    Local MLA funds and health insuranceorganizations are working to protect the rights of the insured. They organize (in the case of treatment of citizens) examination of the quality of care, and identify those responsible (if the patient is receiving medical treatment inadequate quality) is applied to the guilty financial sanctions. The patient has the ability through an insurance company to invite an expert in cases where the quality of the treatment and the results are questionable or complaints.

    Rights to health insurance

    An extremely important issue in the CHI system is the knowledge of their rights in the health insurance system.

    In accordance with Art. 6 of the Federal Law "On health insurance of citizens of Russia", Russian citizens in the health insurance system have the right to:

    • compulsory and voluntary health insurance (compulsory health insurance and voluntary medical insurance);
    • choice of health insurance company;
    • choice of doctor and medical institution in accordance with the compulsory and voluntary health insurance contracts;
    • medical care throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, including those outside the permanent place of residence;
    • obtaining medical services corresponding to the volume and quality of the terms of the contract, regardless of the size of the actually paid insurance premium;
    • presentation of the claim to the insurer, the insurancemedical organizations, medical institutions, including financial compensation for the damage caused by them, regardless of whether or not it is provided in the contract of health insurance;
    • repayment of the premiums at LCA, if specified conditions of the contract.

    The rules relating to OMC, established by this Law and adopted in accordance with it regulations apply to working people since the conclusion of the employment contract with them.

    The protection of citizens' interests is carried outThe Government of the Russian Federation and the republics of the Russian Federation, bodies of public administration of the autonomous regions and districts, territories, regions, cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, local government, trade unions, public or other organizations.

    If you violate the rights of citizens can not appealOnly in the above structure, but also in the administration of health care setting, health maintenance organization, the territorial CHI fund, as well as in court.

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