Causes of hyperactivity in children


  • Heredity
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • The dangers of the first years of life
  • Food
  • Environment

  • Heredity

    data of some specialists, 57% of parents whose children suffer
    This disease, as a child, there were the same symptoms. Many
    At the reception at the doctor tell about their difficult childhood: how difficult
    it was in school how much had to be treated, and now the same
    Problems arise from their own children.

    True, quite often in such families, except symptoms of attention deficit syndrome with hyperactivity, are observed
    and other problems: alcohol consumption, availability of asocial psychopathy,
    affective disorders; Many mothers have serious allergic
    diseases such as asthma, hay fever, eczema or suffer
    Migraine. Genetic scientists are trying to find an accurate answer, what still
    The gene is responsible for such severe tests that fell on
    share of innocent children.

    And something already known. For example, there are data on the presence of changes
    Genetic nature with ADHD localized in the 11th and 5th chromosomes.
    Large importance is given a dopamine receptor gene and gene - carrier
    Dopamine. Experts put forward a hypothesis about the cause of the disease in
    basis of which lies the interaction of the above genes. And it causes
    Reducing the functions of the neurotiator system of the brain.

    But the search continues. And we hope that with the development of molecular genetics
    they will be more efficient.

    Pregnancy and childbirth

    According to one of theories, it is believed that the hyperactivity syndrome of children is associated with organic lesion
    brain that may occur during pregnancy, childbirth,
    as well as in the first days of the child's life.

    Most danger in this case causes intrauterine hypoxia
    (oxygen starvation of the fetus), which is particularly sensitive to developing
    brain. That is why it is very important that the pregnancy proceeds normally,
    without pathologies so that the future mother comply with all the requirements imposed
    doctor. After all, these requirements are invented not just for the complication of life
    Young woman. It is known that the need for oxygen in pregnant women
    rises by 25-30% due to the fact that the child takes it out of blood
    Mother. So you need to walk a lot, breathe fresh air, ride
    On the nature of all nine months. And most importantly - refuse cigarettes
    And alcohol.

    Nicotine, sparing the arteries of the uterus, deprives the child of food and oxygen,
    In addition, it is extremely harmful to nerve cells. Alcohol, penetrating
    Through the placenta in blood, causes a powerful blow to the forming brain.
    How not to break his functions here! Serious threat represent
    and some medicines, especially in the first half of pregnancy, and
    Therefore, before accepting any, even the most harmless drug,
    It is necessary to consult with the attending physician. Very important also
    Healthy food.

    Causes of hyperactivity in children
    In general, any problems during pregnancy and childbirth - whatever minor
    They seemed to be an unetebled person - can have various negative
    The consequences that are usually manifested immediately after the birth of a child,
    And after some time. We are talking about the threat of miscarriage, toxicosis,
    exacerbations of chronic diseases in mothers suffered infections.

    It is noticed that if the child in the womb behaves very violently, then this
    It may be a sign of future hyperactivity, which, in general, is understandable:
    usually kids are noisy when they lack oxygen. In the language of medicine
    This is called chronic intrauterine hypoxia.

    Very dangerous during pregnancy injury in the abdomen. However,
    terrible injuries not only physical, but also psychological, various
    Stresses as well, that many experts are celebrated, the reluctance of the mother
    Have a given child. We are no longer talking about the failed attempts to interrupt

    Immunological incompatibility in the rhesus factor have great importance,
    and age of parents. Studies have shown that the risk of developing pathology
    great if the age of mother during pregnancy was less than 19 or
    more than 30 years, and the age of the father exceeded 39 years.

    The development of the disease is influenced by complications during childbirth: premature,
    anesthesia with caesarean section, long (more than 12 hours) anhydrous
    period. Generic complications associated with the wrong position of the fetus,
    The accused of its umbilical cord, in addition to asphyxia, may entail internal
    Brain hemorrhages, various injuries, including poorly diagnosed
    Easy shift of cervical vertebrae.

    All this can adversely affect the development of a child, his brain
    activities. But, as doctors noted if the treatment of pathologies
    Start at an early age, then attention deficit syndrome with hyperactivity
    may not happen, and if his signs will appear, then they will be where
    weaker than in the absence of treatment.

    The dangers of the first years of life

    The human brain is formed during the first 12 years of his life, and,
    Naturally, during this period, he is most vulnerable. Any seemingly,
    Unconscious, blows, bruises may later affect health
    child. So we call on parents to be especially vigilant in this regard.
    In practice, there are many cases when Mom is about
    general unhealthy child: crying all the time, sleeps badly, refuses
    from food. When examining the baby, it would seem, everything is in order: no signs
    colds, stomach, heart - everything is normal. After the asked - where we walked,
    with whom, as plays and t. D. - It turns out that a few days ago (she
    It usually does not remember exactly when) the baby fell and apparently hit hard
    Head. This should immediately hospitalize numerous
    Diagnostic research and long-term treatment. Not always, unfortunately,
    it brings the maximum effect. But everything might be much simpler,
    Apply the parents immediately to the doctor.

    It should be remembered that the injuries of the head can break the brain activity
    at any age, but during the ripening period, that is, up to 12 years old, they are especially
    DANGER. Negatively affect brain formation and any diseases
    In infancy, if they pass with a long high temperature,
    as well as the admission of some potent drugs. Neuropathologists
    believe that a number of chronic diseases, such as bronchial
    asthma (heavy), metabolic disorders, heart failure,
    as well as frequent pneumonia, nephropathy, often become factors,
    negatively affecting normal brain performance.

    When a child is growing up (somewhere after two years), development and formation
    his psyche begins to provide the most serious influence environment,
    First of all, naturally, in the family, the nature of relationships with adults.
    Of course, if the baby lives among people, constantly conflicting
    with each other, echoes these conflicts (as if adults neither tried
    Hide them, and often they do not hide them very much) Be sure to come
    before him and every time it hurts his soul. Even if the child is not
    very deliberate in the situation, the situation of discord and hostility is always very
    Digital and sickness. Very bad when all this passes on the background
    Endless Popvert and Brazhnost. From these observations can be made
    The conclusion is that the value of biological factors is crucial
    In the first years of the child's life, but then the role of social psychological
    moments, and above all family setting.

    The reason for the development of psychopathology can be another extreme when
    The baby becomes the center of the Universe in the house when everything is subordinate to him
    desires when they are worn, constantly walking, try to please.
    Whatever the biological kid's chambers, with this upbringing
    He loses a sense of reality and control. But reasonable, correct
    Education can at that age compensate even serious pathology.

    Western scientists came to an interesting conclusion. BUT. King and D. Noschar.
    It turns out, not the last role in how the child will overcome the emerging
    In his psyche problem, plays material security and household
    conditions. They found that many children from families where wealth
    above, the consequences of pathology arising during pregnancy or
    During childbirth, they disappear by the time of admission to school, whereas
    In children from disadvantaged families in this respect, they continue to persist.

    Not always restless, too active and inattentive child
    diagnosed by experts as hyperactive. Sometimes it happens
    Temporary reaction of a small person on large emotional loads.
    For example, the divorce of the parents, the loss of someone from the loved ones, the separation from
    Family and T. D. Unlike adults who are more often at the moment of stress
    all start to closes, behave intensively and passively, baby,
    On the contrary, becomes over-excited and too active. He just
    can not find a place. Says a lot, moves, nothing
    Interested in (because it seems inattentive), he does not listen to anyone,
    What makes endless comments and punishment gets. And this, in
    turn, strengthens the oppressed, the alarming state of the kid. It turns out
    a vicious circle that, if you do not open it in time, really
    may end with serious diseases.

    In this case, of course, a doctor is needed. First psychotherapist, and
    if you need, then the psychoneurologist. Together with him, parents will be able
    analyze the situation, find the true cause of anxiety and excitement
    kid, and if you need to go through the relevant course of treatment.
    But it often happens that eliminating the cause, the creation of a calm favorable
    The atmosphere in the house eliminate and signs of hyperactivity in a child. The main thing
    - respond to them in a timely manner.


    In modern pediatrics there is a point of view that one of the reasons
    hyperactivity can be the wrong nutrition of the child. And far
    For examples, it is not necessary to walk, it is enough to analyze the current
    The increase in the incidence of attention deficit syndrome with hyperactivity and products that are on the table today
    to kid. After all, as you know, most of them contain various
    Preservatives, flavors, artificial fillers, food dyes,
    which negatively affect neurochemical processes. And hyperactivity,
    violation of attention, anxiety - all this manifestations including
    Chemical imbalance of the brain. In addition, dangerous in this case
    There may be any product that causes an allergy from a child.

    Modern children are inseparable with bottles of cola, phantas, sprite and others «wonderful» Drinks. In addition to a large amount of sugar
    (on the dangers of which will also be told), they contain so much food
    dyes and flavors that they just do not have time to be out
    Natural way. It causes a large slag cluster, biochemically
    poisoning organism. And the child is daily exposed to long
    Attack by poisoning substances - toxicosis. Well, if he has mechanisms
    detoxification (elimination of toxins) work normally. And if not?
    So all the systems begins. Even harmless, it would seem orange
    Cannon juice can cause a serious blow to the body.

    Causes of hyperactivity in children
    Americans, for example, have established that after the use of such a vitamin
    Drink in the urine of children after 24 hours is found in large quantities
    zinc. (Zinc - the most important mineral actively participating in most
    processes and affecting human mental activity, on his ability
    to learning and on behavior.) So, this required element
    Just washed out with orange juice. Why? And because in canned
    The juice contains a popular food dye territasine, which has
    ability «kick out» from the organism zinc.

    Especially unacceptable feed baby «adults» Cannedize.
    They are oversaturated with salt and preservatives (nitrite, glutamates, etc.),
    which, as you know, are far from harmless. They are poorly digested,
    The mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract are irritated, contribute
    The emergence of intestinal diseases and allergies. Nitrites, connecting
    In the body with products of incomplete decay of proteins - amides and amines,
    form extremely carcinogenic nitroso compounds. Noted that
    Salicylates affect the hyperactivity of the child. And they are in
    Core, leaves of plants and trees (olives, coffee and others.) in small quantities
    - in fruit (oranges, strawberries, apples, plum, cherry, raspberry,

    Coffee, and black tea, for young children should generally follow
    exclude. And exclude for a long time. It is known that in these fragrant drinks
    contains a potent substance - caffeine, which stimulates
    Ecavitability of brain vessels. Besides,
    It is dangerous for the heart of the heart, as it increases the strength and frequency of abbreviations
    heart muscle (makes the heart beat faster, excessively straining
    it) contributes to an increase in blood pressure. Caffeine contained
    In coffee and black tea, destroys the vitamins of the group B, reduces the content
    iron, potassium, calcium and zinc, that is, those elements without which
    a child with hyperactivity syndrome simply can't exist.
    The coffee also contains resin and acids that are harmful to digestive

    Now about sugar and carbohydrates. These are our children just donate now.
    And industry is constantly working to make them more and more
    And more so that they are all tastier and more attractive. Powerful young men
    and elegant girls from TV screens each advertising pause invited «Snacker» Or plunge B «Paradise bliss S
    Bounty», chubby kids insist on useful breakfasts, and ram
    Moms - on delicious dishes from spaghetti. All this - candy, ice cream,
    Cool Drinks, Buns, Breakfast Flakes, Pizza, Pasta,
    Chips - food that very quickly fills human glucose.

    At one time, the terrible persecution of doctors fighting with hyperactivity syndrome,
    Subjected refined sugar. But now it is proved that sugar can
    be both dangerous and absolutely harmless. For example, if you use
    him with proteins, then no violations will follow, but if with starch
    (as in confectionery), then he can cause a violation of behavior
    Even calm children.

    How does this happen? Sugar and carbohydrates in excess fill blood glucose,
    As a result, the body is forced to produce a large amount of insulin,
    To recycle it. There is a sharp drop in blood sugar level,
    sometimes too strong - this condition is called hypoglycemia.
    There is a weakness, fatigue. To neutralize this condition,
    The body produces a powerful emission of energy hormones (for example, adrenaline),
    The vessels are compressed, changing heart rhythm, chills of extremities may appear.
    Autonomous nervous system responsible for involuntary physical
    processes, as a result, is suppressed, which manifests itself in nervousness,
    fears, shortness of breath. Muscles are tense and ready for action. And they start

    Carefully apply to products that can cause allergies.
    These are usually eggs, cow milk, tomatoes, citrus, exotic
    For our child, fruit type Kiwi, Mango, Pineapple and T. D. And further
    One important point. Hyperactivity enhanced (this is not the cause of the occurrence
    Diseases, but a factor affecting its current, if a child has redundant education
    Salley. Mainly oxalates and urates. They are sharply strengthening
    Easpatibility of man. To clarify the situation, you need to do
    Analysis of urine. If these salts are detected in excess, it is necessary to urgently take
    measures. First, give a child more fluid, secondly, limit
    Products that in the exchange process give the formation of these salts.

    The formation of urates contributes meat, sausage, sausages; Oxalatov
    - smoked, herring, chocolate, sorrel, spinach; both others - any
    Factory canned.

    Parents who have a child with similar problems would not bad
    diary in which to fix the relationship between food
    and the behavior of the son or daughter, and also thoroughly analyze, enough
    Lee enters the body of a child of nutrients, vitamins, trace elements.

    Treatment with rational proper nutrition long, troublesome,
    difficult but to do it necessary! Naturally, connecting (by
    Recommendations of the doctor) and other necessary funds.


    The environmental situation worsening every year leads to various
    health disorders, mental, including. And, unfortunately, no
    On our land now places where the ecology could be called impeccable,
    where would be clean and harmless air, water, soil and, respectively,
    Food. Probably there are some distant islands,
    But we are talking about the habitats of the so-called civilized
    man. It is civilization and arranged such a trap. Even in countries
    With the underdeveloped industry, in the forests and mountains, a person is not insured
    from acid rain, from the movement of groundwater, together with which
    Find into the soil of pesticides, from winds carrying air containing
    poisoning substances from the increased radioactivity of the Sun and much

    Children suffer from bad ecology. Their health is destroyed
    At the very initial stage of its formation. Modern industry
    literally saturates the environment with salts of heavy metals, such
    as cadmium, molybdenum, chrome, lead, aluminum. Each of them is destructive
    In their own way. Cadmium and Molybdenum salts lead, for example, to severe disorders
    central nervous system. But cadmium is constantly near.
    It is widely used in various electrical appliances and mechanisms, in
    Batteries, rubber, plastics, in disinsecticides, photos.

    Zinc itself is useful and necessary (including for the work of immune
    Systems), but in a compound with chrome becomes a dangerous carcinogen,
    poisoning the whole body as a whole. So it turns out that, with one
    sides, zinc is extremely important in itself and without it do not absorb
    Such necessary elements like magnesium and calcium, on the other, it is impossible
    allow its combination with chrome.

    Magnesium deficiency leads to the fact that lead is accumulating in the body
    (Magnesium displays it), and lead in this case is one of the most harmful
    Metals. Doctors call it the strongest neurotoxin. Lead poisoning
    leads to severe violations in the work of the nervous system of the child and becomes
    Cause of many problems of behavior. In particular, lead destroys memory,
    inhibits learning processes, affects adequacy of behavior and perception
    ambient world. Even a very small amount of lead in the blood is capable
    Call negative changes.

    As stated studies of specialists from different countries, in the body of hyperactive
    children contain quite a large amount of lead and very often
    - Aluminum.

    Lead is still dangerous and the fact that for a very long time «does not want to leave us».
    So, Israeli doctors in the early 1990s conducted a comparison on
    Content of traces of heavy metals in the hair of schoolchildren. It turned out,
    that those who have difficulty in studying, lead contents much
    more. This is not news for scientists, but all children whose «Lead
    indicators» exceeded the norm, lived near the chemical plant,
    who has not worked for many years. Lead did not disappear from the environment,
    He absorbed into the land on which children played.

    According to statistics, the lead content in the atmosphere is constantly growing. Now
    Its several thousand times more than it was at the beginning of the 20th century. And probably,
    this is not the limit. As you know, in addition to factories, a source of lead in the atmosphere
    there may be exhaust gases of vehicles (when using some
    gasoline brands).

    Causes of hyperactivity in children
    Dioxins are a serious threat - very poisonous substances,
    who emit some enterprises engaged in the atmosphere
    and processing chlorinated carbohydrates. Dioxins have carcinogenic,
    That is, causing malignant tumors, and psychotropic properties
    - have a negative effect on mental functions and emotional
    condition of man. And if the mother is for the birth of a child for several years
    worked at such an enterprise?

    Even ordinary and, in general, until recently, everyone's favorite plumbing
    The water has now become also the cause of various diseases, and not only gastrointestinal
    tract. Poorly purified water brings all soil impurities: and salts
    Heavy metals, and dioxins, and infectious disease causative agents.

    If a child has a disorder of attention with hyperactivity
    It is worth thinking about the ecology of your own house. Throw old carpets
    and better to postpone with the purchase of new, remove openly lying books
    (at least from the bedroom), eliminate all dust, mold. Everything
    This may cause allergies, which means cause a deterioration in flow
    attention deficit syndrome with hyperactivity.

    In itself, hyperactivity on such a background is unlikely to arise, but here
    treat it will be harder. According to some scientists, allergic
    Reactions and ADHDs may have a common biological basis. Do not forget
    and about electromagnetic oscillations that emit televisions and computers.
    But children spend next to them most of their lives. As known,
    Emotional arousal arising during the time spent at the computer,
    may lead to impairment of vision, cause headaches, psychological
    problems such as depression, inability to concentrate attention,
    insomnia. In addition, computer games are very excited by the psyche
    child, and in this case it is categorically contraindicated.

    Each of the names of the disease is convincing and confirmed
    A lot of research. But to say with all certainty what
    Of these, it is impossible to dominate. Most likely, here is present
    A whole range of reasons, that is, the nature of diseases wears combined
    character that reveals the diagnosis of patients.

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