Unusual children or early children's autism


  • What is alarming in the behavior of the child?
  • Why an early children's autism arises?
  • Correctional action

  • What is alarming in the behavior of the child?

    • The child is not looking for contact with adults and is absorbed by interaction with inanimate objects.
    • Speech
      does not correspond to age or absent at all. Wherein
      Intellectual development can remain normal, and maybe
    • Child persistently avoids eye view.
    • There is no kid Desire to play with peers.
    • The child does not respond to his name.

    Children are distinguished by the tendency to ritual actions: their favorite occupation
    put in a number of cars, they can perform actions with toys,
    characteristic for more younger age (sucking, nibble toy, beat
    her about the floor), no elements of the role-playing game that should appear in
    Aged 2 years.

    Baby makes strange actions that would seem to soothe him. He can Sold out of the sorrows to the side, run in a circle, tear paper. These actions are not meaningful.

    Unusual children or early children's autism
    Parents seem to be their kid not
    understand what they are talking about. The child does not react to adult requests,
    as if they do not hear them. Self-service skills are delayed for long,
    the child does not know how to drink from the cup, does not master the pot.

    Half of such children and
    remains at the stage of deep mental retardation. But some of them
    – Gifted and talented. But it is very difficult to teach something like that
    kid, he can not focus on what he is told,
    throws the book, runs away or starts screaming. For healthy
    Child, adult – this is his whole world, for an autistic child is more important
    minute, extraneous effects. It seems that the communications itself
    Adults for the child painfully and unpleasant.

    Many of these children are aggressive,
    active, often impossible to calm them. Some, on the contrary, passive and
    silent, extremely weakly react to the surrounding. In such children
    there is no joyful, emotional communication with adults, he would like
    «repel» Mother, not inlet in his inner world.

    I wonder what previously the emergence of autism was associated with
    Family background. «Nobody is engaged with the child», «Dysfunctional
    family», These formulations applied deep mental injury by himself

    Autism often and even more often arises in intelerate families, where mom is predicted to her child and loves him very much. Therefore, it becomes necessary to figure out what cause autism?

    Why an early children's autism arises?

    Most likely the reason
    Autism in organic lesion CNS. That is, during childbirth or
    pregnancy, the child lacked the oxygen, which led to
    Violations from the nervous system. There is a version that
    The emergence of RDA is associated with vaccination.

    Correctional action

    • First of all, the child needs to establish emotional contact.
    • It is more often for his hands, to demonstrate his love. Constantly talk, read books, watch pictures.
    • The child must always hear the speech of the mother, which addressed him. Well, if a child will communicate with peers.
    • The ability to somehow help the baby depends on the severity of the disease.

    Fortunately, one hundred percent autism is rarely found. Children who have expressed certain features of autism are more common.

    So children can help, most importantly
    Do not waste time. Family when the signs are found, should
    urgently conduct a child survey and work with him 24 hours a day. With this situation, if autistic traits in the child are not very pronounced, the problem will definitely decide.

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