Juvenile diabetes


  • Problems with "sugar"
  • On the needle...
  • How to detect the disease in a child?
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  • Problems with "sugar"

    Diabetes - a consequence of a complex "problems" in thethe body associated with an increase in blood sugar levels. Sugar, the (glucose) in the blood is at all. It is vital for the body - when it is produced by the splitting of energy.

    But those who suffer from diabetes, the sugarconsumed, and accumulates in the blood, which can lead to the rapid development of diseases of the internal organs of reduction, disturbances in the cardiovascular system.

    For the splitting of glucose corresponds to the hormone insulin. It is produced by beta cells, which are found in the pancreas.

    On the needle...

    Juvenile diabetes There are people who have "lazy" beta cells or, for whatever reasons, they are very few. Then insulin is simply not produced. This Type 1 diabetes - insulin.

    Insulin-dependent diabetes sick mainlychildren and young people up to 30 years. Very often, this form of the disease - an inherited. Diabetes type 1 requires constant replenishment of the body's insulin from the outside - with the help of injections.

    When the body can not use glucose forenergy production, it uses fat reserves. Man begins to rapidly lose weight ... Also, the first signs that a child may have diabetes are frequent urination (so that the body had not been poisoned by an excess of glucose, the kidneys begin to intensively display it together with the liquid). This leads to a constant feeling of thirst.

    How to detect the disease in a child?

    Constant thirst, especially night - one of thethe first signs of diabetes. In children with diabetes often abnormally increased appetite, and change eating habits. There are also symptoms: mucous membranes of the mouth and nose are dry, the skin appears irritated genitals. In the presence of at least one of these symptoms immediately hand over analyzes on blood sugar and urine seem a pediatric endocrinologist.

    10 million people suffer from various forms of Russian diabetes. About one million of them are sick of type 1 diabetes, you need to have regular insulin injections. More than 200 thousand of them - the children.

    Healthy juices and nuts ...

    If your child has diabetes, it is very important to eat on schedule. Smaller, frequent meals help the body better use insulin.

    Let the child more juice, it is desirablesvezheotzhatyh. It is not only good fruit, and vegetables, and mixed. For example, well-toned drink mixed in equal proportions of carrot and apple juice or drink of mineral water diluted cranberry juice with the addition of apple.

    Good to eat in a day 2 - 3 tablespoons of walnuts, pine nuts or hazelnuts.

    Every day makes the child salads. But do not add them to the vinegar or mayonnaise. The same salad with fresh cabbage is best to fill with lemon juice or vegetable oil.

    Need more vegetable protein: a lot of them in cauliflower, broccoli, all kinds of beans.

    From the meat does not refuse, but it is not necessary to fry and stew in their own juice. The best steamed or baked.

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