Basic metabolic disorders in children


  • A list of common
    metabolic diseases in children
  • Metabolic disorders in children - do not waste time!

  • Basic metabolic disorders in childreninfringement
    metabolism in children
    and adults have a number of differences. Toddlers often suffer pathologies such as
    their organism grows rapidly, requiring large amounts of energy.
    Metabolism takes them with some stress, which often leads to
    Development in Children metabolic diseases.

    In carrying out preventive
    inspections and regular visits to the pediatrician, the doctor can promptly
    diagnose disorders and organize effective medical care.
    The main thing - not to lose time and do not let the disease become chronic.

    A list of common
    metabolic diseases in children

    1. phenylketonuria.
      This disease develops as a result of metabolic disorders
      substances more accurately, phenylalanine - aromatic alpha-amino acid which
      It accumulates in the body of the child and leads to toxic shock
      central nervous system and a significant lag in the development of the baby.
      Such metabolic diseases in children identified
      very often, since they are difficult to diagnose and only closer to the second
      half of life there are clear signs of their development.
    2. Obesity.
      Overweight - a real problem for the child. Obesity -
      One of the most common metabolic disorders
      agents in children. The disease adversely affects the work of all
      organism. It leads to a curvature posture, psychological trauma,
      hormonal disorders, arthritis, low back pain, bulimia, anorexia. AND
      approach to the problem must be appropriate - complex and delicate.
    3. Anemia, rickets.
      Power of the child shall be a balanced, rational and
      the most natural. Periodically, the children have to take high-quality
      multivitamin complexes (especially after a long illness, surgery or reduction
      immunity). If the food the child is not getting enough protein,
      iron or any vitamins, the anemia may develop.
      Rickets is caused by lack of calcium, vitamin D and
      phosphorus. For its prevention in the winter season all the kids appoint reception
      vitamin D in oil solution or with multivitamin preparations.
    4. spazmofilii.
      There is a background to rickets, disorders of calcium and phosphorus
      exchange. Manifested by spasms, convulsive seizures.
    5. Diabetes.
      The disease is caused by autoimmune pathologies
      malnutrition, obesity, certain chronic diseases. Sugar
      Diabetes requires a complicated diagnostic procedures and appointments
      Individual treatment regimens.
    6. Galactosemia.
      The basis of this violation
      metabolism in children are hereditary defects in the metabolism of carbohydrates
      (Lowering the activity of galactose-1-phosphate uridiltransferazy). manifested
      CNS pathology, eyes, liver, and other internal organs. because of
      accumulation in the body of this enzyme may appear gastrointestinal
      disorders, cerebral edema, hypoglycemia, anemia. The disease is corrected
      long dairy-free diet.

    Metabolic disorders in children - do not waste time!

    Any metabolic disease that occurs in children, require timely help doctors determine
    the true causes of disease and destination complex therapy. at
    due attention of parents and responsible attitude towards medical recommendations
    Many metabolic disorders can be treated quickly.

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