Children "Indigo": who are they? Part 1


  • Children Magnets
  • "Childhood schizophrenia" or talent?
  • indigo Plantation
  • But it seems that no one heard a scientist ...
  • IQ higher than that of George W. Bush
  • They understand the language of birds
  • They have a different skull!

  • Children Magnets

    years ago from different parts of Russia began to come strange information
    - Then get thrown declared "magnetic" children. Thus, the 14-year-old Masha
    Yepifanova from Nizhny Novgorod is nothing strange in their ability
    hold metal objects does not see the body. She can spend hours
    walk, hung spoons and forks (if friends ask).

    More to
    girl stick coins. But her friend, 13-year-old Tanya Svirina,
    can hold not only on the coins and spoons, but also from the cover
    pots. A magnetic boy Kolya Tenkaev from Saratov able to wear
    irons on his body. 12-year-old Anna Zvereva from Novosibirsk has
    the ability to attract objects of varying severity, not only with his hands,
    but also with his feet. Ten Christine Gyularyan from Moscow
    Queen "hung" to his palm, not only metal
    items, but also thick magazines.

    According to scientists,
    biomagnetism dealing with the problem, the number of children who have
    "Magnetic" powers, has recently increased significantly. If
    previously known isolated cases, but now they have hundreds. Most
    a real "magnet for children Boom" Children "Indigo": who are they? Part 1It happened in the mid-90s. Scientists this
    explain the phenomenon can not, for that matter, and many other things,
    what happens to the modern child. And doctors are also offensive
    diagnosis deliver.

    "Childhood schizophrenia" or talent?

    Wonder Boy
    Bulat Khusainov was born in Kazan. In ten months, he already knew how to count
    up to one hundred. In two years Bulat considered to be a hundred in three languages ​​- Russian,
    Tatar and English. I loved flipping Dictionary Ozhegova. To a kindergarten
    Bulat went to 1 year and 10 months.

    The teachers were shocked,
    find the baby, which is a quiet hour in his cradle singing songs
    Shainsky. And this baby with a serious little face gave all
    teacher interrogation: taking a pen, he once wrote,
    on paper, "no meat" (this happened shortly after lunch).

    Memory Bulat was discovered when he was only 1 year 8 months.
    Mother son read poems Agnes Barto. After the break, we open again the same
    book, but the child himself heart began to recite poetry Barto. AT
    first grade parents were advised to put a gifted boy on
    psychiatric records, they say, the child is not quite normal ... Because
    modern psychiatry in our country uses terminology
    Soviet psychiatry, which has no concept of "autism" that Bulat
    was diagnosed with childhood schizophrenia ....

    In Western psychiatry autism -
    It is not so much a disease as a state of mind (Bill Gates has
    talented autistic programmers working in the highest
    information technologies). Bulat well in school. He writes
    poetry and loves to listen to "talk" fish in the aquarium.

    a very unusual child - Boris Kipriyanovich - live in
    Volgograd Region. In 3 years the kid showed strange astronomical
    knowledge. It is fully described, it looks like the planet Mars. And he
    It predicts the future. The world expects only two catastrophes: in 2009 and
    2013. Both are related to water. So says the young Boris

    Today, almost everyone forgot about Nick
    Turbine, brilliant little girl who began writing "wise"
    verses in 4 years. At 9 years old girl became famous throughout the Soviet
    Union: she published a book of poems "Draft" (published by "Young
    Guard "). He is overwhelmed by the glory: Nike patronized
    celebrity, her collection of poems translated into 12 languages, she was given
    the prestigious "Golden Lion" (from the Russian poets this award
    He received only, Anna Akhmatova). Extraordinary girl predicted
    a brilliant future, but the 27-year-old Nick broke down - she jumped out
    window 2002 year.

    indigo Plantation

    extraordinary children, having a magnetic attraction, in our country
    We are talking a quarter of a century ago. Over time, they were called
    "indigo". Why are they so christened?Children "Indigo": who are they? Part 1

    - Exactly like this
    color is the aura of the "new" man - it is purple - told
    "Arguments of the Week" psychologist Irina Hraznova. - Immunity indigo children in
    25 times higher than that of ordinary children. And it has already been proved. There are interesting
    figures of this kind today among 50-year-old Indigo - 1% among 30-year-olds
    - 10, and among the 12 year old - 25%. But the high talent, genius -
    it is always a deviation in the brain structure and mental development. So
    find reputable scientists. According to the prominent Russian geneticist
    Vladimir Efroimson such gift falls to approximately one out of a thousand,
    develops in the right least one in a million, but really a genius
    It becomes one of the ten million.

    I studied the biographies of many prominent people. And to identify not only the entire
    talented family, but also the correlation of genius with a number of congenital
    abnormalities in metabolism. He believed that the task of education - to find and
    uncover talent in children sequins - "stigma". The scientist many years ago
    saw the existing pyramid formation overturned: the focus
    It should not be given to universities and kindergartens.

    But it seems that no one heard a scientist ...

    Typically, to four years the child discovers 50% of the intellectual
    abilities, which are destined to occur, - explained Irina Hraznova -
    six - 70%, and eight - 90%. But today's kids abilities
    It appears almost from the cradle. And the main thing - do not be late.
    Intelligence, creativity - our national wealth. it
    long understood the Japanese, who value their gifted children and
    spare money for their education. Israel has its own effective
    System training of gifted children. effective system established in the United States
    promotion and development of giftedness.

    IQ higher than that of George W. Bush

    It is these geeks color violet? Extraordinarily gifted boy
    Paul Konoplev was born and raised in Moscow. Pasha was 6 years old when
    experts revealed his unusually high intelligence - IQ 169 (from
    43rd US President Bush's IQ - 91). The boy was named "sverhodarennym
    a child prodigy. " Then the word "indigo" in our country has not been honored.
    Pasha was only 3 years old when he learned to do in the mind complex
    calculations and read fluently. I read with pleasure and fairy tales, and
    university textbooks.

    At 6 years old kid saw the periodic table
    Mendeleev and understand its intricacies. The boy was trained by
    individual program, since secondary school Pasha
    It was the "black sheep": the first mark, which he had brought, was ...

    But Konoplev of the first class immediately
    He moved into the fourth round and became an excellent student. At 9 years old he decided to challenge
    an illumination of the planet Pluto, when the sun at its zenith. The solution of the problem
    was highly appreciated by Academician Andrei Kolmogorov (similar known
    scientist himself was of the race of indigo - he became an academician in 39 years). In 14 years
    Pavel Konoplev participated in the creation of software for
    the first domestic personal computer BK0010, published his
    work in "Science and Life" magazine. At age 15 he entered the MChildren "Indigo": who are they? Part 1PG. Studied at
    graduate in mathematics professor J. Pawlowski, engaged
    mathematical modeling of the future.

    nature, endowing human high mental abilities, like
    include it in the risk group: these people often suffer. Paul first
    I was in a psychiatric hospital for a long time ill. He died in September 2000
    was, he was only 27 years old. Today they say that Pasha was from Konoplev
    indigo race.

    They understand the language of birds

    the number of street children is increasing in our country every
    year. Among them is indigo. What awaits us in the near future?

    Project "Nonlinear communication" Zhebit Vladimir, who has long
    tracks "indigo" theme, commented "Arguments of the Week"
    the situation from the perspective of a new scientific approach:

    Ingenious personality were at all times and in all civilizations. Mozart,
    Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh - their rank as typical race
    indigo. But the concept of "superintelligence" often confused with the concept of
    paranormal abilities. At Indigo observed phenomena as
    outstanding mental abilities and skills such as
    ESP, telekinesis, and even teleportation. Unfortunately, not yet
    clear idea of ​​whether people with similar talents,
    It can be attributed to indigo.

    In case if
    really opened some genetic differences, it will be possible to
    confidently say that we are dealing with a new race of people.

    And those children who today joined an army of street children should be supervised: what will happen when they grow up?

    That is not to appear among us frank monsters?

    They have a different skull!

    the need to deal with these children? Since 1989, in Moscow at
    Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of Education works
    Laboratory dedicated to gifted children. They began to appear for school
    gifted children. This led the five-year kids. But most importantly -
    We have created a customized program for each of the ordinary

    Physiologists fixed meanwhile significant changes in
    psychophysical development of "new" children, paying attention to the increase in
    Among them share astenikov, ie children with fatigue,
    exhaustion, sleep disorders, extension of timing of puberty
    - Transition of adolescence. Still, scientists record the change
    skull shape children of the present generation.

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