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    Reverse side of activityWe are talking about hyperactivity syndrome with a deficit of attention (ADHD) - a rather common diagnosis in our times. This syndrome has a neurological basis: severe pregnancy, childbirth with complications, stress and family problems impose their imprint on the development of the baby's nervous system. Hyperactive children are constantly in motion: jump, jump, move exclusively running. In mobility there is not only the body, but also a mental state - they instantly pass from crying to laughter, often capricious and extremely impulsively react to the world around. Often the difficulties of kids with attention deficit «pop up» only when enrolling in kindergarten. What previously perceived, as characteristics, now becomes a serious obstacle in a joint game, communicating with peers and interaction with educators, educators. Hyperactive child becomes very fast «uncomfortable» - He spends a lot of time in the corner, he often hears the swirls and comments, and his mother listens daily by complaints about his child's behavior.

    The suffering of the parents of a hyperactive child is a separate topic! Mom and Dad with him get parental experience in «year for three». It is absolutely impossible to relax, you need to constantly be alert and maintain control. Add to this sleepless nights and fighting the child for each eaten spoon during feeding, and you can understand how tired they are. Sooner or later, parents begin to break down, and the child gets used to the sinks and comments not only in the garden, but also at home. His adaptive capabilities are reduced – In some cases, the child with ADHD has no experience in success and awareness of what he loves!

    In order to break this vicious circle, special measures are needed. By the time the parents with the child are asked for help, the neurological has already managed to add psychological problems. In this regard, a child with ADHD and his family requires a qualified integrated help of several specialists at once. It's hard to say who of them «The most important doctor», as it takes to participate all and immediately. Need psychological correctional classes to ensure that the child can concentrate attention and manage his behavior longer. Need support for family psychotherapists or professional education professionals so that parents have learned to create a special developing environment for their child. And finally, permanent contact with a neurologist, drug-accompanying child rehabilitation, is absolutely necessary. A little more detail about these areas of work.

    Psychological classes: help the child adapt to the format of the lesson, take the rules and learn how to follow the instructions. In the classroom, the psychologist notes even the most tiny success of the child and necessarily praises, encourages him. Such praise becomes the basis for the development of the kid's senses of success. In order for the developments to be achieved in the classroom with a psychologist, specialists are connected - family psychotherapists. They work mainly with their parents in order for parental relations to have a potential for the development of the baby. Parents learn to see joyful changes in their child, and also acquire positive thinking skills. Both individual and family classes are much more efficiently held when accompanied by a neurologist doctor. It is necessary to understand that without medication support, the child is able to effectively hold attention only for two or three minutes, which means most of the lesson will pass «by», wasted. The preparation is a very serious process, since many sedatives are not suitable for hyperactive children. The main disadvantage of these funds is the effect of injury, and because the child needs to be kept activity to learn. This disadvantage is deprived «Tenothen childrens», which due to the unique composition does not cause drowsiness. The child taking this drug is assembled throughout the day. In addition to removing motor and emotional disbursement, «Tenothen childrens» Helps the baby easier to concentrate attention and better remember information. These qualities allowed «Children's tenoten» Become one of the most commonly appointed drugs in the complex therapy of ADHD in centers providing medical and psychological and social assistance to children.

    Let the game and study be enjoy!

    Telephone hotline drug «Tenothen childrens»: (495) 681-93-00, 681-09-30.

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