Autism or ADHD?


The Story of a diagnosis

Autism or ADHD? "The psychologist at the kindergarten said that heautism, and it is socially maladjusted! - Young father was not disturbed seriously. - We go to the garden for a month, and yesterday we were called for an interview and said that his son - autistic! "

How could, I tried to calm the agitatedparent. First, I said, if you go for a month in the garden, then it is certainly not autistic. Secondly, before you put such a serious diagnosis, the child should be evaluated, and to do so must not exactly kindergarten psychologist. Visit a neurologist or neuropsychiatrist, and then - let's meet.

During the following conversation my father had a nervousHe chuckled. Neuropsychiatrist from more than a respected medical center put the child ... attention deficit disorder in the background hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). At this point I could not stand it. "Listen, - I said rather abruptly. - Or singing or dancing! In a sense, these diagnoses are mutually exclusive. Yes, and do not put ADHD in three years! "

On Saturday morning I went to watch a miracle child.

"Empty Fortress" or "circus on wheels"

The diagnosis of "autism" was canceled literallyThreshold: Vova met me at the door, he took her hand and led her to show his room and toys. Forty minutes (!), We conducted a thorough discussion on the theme "Comparative characteristics of" Nissan Patrol "and" Jeep-like-it-there. " I have been shown a very extensive knowledge in various areas, befitting a modern man. Without any discounts on the age. After that, I mercifully released to rest in the kitchen, drink tea and chat with the parents.

Over the one and a half hours, we drove teas with buns,Vovk three came to us to ask something, show it to a shine laundered notorious "Nissan" and ask if we go, finally, to walk. All. So with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder also somehow it did not work out.

It is concerned, I asked the parents to present the whole story from the beginning.

In September Vova went to kindergarten. Since the family moved to the area recently, sites have never been, there was only a small private garden with different age groups working on the Montessori system. "That's nice - think young parents - the child will be interesting and not difficult. What Uneven group, so it does well: Vova well developed speech that with kids it would be boring. "

At first it was really very good: the child in the morning flew to kindergarten "for children", with walks taking him nurse. Everyone was happy. Then the baby became ill and a month did not go to kindergarten. Recovered, finally comes. And he says, "We've got a new game. All sit in a circle, call your favorite thing and explains why we love it "(type - the development of speech). Comes the turn of Vova and he developed his good language announces that the favorite thing in it - a bottle of compote, with whom he falls asleep. Here it formed the teacher says: "Phew, what a shame! Big boy, and drinking from a bottle. Children Come together say: "Phew, Vova" Vova wept, jumped to the educator and hit her leg. (That's a nerd, I would have just killed!)

The teacher pulled him to a staff psychologist. A young girl, someone's relative, education seems to be approximate. She's on the move: "Do not look into his eyes? In his hands is not given, huddled in a corner? Autistic, socially adapted. " And - Pope calls for work.

So, I say. With autism understood. Now let about ADHD.

With ADHD was approximately the same: arrived at the Medical Diagnostic Center at three o'clock in the afternoon, we went to eight. The child missed sleep, snack, walk like an angel allowed to do on themselves all sorts of inhuman experiments such as EEG, and only at the end allowed himself to relax a few. On the basis of his behavior neuropsychiatrist diagnosed ADHD and suggested that parents give him tranquilizers.

And you, I say to the Pope, as it behaved inAfter a fourteen working days without eating and smoking breaks? Look, dad somehow twisted, and my mother, apparently, clearly presented this bleak picture.

Being determines all ...

Autism or ADHD?Unfortunately, adults often forget aboutphysical capabilities of children, requiring, for example, that a child decently behaved in the store, where my mom had to go on the way from kindergarten. Or in the subway, I often observe the following picture: the heat, the stuffiness, cub in a fur coat, a cap, a sweater in biting throat starts to act up. Mom trying to work on it, demands that it immediately cease tantrum, although, at that moment you can and need to do - to remove excess clothing.

Good children's doctors once taught me asimple things: if a child is naughty, it may be three reasons: boring, stuffy or ill. My experience has added some more things: hunger and too much excitement. In the days of my childhood (70 years of the last century, with your permission), hungry children were fair rarity, well, except for very very severe cases. But the experience could not have been at all.

But back to the "severe cases". Unfortunately, in kindergartens and schools I have now come to work a huge army of freshly baked psychologists. This is usually quite young girls, received at the psychological faculty, or on the principle of "on the contrary" (not a philologist, not a mathematician, I love children, but the teacher not fit), or to solve their own problems. They are not forced to undergo personal psychotherapy, do not lead to practical exercises in the children's psychiatric hospitals. Having mastered a few simple tests, they arrive at their new place of work and on the move Blindside parents' statements such as the above.

If this girl had seen with their own eyes at least one autistic child, she would have thought a hundred times before you call Vovkinomu dad to work.

We agree on terms

Autism (infantile autism syndrome SRDA)It considered a distorted development of the psyche. Until now, in the world of psychiatry there is no consensus about the causes of the violation. There are proponents of genetic theory, there is a psychoanalytic branch, which was the largest representative Bruno Bettelheim (his book "The Empty Fortress" describes in detail the work of the Centre created them).

In America, autistic children do not treat, and adapt andsocialize (see. the film "Rain Man", all shown the most reliable). The European tradition, on the one hand, classifies SRDA to the "big Psychiatry" on the other - the development assistance in the form of Gestalt therapy and behavioral therapy.

Russia - one of the few countries in which awork autistic. We have adopted a differentiated approach to diagnosis, in particular, SRDA put only if there are seven items from a list of Leo Kanner. I will not list them here, after all, this is not exactly a scientific report. I can only say that one such grounds as "no eye contact - does not go into his arms," ​​autism is not diagnosed.

Boys with ADHD is more common than in girls. It is very rarely put in the preschool age - just babies age norms others. But, most importantly, in the same way as in the case of autism, there are clear criteria for diagnosis - distinguished itself "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder," separately "attention deficit disorder", and separately - "hyperactivity." In each category is a direct indication of how many factors must be observed (for example, 5 of 7).

So if your child sometimes disinhibited,sometimes does not want to communicate with anybody, walks "foot on the leg," before going to bed should go crazy, and the bread slices are strictly triangles - by itself it does not mean anything! Do not listen to "okoloobrazovannyh" experts. Refer to those whom you recommend to people that you trust. Listen to yourself and your baby.

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