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    When treating primarily hypotrophy
    assigned diet therapy. And the task of parents - just respect the
    food and sleep, carefully control the amount of food consumed and
    weight gain.

    Diet therapy consists of two phases. From 2-3 days to 1 week
    It takes time finding food tolerance. These days, the daily
    the amount of food can be reduced to 1/2 or 3/4 of the recommended.
    Missing amount of diet is filled by a liquid.

    After that comes the period of power supply. but "reinforced" It does not mean that the baby needs to be fed by force.

    During the diet therapy frequency of meals may
    increase by 1-2 feeding compared with healthy children
    similar age.

    In the appointment of dietetics doctor expects content
    diet of essential nutrients and caloric intake.
    Get information about nutrition a baby, he can only by the parents. Exactly
    so try as closely as possible to answer the questions:
    child eats?
    ". "How many times a day the baby receives food?". "What is the
    the duration of the intervals between feedings?
    ". "How much food the child
    receives for one feeding and one day?
    ". type response "Of food per day 4-7
    times of 120-200 grams
    " will not give any information. It is therefore desirable
    for 2-3 days prior to treatment to the doctor carefully fixed in
    "food diary" time, one-time amount of feeding, total
    daily amount of food, the amount of drink per day, the presence of regurgitation,
    stool frequency, etc.

    Diet for malnutrition
    The children of the first months of life, it is desirable to feed breast milk. If
    the baby was born full-term, but at the same time its weight was less than two and a
    half kilograms, permitted the use of specialized
    mixtures -
    "substitutes" Designed for breast milk
    preterm infants. Such mixtures bit (
    "Enfalak". "Pre-Bona". "Nenatal"), But they are sold in large parts of the baby food
    shops. But often have to apply the standard adapted
    mixture. Sometimes you can get a beneficial effect when used
    acidophilus (fermented) adapted formulas (domestic
    "baby" and "Agu-1", Swiss mixture "pelargonium" or French "Laktofidus"). If the child is old enough (over 6 months), toddlers
    You can give the child yogurt, bifidokefir, a mixture of
    "Agu-2" or grudnichkovy
    yogurt. Dairy products contribute to the stimulation of
    digestive juices, reduce the symptoms of intestinal dysbiosis,
    which is almost always accompanied by malnutrition. acidophilic
    dairy foods easier to digest and are better absorbed. None
    acidophilus products provide less at each feeding is inappropriate:
    their acidity can cause too frequent or abundant
    regurgitation, which will only exacerbate the severity of malnutrition.

    When the disease is associated with protein intolerance or
    carbohydrates cow's milk, which are made on the basis of the usual
    mixture can be used a mixture of soy protein (such as
    "Enfamil soy"), Low-lactose milk sugar (such as "Nutrilon low-lactose") Or completely lactose-free ("Al-110"). at
    suspicion of disease, known as
    "celiac disease"
    (Protein intolerance of certain cereal: rye, wheat, oats and
    barley), you should use special
    "gluten-free" mixture and puree
    porridge. The packaging of such products present a special badge -
    circle with a crossed-spikelets.

    When treating a child with severe malnutrition is relatively
    fast effect can be achieved by assigning the patient to complete or partial
    intravenous nutrition. Usually such as resort, if breastfeeding
    orally (in full) is difficult or impossible, but
    first as a sick child is transferred to the possibility of a natural

    When malnutrition is often observed deficiency of proteins, fats and
    carbohydrates need therefore to treat dietary correction
    infant, not only the caloric content, but also those substances

    Correction of the protein component of the diet of a newborn baby
    performed by means of special
    "dresser" breast milk
    "Enfamil Human Milk Fortifayer" or "Pre-Semp". Further
    to cover the deficit of the protein using egg yolk (cooked
    hard boiled), cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.

    The fat component of the diet can be enriched, increasing the nutritional
    maintenance of oil and butter nursing mother. at
    artificial feeding should take care to add a vegetable
    mashed potatoes and porridge, respectively, oil and butter.

    The carbohydrate component in the diet can be restored by
    the introduction of fruit juice, fruit puree, glucose solution, and cereals
    other cereals. Abused without sugar

    In all forms and degrees of malnutrition shows the assignment
    complex vitamins age therapeutic dosage. From vitamins
    particularly important to ensure the flow of vitamins B1, B6 and C; at
    Further should be the appointment of vitamins A, PP, B12, B15, E, and
    folic acid. You can use multivitamin supplements,
    intended for children of the first year of life. These multivitamins for
    children produced in a variety of forms - syrups, soluble tablets
    etc. Do not forget the appointment of vitamin D: its better
    given separately rather than in complex vitamins.

    In order to facilitate the digestion of food to children useful enzyme
    drugs that are prescribed by a doctor. The duration of the treatment course
    established taking into account the individual characteristics of the child.

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