How to cause childbirth

With the normal course of pregnancy, the child is in the mother's womb from 37 to 42 weeks, after this time, it should be born. But how to be if the term came up to an end, and Kroch is not in a hurry to please the parents with her first cry? In some cases, to solve this problem, it is recommended to cause labor artificially. This article will tell more about this.

Why cause childbirth

Pregnancy, cause childbirth, preparation for childbirth, childbirth, contractions

There are a number of indications in which doctors offer a woman to intensify the process of the delivery. MyMedinform.COM found out in what cases without stimulation could not do:

  1. Pregnancy transferred over normal term. As a rule, this diagnosis is established not only on the basis of counting of obstetric weeks, but also on ultrasound studies of the state of the fetus.
  2. Late toxicosis, leading to violation of the work of important organs and systems of the body of the future mother.
  3. Rezew conflict Blood Women and Fetal. In the case when the titer of antibodies increases, and the treatment does not bring the necessary results, the birth of a child on a suitable date will avoid many negative consequences.
  4. Premature detection of accumulating waters. Fights must begin within 3 hours after the water will be departed. If this did not happen, it is necessary to artificially stimulate generic activities. In the case of a long, more than 10 hours, the presence of the fetus in the womb without an oily fluid increases the risk of developing infectious complications.
  5. Unnatal Similar period. Normally, the preparatory stage should last no more than a day and does not cause any discomfort in a pregnant. But it happens that irregular contractions continue for quite a long time, the patient is worried about constant pain in the lower abdomen. Woman tired of unpleasant sensations, in connection with what the baby suffers. In this case, the doctors try to cause normal childbirth, most often with the help of an opening bubble.
  6. Premature detachment of placenta - Another indication to stimulate the delivery. In the event that the detachment is quite significant and accompanied by abundant bleeding, the doctor conducts an emergency cesarean section. If the degree of detachment is small, you can cause natural childbirth, resorting to amniotomy.

How to prepare for childbirth

Pregnancy, cause childbirth, preparation for childbirth, childbirth, contractions

  1. One of the recognized means of accelerating childbirth is considered to be. It is very important that the woman has experienced an orgasm during this process - it will cause cutouts that can provoke real contractions. In addition, it is important not to use a condom. The fact is that the male seed contains a certain substance called prostaglandin, which helps the neck to mature and open. In order to try such a way, you must be firmly confident that the partner is healthy in an intimate plan.
  2. Stimulation of nipples - another effective way to cause contraction of the uterus. During breast stimulation in the body of a pregnant woman, a hormone of oxytocin is distinguished, which is responsible for generic activities. If you decide to resort to this method, act neatly and do not damage the delicate skin. If an infection falls through the microtraums, you can earn mastitis. Women who did not feed the breasts before, the massage of the nipples is also useful and the fact that it helps to pull them out a little. Thus, the child will be better capturing the chest and he will not have problems with digestion.
  3. Another less popular option to accelerate childbirth - cleansing enema. This process, conducted on a large period of pregnancy, is able to cause childbirth in a short time.
  4. Moderate physical exertion also help speed up the process of toddler. It can be charging, careful cleaning of the apartment, long walking, walking on the stairs and. Remember that overvolding is harmful, t. E. do not wear or lift the gravity that you can not.

Medical methods of acceleration of labor

Pregnancy, cause childbirth, preparation for childbirth, childbirth, contractions

To stimulate childbirth in the hospital, doctors resort to various drugs, as well as to amniotomy - opening the fetal bubble. Before choosing the most appropriate method, the doctor conducts all the necessary research and takes into account the testimony and risks.

Opening of the placenta - the most common and secure method of accelerating generic activities. After piercing the bubble, the body of a pregnant woman begins to actively produce prostaglandins. In addition, such an operation causes a reflex cutting of the muscles of the uterus. This procedure is carried out quickly and does not bring a woman any pain. After in the maternity departments with the help of a sterile tool, the fetal shell open, a small part of the water flows out, the rest of the liquid is gradually poured in the process of labor.

This operation is carried out only if the cervix is ​​quite ripe for disclosure. Recommendation for its conduct is Multi-way and weak generic activity of women.

If amniotomy did not bring the desired result, pregnant women begin to introduce certain preparations for stimulation of bruises. At the same time, doctors constantly control the child's condition in the womb, listening to his heartbeat every 20-30 minutes.

You can strengthen weak generic activity with the help of introducing a pregnant oxytocin or en regrift into the blood. To do this, a woman put a dropper with a soft catheter, which will allow her free to move around the homeland hall. Thus, the fever can take any convenient posture during the battle without having to constantly lie on the couch.

Doses of preparations are calculated based on the individual characteristics of the patient. It should be known that the use of oxytocin or en regrode is contraindicated in some cases:

  • the presence of scars on the uterus after operating interventions;
  • narrow pelvis pregnant;
  • high eye pressure;
  • bronchial asthma.

In conclusion I would like to say that you should not be afraid of stimulation of childbirth. Artificial activation of generic activity does not make the process more painful and does not affect the health of the child. But remember that it is not necessary to resort to this practice because you are just tired of walking pregnant, but only if you have all the necessary readings.

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