Treatment of warts

The emergence of various small otrostochkovareas of the skin of the people can be called warts, but the doctor - papillomas. And their appearance is triggered by the human papillomavirus, which is quite a serious disease that requires medical intervention.

Human papillomavirus (HPV)

warts, HPV, skin papilloma

HPV can be called one of the most oftenvirus encountered in the world. A person can be a carrier of the years of the virus, not even imagining of its existence, and at one point the disease makes itself felt. And there are so many types of HPV, some of which can lead to cancer.

Often, there are situations where papillomaappearing by themselves, disappear, say, six months. This is not to say that the person is cured. Rather, on a short-term decline of the immune system and exacerbation of infection during this period. Whatever it was, the advice should consult a doctor.

The virus can be infected is equally asmen and women alike. It happens when any contact with the infected areas of the body, as well as over the rail in a vehicle, in the gym, in the sauna, the sauna. A very common kind of transmission is sexual intercourse, because the presence of warts on the penis or labia - is not uncommon.

The highest risk of infection in people who do notespecially watching their way of life: it is, in particular, promiscuity, immoderate consumption of alcohol, smoking, overeating, etc. Most often papillomavirus activated if enough fall of immunity... If a person is sick with influenza often suffer problems of the gastrointestinal tract or suffered abdominal operation - the risk of "fouling" papillomas increased several times.

Symptoms of the disease

warts, HPV, skin papilloma

Today there is no single scheme HPV treatment. Much depends on what kind of disease the patient is infected with, and what tactics to choose a doctor. However, mandatory treatment includes taking immunomodulating drugs and removal of papillomas.

It is understood that the occurrence of papillomasIt says that the body is not all in order, and he needs help. Because in addition to examinations by a dermatologist and gynecologist is best to pass additional examinations in gastroenterology and other doctors. This will quickly cause your health in order and get rid of the virus. True, not a secret that the virus can only be mute, and then left to maintain their immunity.

Scheme of treatment of infection is often based on the factwhich organ was affected. The patient was prescribed anti-viral drugs, drugs that increase immunity and conducted a local removal of the external manifestations of HPV that is papillomas.

Remember, if the viral nature is revealeddisease, one only removing warts can not do. Effective will be the only comprehensive approach to the treatment of this disease and its prevention in the future.

The prevention includes hygiene,maintaining his immunity in order. When sexual intercourse is best to use a condom, although it does not give 100% guarantees, since infection can occur through contact with contaminated parts of the body.

Removal of papillomas

warts, HPV, skin papilloma

If during the treatment of papillomavirus does not disappear by themselves, sometimes it happens, physicians have resorted to a number of processes for their removal.

  1. Electrocoagulation - the most effective and proven way to remove warts forever, leaving no traces.
  2. Laser therapy - not the most popular method, because after conducting an increasing number of relapses (in comparison with electrocoagulation), and possibly poor wound healing.
  3. Radio wave surgery is more appropriate for the removal of single papillomas.
  4. Cryotherapy also it has a high efficiency and a small number of relapses.

In addition to these methods there are a number of folkways to remove warts. But remember that they can be used only after consultation with your doctor, as well as when taking antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs.

Folk remedies for removing warts

warts, HPV, skin papilloma

  1. Celandine has enormous healingproperties, and the removal of warts using it - is no exception. To do this, you need to take a fresh plant stem to break it and stand out white jelly to lubricate the affected areas. The procedure should be prodelyvat 2-3 times daily until complete disappearance of warts. But remember that healing lotion stands only at the beginning of ripening plants, ie in May.
  2. Garlic is not inferior in their properties celandine. The easiest way to use - cut clove and highlight the juice smear on a papilloma.
  3. You can stretch your garlic, add the vinegar and flour until the mixture is similar to sour cream. Then apply it on the infected area, to fix and keep polyethylene compress overnight.
  4. soften propolis and fix it in the affected area of ​​the skin patch. The skin is first thoroughly is best to steam.
  5. Of course, anywhere without Kalanchoe. This plant is also effective in the fight against papillomas! Secure the cut sheet plaster at night, morning, remove the. The procedure can be performed several days.

Along with traditional methods of removing warts,procedures should be carried out to strengthen the immune system. After all, drugs - this is good, but the immune system - a piece that gave us nature, because it is better to strengthen the natural way. Start tempered, just not worth it to pour ice water. Try to reduce the temperature of the air in the room, often ventilate it easier to get dressed. It strengthens the body douches, only need to do it properly. Work out, let it be a normal charge in the morning, but it should bring you pleasure. And, of course, it is important to include every day in your diet fruits and vegetables, especially green.

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