Getting rid of lice 1 times!


Getting rid of lice 1 times!Summer, when all the kids have left for the villages andcamps - temporary lull before the epidemic of pediculosis (lice). According to statistics, every third child is infected with lice and nits on vacation. Children attending nurseries and gardens, as well as primary school children, are more likely to come home with head lice. For this reason, children from 4 to 12 years is regularly checked for lice and nits!

Lice and nits in children

Many parents are concerned about the issue - whether the danger tochild and adolescent health pediculosis? Lice are not dangerous to human life. But lice can significantly spoil the appearance, but also strong enough to cause discomfort to the infected person. Severe scratching itchy bite can cause a variety of pustular disease. Especially hard itching children suffer! Due to the parasitic dermatosis of the child is disturbed attention and may even cause developmental delay.

The problem: how to get rid of lice?

Fortunately, there have been times when one of theeffective means of lice was shaving nalyso! Also used to get rid of lice were used products containing chemical insecticides. These poisons are deadly to insects but are also harmful to humans.

Employees of the Russian Research Institute Disinfectology Rospotrebnadzor carefully studied lice problem in our country in recent years.

It turned out that the previously used anti-lice have become addictive to the existing components! And almost none of the funds were not able to kill the nits (eggs) lice.

Science against lice

were tasked to experts: to create a safe and effective remedy for head and pubic lice.

Under the direction of professor of disinfectology MMA. Sechenov, Head of the Department disinfestation, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor SA Roslavtseva, Research Institute Disinfectology Rospotrebnadzor developed universal lice - Lotion and Spray "Ultra Pedikulen"That just 1 application completely destroys lice and nits.

To get rid of lice 1 times!

Getting rid of lice 1 times!The composition of lice "Pedikulen Ultra" It contains natural active substances, the combination of which deals a double blow to insects and allows you to completely get rid of lice and nits.

Essential oil of anise annihilating effect on lice and nits, creating a film of oil, blocking breathing insects.

isopropanol provides an additional effect - dehydrateand destroys the protective sheath lice and nits. Penetrating through the wall membranes lice and nits, isopropyl alcohol drags for a molecule anise oil, plugging the respiratory passages insects.

anise oil, Comprising means "Pedikulen Ultra" also provides soothing and anti-inflammatory action, Removing the irritation of the scalp, caused by itching and reducing child irritability and tearfulness.

Available vehicle "Pedikulen Ultra" in the shape of Lotion - 50 mlSuitable for the treatment of short hair, and spray - 150 mlWhich is very convenient for the hair below the shoulders, and profitable volume allows the hair to process the whole family.

Implemented means lice "Pedikulen Ultra" through pharmacy chains and can be purchased ataffordable price. Unfortunately, the project was not funded at the state level in the proper amount. That's why, next to the high-quality domestic remedy for lice "Pedikulen Ultra" on the shelves of pharmacies are still competing more expensive, but not always effective, foreign drugs.

To effectively get rid of head and pubic lice and nits at a time, as well as for the prevention of, buy a remedy for lice "Pedikulen Ultra" in the pharmacies of your city!

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