Domestic measures to prevent TB in children


  • for the prevention of tuberculosis infection Measures
  • Selected items for the child - the prevention of tuberculosis

  • for the prevention of tuberculosis infection Measures

    The activities to be carried out toChild protection from infection, it is quite feasible in every family where there is a tubercular patient. But we should not think that it needs only to protect the child from contact with the patient. Of course, to protect the child from close contact with TB patients is very important, but the main thing - it is strict compliance by the patient personal hygiene and maintenance of the purity of the home.

    If the TB patient takes every precaution, it is not dangerous to others. The child is always possible to protect against infection with tuberculosis, even if his mother is sick.

    Here is an example. The young woman who was ill two years active TB, the child was born. Mother showed monthly child to the doctor and follow all his advice. She took the child a special place in the room, up to 9 months of breast-fed him, observing all safety precautions. The girl grew up healthy. When she was a year old, her mother gave her to the nursery. Thus, the day the child was not with her sick mother. In summer, the mother sent the girl to her grandmother in the village. After 4 years, the mother recovered from tuberculosis. Now the girl 12 years old and the child is not suffering from tuberculosis.

    From the above example it is clear that the child canstay healthy and if his mother is sick with tuberculosis. You just need to strictly observe safety precautions prescribed by the doctor. So, if the doctor permits sick mother to breastfeed, when caring for them, and while feeding it should cover mouth bandage of gauze and put on a surgical mask to when coughing or talking on the child did not get droplets of infectious sputum.

    Before you go to the child, the mother should wash their hands with soap and water and put on the robe, as the hands and dress it may be contaminated with sputum.

    TB patients must be very carefulin the treatment of children: do not kiss them, do not take your hands, do not play with them. In no case should not be allowed to TB patient slept in the same bed with a child. Ideally, of course, if the patient lives in a separate room.

    If there is one room of the patient bed should be placed as far as possible on the child's bed and extricate her screen.

    Room tuberculosis patient shouldkept clean and tidy. It must often be aired every day to wipe the floor with a damp cloth. Windows afternoon should not close the curtains: sunlight should penetrate freely into the room. This is important because the sunlight TB germs are killed. In summer, it is best to keep the windows open all day. The dust from furniture, window sills, books and so on. D. Should be removed only with a damp cloth. Cleaning is necessary to make sure in the absence of children.

    In housing infectious tuberculosis patient should be periodically disinfected. Help this has TB dispensary.

    the patient's sputum should be collected in a specialspittoon with lid and decontaminated. Best spittoon sputum with a special dish boil in 2% soda solution for 15 minutes, then killed tubercle bacillus. It is also possible to use disinfecting solutions - 5% solution of bleach, a 10% solution of Lysol, a 20% bleach solution. Before use spittoon filled with one of these solutions to one-third.

    Selected items for the child - the prevention of tuberculosis

    Domestic measures to prevent TB in childrenThe patient must have a separate bedtoiletries, towels, dishes. Dishes patient should be washed separately from other family members dishes, wiping a separate towel and stored separately. Dirty linen of the patient should be put in a separate bag. Before washing the laundry must always be boiled with lye. Colored things from boiling deteriorate, it is possible to soak for several hours in a 3% solution of chlorine bleach.

    One should never allow children to usewhat some underclothes things the patient or his blanket, pillow, sheets, handkerchiefs. It is necessary to closely monitor and to ensure that children do not eat or drink from the dishes of the patient.

    Sometimes it happens that adult tuberculosisIt goes unnoticed. They consider themselves to be quite healthy, and only when the medical examination it turns out that they have tuberculosis, but in their sputum are the TB bacillus.

    Given this, it is necessary to take extra careCharging childcare outsiders. In these cases, you need to find out in advance whether they are open tuberculosis sick. It is necessary that their health has been checked by your doctor.

    It is important to remember that sometimes the TB germsThey can enter the body of a child with cow's or goat's milk. Therefore, children should not be given raw milk. It must be boiled or pasteurized (heated for 30 minutes at a temperature of 65-70 ° C).

    All these precautionary measures should beespecially careful to follow when caring for a small child. It is very important to protect children from being infected at an early age, when the fledgling body does not have sufficient resistance to tuberculosis microbes penetrated into it.

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