• Symptoms of chickenpox
  • Help and Treatment
  • Treatment and proper care

  • After this illness in childhood man
    immunity persists for life. Mess of, worrisome
    the fact that the man had not been ill with chicken pox as a child.
    As in adult chickenpox occurs much harder, including

    Moreover, research and surveillance epidemiologists
    suggest that the incidence of chickenpox in adults increases
    from year to year. A particular danger is for chickenpox
    pregnant women: the fruit may be affected by herpes infection.
    Based on such data, in many European countries in the case of
    occurrence of chickenpox in kindergarten is not imposed quarantine to
    All the children had been ill with it in a timely manner.

    Symptoms of chickenpox

    chickenpox virus affects the baby's skin, forming
    her characteristic changes. First, these are small red spots on the
    throughout the body and they literally are transformed in a few hours
    vesicles, filled with clear liquid. But this phase passes
    quickly - on the second day the bubble begins to be covered by a crust. days
    7-8 crusts dry up and fall off. Usually traces
    Windmills do not remain on the skin.

    As for the general condition, it then all
    It may be of varying severity. Again, the most difficult to carry
    adult chickenpox. There is a general weakness, loss of appetite,
    increased body temperature.

    Help and Treatment

    If the increase in body temperature, not all
    cause "fast", when skin rash is still worth seek
    professional medical advice. Because rashes can be
    and it causes other diseases. Only a doctor can correctly put
    diagnosis and treatment.

    Treatment and proper care

    Specific treatment of chicken pox is not.
    Let us recall once again that it is a viral infection and the body should it simply
    recover, overcome and develop lifelong immunity. During
    Only symptomatic treatment of the disease should be carried out:

    • Lowering the body temperature. Doing so
      it is desirable to any antipyretic than aspirin, because it is in the
      chickenpox time doctors do not recommend to use this drug
      (A negative effect on the liver). As can be given antipyretic
      Drink plenty of warm, you can with honey, lemon.
    • Follow the child that it is not combed
      rashes on the skin. From this may leave traces, which are then not
      never displayed anything. Since the rash and itch is still not
      is a likelihood of scratching should follow the hygiene of the child -
      cut his nails, hands to keep clean, and change underwear every day
      linens. And best of all games to distract the child so that he does not
      He drew attention to the itching. To facilitate the usual doctor prescribes
      anti-anxiety drugs.
    • The room where the child is located should not be stuffy, as itching intensifies with sweating.

    Separate conversation regarding glossing
    spots. Typically, chickenpox is recognized and is not associated with red
    bubbles and green spots: parents carefully painting the
    every speck of an alcoholic solution of brilliant green. But no
    the therapeutic effect of smearing it has not. The bubbles in the crust
    converted on the skin by themselves and drying alcohol solutions
    to them it has no effect.

    The only thing that is affected
    highly artistic work of greens - the definition of infectiousness
    child. A child ceases to be contagious to others exactly 5
    days after the last eruption on the skin. And as the mother immediately
    notice that no new eruptions precisely by the fact that more than cover up
    nothing, from this day and can start counting down until they are cured.

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