That treats Trichopolum


That treats TrichopolumTrichopolum (metrodinazol) Medicament -protivoprotozoynoe agent having antibacterial activity. Depending on the type of infection medication taken orally or applied to the skin surface. The active ingredients of the drug come into contact with the DNA of pathogenic cells and break them in the synthesis of nucleic acids that is deadly to pathogens. Trichopolum good use in the fight against infections of bacterial nature of the respiratory tract, reproductive organs, joints, central nervous system, and skin.

Metrodinazol - the main active ingredientdrug, in addition to the antibacterial action, is able to deal with protozoa, parasites, mites and pathogens (Giardia, trichomonads, amoebas, balantidiums, for example). Relieving the body from parasites, Trichopolum relieves inflammation and normalizes the state of the damaged area of ​​skin. It noted the beneficial effects of the drug on the elimination of acne (the most effective when it is pink acne). Trichopolum thanks to its properties the active agent, improving the sensitivity of tumors to radiation and contributes to reduction processes. This tool has a high bioavailability (about 80%). When taking the drug with food slows down its rate of absorption. When used Trichopolum color of urine may become red, brown or dark shade.

Which diseases apply metrodinazol

The active substance Trichopolum metrodinazol easilyIt penetrates the blood-barrier and may affect the development of the fetus, therefore its use in the first trimester is impossible. In the second and third trimesters of opportunity and efficacy of Trichopolum evaluates the attending physician. In the breastfeeding period metrodinazol stands with his mother's milk, so have to stop lactation during treatment with this medicine.

Trichopolum approved as a medication to help cope with:

  • trichomoniasis;
  • giardiasis;
  • bacterial vaginosis;
  • amebiasis;
  • periodontal infectious conditions;
  • bacterial infections caused by susceptible anaerobic metrodinazolu;
  • infections caused by Helicobacter pylori (in cases of gastric and duodenal ulcers), - in combination with antibiotics (amoxicillin-type) and bismuth preparations.

With regard to yeast Trichopolum only effectivein chronic forms of therapy of this disease, due to the fact that this form is accompanied by infections. In acute cases of thrush medication is not effective. Treat Tripoholom gonorrhea is not without supervision and advice of your doctor, otherwise you risk getting a chronic form of the disease.

Features of the application Trichopolum

Features of the application TrichopolumExcept for pregnant (at earlyterms) and lactating women receiving Trichopolum not allowed when leukopenia, epilepsy or are hypersensitive to the drug components. For children aged less than three years and is contraindicated use metrodinazol. Teenagers are not recommended to use Trichopolum in combination with antibiotics. When violations of the kidneys and liver require dose adjustment. If a patient has the disease application Trichopolum porphyrin drug can lead to complications and is not recommended.

If you are a car enthusiast, then at the time of treatmentTrichopolum have to give up driving and of activities requiring the rate of reaction. Drug interactions with other drugs has its own characteristics. Trichopolum inclined to enhance the effect of anticoagulants (blood thinning agents) coumarin (eg warfarin). The joint application with cimetidine results in a high concentration in the blood metrodinazola and provokes the appearance of side effects. Before starting self-treatment Trichopolum, consult with your doctor.

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