Collarbone fracture in children


Collarbone fracture in childrenChildren, and therefore their parents often facewith fractures in various places and areas of the body. What is the reason, do not have to explain, no rest, no rest for a second cheerful child in a healthy and danger lies in wait for him at every step. Hyperactivity leads children of all ages to the falls, bruises, sprains and fractures. Sometimes it is banal negligence, and sometimes - a desire to experience a special feeling of pleasure, as it happens in adolescents. Highly traumatic sports and martial arts, which is so fond of the students, as well as traffic accidents involving children - is one of the causes of injuries. Very often children's fracture occurs as a result of accidents, when in car accidents with adults and kids are. In most cases, the consequences of neglect of traffic rules and should once again remind parents and caregivers of preschool educational institutions and schools, that along with the upbringing and education is crucial training in safe conditions of life. How many tragedies, children's fractures and injuries could be avoided if the adult life lessons seen as a mandatory necessity. The children could not meet domestic injuries if adults themselves do not violate the rules of fire safety and traumatic, then I would not have to treat children from serious injuries, sprains and fractures, and parents to ask the eternal question: "Why?"

Damage occurs as a result of the claviclefall on the shoulder or arm's length, rarely with bumps. This injury is quite common in children and adolescents, nearly 15% of small fidgets childhood encounter with a fractured clavicle in children. The treatment does not involve emergency measures, but because often parents themselves affected children do not immediately realize that the pain complaints of the shoulder and arm are connected not only with the injury, and with a fractured collarbone. In children, the effects may occur at the site of accretion of fragments form a dense swelling, which after some time can be detected by palpation and on the radiograph. After a bad fall of a child for a long time complaining of shoulder pain and shoulder joint. But in the beginning there was no pain, so parents have lost their vigilance, and only increasing pain in his hand, and appeared swollen alarm the mother and went to see a specialist - a surgeon or traumatologist. On examination, the doctor finds the characteristics of fracture in children they are most often expressed by the type of "green branches" without violating the integrity of the periosteum.

The turning point is - there is no deformation

The turning point is - there is no deformationThere is nothing surprising in the fact that children are quiteThey are often faced with such a fracture, while it may be either offset, and without it, and the nature of the fragments is oblique, comminuted, kosopoperechny and cross. There have fractures of the outer, middle and inner third of the clavicle.

It is important to distinguish the symptoms of injury from breaking whenpain after some time increases and it becomes impossible to raise your hand, there are strong swelling can cause damage to blood vessels and nerves. Collarbone fracture with displacement noticeable when the child instinctively presses her hand and holding her forearm. The absence of symptoms characteristic of both babies under 3 years old and a newborn, although sometimes attentive mother noticed that the child was crying for no apparent reason and does not sleep well.

Before arrival of the doctor or the "Ambulance" parentsyourself can help your child: it is necessary to bend the handle at the elbow, to fix it to the body, under his arm to bring the fabric roller. Further, the rigid cast and splint fixation with his hands on the injured side will help to fully restore its function. In severe cases, when a doctor determines displaced fracture, surgery is not excluded. With this type of fracture, parents can carry their own child in the casualty department of the hospital.

With timely treatment to the doctorrehabilitation measures to help restore hand function. The average healing period of close to 8 weeks with compulsory exercises to restore muscle and motor activity of hands.

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