Causes of acetone in the urine

In recent years, more and more often laboratory technicians are found in the urine of adults or children acetone. Should he attend there? What are the reasons for such a change in urine composition? These and other questions readers will find answers in the proposed article.

General information about acetonuria

Urine Analysis, Acetone, Acetionuria, Ketonuria, Watering, Sugar Diabetes

The phenomenon in which in the urine is noted the increased content of so-called ketone bodies, doctors call acetional or ketonuria. Ketone bodies are products formed with incomplete oxidation of proteins (proteins) and fats (lipids) in the body. Specifically, it is acetone itself, acetoxus and oxymaacean acids. Acetone may be present in the urine of a person of all age. The main thing is that its concentration is normal to be insignificant (from twenty to fifty milligram per day). From the body, it is continuously excreted by the kidneys. But if the number of acetone exceeds the permissible norms, then it is necessary to urgently take measures to the signal that the body sends.

Signs, «signaling» The fact that an extra acetone is present in the urine:

  • characteristic odor when urination;
  • The smell of acetone outgoing from the mouth;
  • Foreignness, lethargy.

In children, signs can be different:

  • Failure to eat;
  • The smell of acetone emanating from urine, vomit, from mouth;
  • nausea;
  • Pain in the navel zone;
  • vomiting after eating or making any liquid;
  • dryness of the language;
  • weakness;
  • Increased excitability, quickly replacing drowsiness and lethargy.

Causes of appearance «Lish» Acetone in the urine

Urine Analysis, Acetone, Acetionuria, Ketonuria, Watering, Sugar Diabetes

In childhood, acetone in the urine appears due to failures in the functioning of the pancreas. If the pancreas does not cope with their work, it produces an insufficient amount of enzymes.

Causes of the development of children's ketonuria (acetionalia):

  • overeating, errors in nutrition, the presence of preservatives, dyes, synthetic flavors;
  • stresses, increased malfunctivity;
  • fatigue, overwork;
  • uncontrolled reception of drugs from the group Antibiotics;
  • supercooling;
  • raising high temperature;
  • Dieseneria, the presence of wicked invasions, diathesis.

How to determine acetone in the urine?

Now it is possible to quickly determine the excess of acetone in the urine with the help of special tests that are sold in pharmacy institutions. Check need to do three days in a row in the morning. After waking, they collect in some pure tank urine and give a test strip in it. Then the strip is taken out, it must dry a little, two minutes later. If the yellow painting changed to pink, then this is an indicator that acetone is present. If you notice violet shades on a strip, this indicates a more pronounced Ketonuria. In this case, immediately consult a doctor. To learn more accurate digits of acetone, the specialist will give a direction for urine analysis in laboratory conditions. Normally, in the urine of a person, so little ketone bodies that they are not defined laboratory. If the ketones are detected, it is in the results of the analyzes are crossed (from one to four). The more crosses, the worse the situation.

Recommendations for treatment

Urine Analysis, Acetone, Acetionuria, Ketonuria, Watering, Sugar Diabetes

Treatment of Ketonuria directly depends on the reasons that caused acetone in the urine and severity of the process.

Sometimes it is enough just to balance the power, make changes to the casual menu.

If acetone is very high, then the patient is sent to the hospital.

Therapeutic tactics depends on which reasons caused the appearance of acetone in the urine. If the reasons are eliminated, then the tests will improve.

So, it starts with a strict diet and abundant water drink. It takes a little bit, but often. Children give every five minutes on a teaspoon (which is 5 ml). Useful prepared solutions purchased in a pharmacy, for example, regider, Orsol. It is allowed to drink mineral water (without gases), decoction of raisins or other dried fruits, chamomile infusion.

If the patient has a strong vomiting, then the doctor prescribes the introduction of solutions through the droplet of intravenously. Metoclopramid (Cerukal) is used to remove vomiting.

In some cases, Esssential, methionine, a mehetione, is prescribed to improve the liver condition.

To accelerate the removal of toxins applied «White» Coal, Sorbeks, Activated carbon, Polyface, Polysorb, Enterosgel.

A little about nutrition

Urine Analysis, Acetone, Acetionuria, Ketonuria, Watering, Sugar Diabetes

As already noted by MyMedinform.COM, when acetone appears in the urine, it is important to comply with a specific diet. Useful There are various vegetable soups, cereal, fish dishes (low-fat). Allowed little to eat turkey meat, rabbit, beef, veal. Meat preferably cooking, stew or bake in the oven.

Restore water balance, replenish the body with vitamins help fruits, vegetables, juices (freshly s), compotes, berry fruits.

Refuse is from oily meat, canned food, fried dishes, smoked, cocoa, coffee, spices, mushrooms, all kinds of sweets, as well as bananas, citrus.

If at urination, the smell of acetone is felt, then this indicates that some problems arose in the body. If the doctor correctly revealed the reason to increase the increase in the ketone elements in the urine, then it will appoint effective treatment and indicate what changes should be made to the diet.

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